How to Password protected notes on iPhone 6S, 5S: iOS 9.3

setup touchid and password in notes app iOS 9.3

Let we know, how to setup touch-id and password in notes app in iOS 9.3 mean password protected notes on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus. Hitherto you were using third party apps to make secure notes for your iPhone, iPad. Now the time is not away. Because you will get same feature in the default Apple notes app. For that, just you should have iOS 9.3 supported devices iPhone, iPad. iOS 9.3, lets you use password protected notes app.

So here we discuss about on how to password protected notes on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and supported devices. Apart from Touch ID and password-protected notes, there are number of new features including in iOS 9.3 version like save notes media to photos, Night Sift Mode, CarPlay adds even more useful feature, and others.

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Steps to setup password protected notes on iPhone 6S, 6 Plus: iOS 9.3

Step 1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Navigate Notes.

Step 3. Tap on Password protection.

Step 4. Type in your favored password then Re-enter Password and type in a password hint.Password protected notes on iPhone 6S how to

Step 5. Tap on Done.

That’s it.

On the same iPhone screen, you can also see Touch ID button is not on by default. So if you want to open your notes app through Touch ID then make it enable. At all, your note will stay under the secure privacy.

So now, whenever you launch notes app at the time you can see Password protected note, if you made it before. So to open up password protected note anybody must required a password to view that note. Without a correct password, it is not possible to view it. Hope, in iOS 10, Apple will give this feature for Photos and message app.

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