How to Hide IP Address from Trackers on Safari iPhone and Mac [iOS 16.1.2 & Monterey]

Last Updated on Jul 2, 2021

in this guide, I will share with you a new feature to Hide IP address from hackers without using VPN on the latest iOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey which will available for public users on next September 2021. And Apple also added other most secure Features like Private Relay, Hide my Email with iCloud Plus Subscriptions

Taking one more privacy step, Apple has made it clear that it will Hide the IP Address of the Safari App and Mail App by default. With this action, the third-party apps that continuously track your data won’t be doing anything. Besides, in few days, the privacy report will be available in the Settings app for the user to see the overview on applications using a microphone, location, contacts, camera, and more. When you visit any website on Google, the Safari app will show the IP Addresses associated with the Apple domains instead of your Internet Service Provider or any other network to which your device is connected.

Nevertheless, the plus point is you will get the Privacy Report on the iPhone to check what apps used the microphone, camera, location, etc., services; if you detect a suspicious app, delete the app immediately. Update the iPhone and Mac to the latest version, and learn how to Hide IP Address from Trackers on iPhone and Mac Safari App.

How to Hide IP Address from Trackers on Safari iPhone

Ensure the iPhone is up to date before accessing the Settings app to mask IP Addresses from trackers on Safari App.

To use This Feature on iOS and Mac, your Device Updated with iOS 15 and MacOS 12 Monterey Respectively.

Turn on Hide IP Address from Tracking your Device and Activity on iPhone, iPad

  1. Open the Settings App on iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Safari App.
  3. Tap Hide IP Address.
  4. Select Off option.turn-on-hide-ip-address-from-tracker-on-iphone-and-ipad
  5. Close the Settings app.

Alow Track Website your Activity, Personal Information, and Loaction via IP Address, Select From Trackers option under the safari settings on iOS and iPadOS.


Let’s see how to manage the same Privacy Control on Mac Running on macOS Monterey or later version.

How to Hide IP Address from Trackers on Safari Mac

You can hide your IP address on Safari in Mac, MacBook. This means Your IP address can be used to determine personal information, Like Your location. To Protect this information, Safari can hide your IP address from know trackers. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the Safari App on Mac.
  2. Click on Safari in the top menu bar.
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Click on the Privacy tab.turn-on-hide-ip-address-from-tracker-on-safari-mac
  5. Next to Hide IP address, check the box of Hide IP address from trackers.

Does Private WiFi Address Works with HIDE IP Address?

This Feature works as Another Privacy Protection shield next to Enable Private WiFi Address [Settings app > WiFi > Tap on (i) button next to Connected WiFi name > Enable Private Address].

if you are using the Other Best iPhone Browser, then keep Private Address enabled.


Apple is concerning the user’s privacy in all new upcoming updates. So Make sure your iPhone, iPad and Mac are updated with the latest OS update.

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