How to Mute/ Unmute or Hide/Unhide Fleets on Twitter iPhone, iPad

🗓️ November 22, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelFollowing Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, Twitter introduced Twitter Fleets which is quite similar to stories we put on those social accounts. With Twitter Fleets, you can share any photo, video, message, or anything from your Twitter handle. The Fleets will remain active for 24 hours, and you can decide whether to share with everyone or only with your followers. In addition, no one can interact with the Fleets like Retweeting, Likes, Replies, and Comment, but only see Fleets.

While if you’re not into Twitter Fleets, or annoyed by a person uploading Fleets, Twitter lets you mute the fleets from that particular account. People are really loving this update, but for the users who don’t want to clutter up their profile, mute the fleets on Twitter.

How to Mute and Unmute Twitter Fleets

Can I Turn Off Fleets on Twitter?

Well, there is no way to completely disable the Fleets on Twitter, but you can mute the Fleets from specific accounts that you don’t like to see. Learn how to Mute and Unmute Fleets on Twitter.

How to Mute Fleets on Twitter

Fleets are limited to the Twitter App, meaning it can’t be managed from the PC or Browser version of Twitter.

  1. Open the Twitter app on your phone.
  2. On the top of the feed, you’ll see various fleets of the Twitter accounts you’re following.
  3. Touch and hold on to the Twitter Fleet that you wish to Mute and don’t want to see in the future.

    Mute fleet on twitter app

    Mute fleet on twitter app

  4. Choose Mute @twitter account.
  5. Again there will be two options to select, decide whether to Mute Fleets or Mute Fleets and Tweets.
  6. Now tap on Mute Fleets to only turn off the Twitter Fleets from that account.

How to Unmute Fleets on Twitter

Unmuting Twitter Fleets is not as simple as muting, however, you’ve to visit each Twitter account and unmute the Fleets separately.

  1. Go to the Twitter App on any phone.
  2. Search and open the Twitter account with the account name for which you want to Unmute Fleets on Twitter.
  3. There, tap on the Unmute button [Speaker icon] followed by “You have muted Fleets from this account”.

    Unmute Fleets on Twitter app

    Unmute Fleets on Twitter app

  4. Tap Unmute when a pop-up shows up.
  5. That’s it.

Here is a video tutorial on “Two Quick alternate methods” to Hide/Unhide or Mute/Unmute Fleets on the Twitter app.

 That’s it. Enjoy twitter fleets on your Device with customized settings.

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