How to Reset Apple Watch without Apple ID and Paired iPhone

Want to master reset Apple Watch Series 4/3/2? Here’s the way through which you can restore Apple Watch without iPhone. Usually when the Apple Watch won’t update or apps freezing or crashing working in Apple Watch in such cases restoring Apple watch is the best option. Though you will lose all the settings and data for a moment. This techniques also use all apple watch users who want to forget apple watch passcode without iPhone.

However, the Apple watch will ask you to restore an old backup or set up as new. If you restore from old backup, every setting and data will be restored from the backup. Moreover, if you choose Set up as new, you have to customize settings and everything from the beginning. One more thing keep noting is after restoring, the Apple Watch will be updated to the latest watchOS if an older version is running.

Important Note!

These techniques only useful for reset apple watch anyhow. But you can’t sell because you need to remove from your Apple ID account if find my Apple watch is enabled. To remove apple Watch completely from your account, Open > Login with Apple ID and password > Next Click on Settings from the top under the profile name > Under My Device “Click on Apple Watch” and Click “X” remove button. Now, you are ready for sold or Gave away your Apple watch?

Remove from Account and Ready for Sale
Remove from Account and Ready for Sale

if you want just erase apple watch, then you can do it without Apple ID.

Tricks that use for Erase apple Watch Without Apple ID and Unpair from your iPhone: Ready for sale

Step # 1: Raise your wrist to awake the Apple Watch.

Step # 2: Press the “Digital Crown”, to bring all the apps on the screen.

Step # 3: Next, locate the “Settings” app.

Erase All Content and Settings on Apple Watch without apple ID
Erase All Content and Settings on Apple Watch without apple ID

Step # 4: Tap “General”.

Step # 5: Scroll all the way down and tap “Reset”.

Step # 6: Select “Erase All Content and Settings”.

Erase All Contant and Settings on Apple Watch without paired iPhone
Erase All Contant and Settings on Apple Watch without paired iPhone

Step # 7: Enter the passcode.

Step # 8: The message will be displayed like “Are you sure you want to continue?”

Step # 9: Tap “Erase All”.

Step # 10: Give some time to Apple Watch, as restoring and backup process will take few minutes.

Step # 11: Once the backup and restoring complete, the Apple logo will appear on the screen.

Step # 12: Now if Apple Watch is discharged then keep it on charge.

To use it again, Pair your Apple Watch with any of your iPhone or same iPhone. Two ways, Scan watch model in My Watch iOS app or Verify with Six Digit verification password that comes on your Apple Watch.

Hopefully, you have successfully reset the Apple Watch without iPhone with the help of our tutorial. Still, if you have any query about Apple Watch Series 4/3/2 then you can ask us in comments, we will definitely reach you out with a potential solution of your problem as soon as possible.

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