Apple Watch Series 4 Digital Crown button Stuck and not Responding, unresponsive, scrolling by itself, or fell off

Last Updated on May 15, 2019

Digital Crown is heart button of the Apple Watch. What if it stops functioning correctly and becomes unresponsive, you know better than us. The Digital Crown is used to scroll the options, select them and even it is used to force restart the Apple Watch. But with Digital Crown not working in Apple Watch, every feature goes south.

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Nevertheless, if you are looking to fix Digital Crown not working in Apple Watch Series 4 then consider our best-prepared troubleshooting guide and get rid of this problem.

Fix Apple Watch Series 4 Digital Crown button Stuck and not Responding, unresponsive, scrolling by itself, or fell off

Apple Watch Series 4 Digital Crown button Stuck and not Responding unresponsive scrolling by itself or fell off

Apple Watch Digital Crown Button Jammed and sticky while rotating

Don’t Keep Your Apple Watch in too much hot area. Because of Digital Crown shaft cover with a rubber material. Whenever your apple watch is near to heat area this rubber will make your apple watch digital crown Jammed. Don’t do repair or rolled out this button. Wait for some time and keep your Apple watch in a dry place like freeze cooling area or keep near Air-conditioning where you flow cold wind on apple watch.

Don’t hesitate and trouble with this problem because it’s normal. Check digital crown in next morning it will be okay automatically.

Correct the Apple Watch Face Orientation: Keep Digital Crown button inside

Digital Crown is outside the palm so it’s hard to press much time while working hard. Or in the Gym. Soft rubber shaft

Open Watch App on iPhone.

Go to My Watch Tab. And Next Tap on General option.

Scroll to Watch Orientation.

Apple Watch Orientation settings on iPhone watch app

Apple Watch Orientation settings on iPhone watch app

Set your Watch Face orientation for Left Hand or Right hand.


For Wear apple watch on left-hand select “Digital Crown on Left side”.

For wear apple watch on Right-hand Select “Digital Crown on Right Side”.

Digital Crown button on left hand Orientation of apple watch

Digital Crown button on left hand Orientation of apple watch

See the Above screen I setup my apple watch for the left hand, digital crown is not on outside so you can’t disturb while turning your palm 90 degrees. Unexpected hard long press and digital brown show message on your Apple watch screen, “Sorry could you say that again?

Fix 1: First Unpair and Set up Your Apple Watch

If the Digital Crown is unresponsive then un-pairing and setting up the Apple Watch can fix this issue. By doing this, you will remove all the bugs and load from the Apple Watch. Hence if Apple Watch Series 4 Digital Crown not working, is due to a small glitch, it will be fixed.

How to unpair Apple Watch Series 4,

Step #1: Bring iPhone and Apple Watch together.

Step #2: Go to the “Apple Watch” app in your iPhone.

Step #3: Tap “My Watch tab” and select your watch.

Step #4: Tap on (i) icon next to the Apple Watch that you want to unpair.

Step #5: Lastly hit on “Unpair Apple Watch”.

Now you have to make a choice between two option, that you want to keep or remove the cellular plan.

Tip: It is obvious that you will pair the Apple Watch again, so select Keep Cellular Plan. In rare cases people don’t want to pair the Apple Watch with iPhone, they can select Remove Cellular Plan. In addition, contact your carrier to close down the subscription for the people who aren’t going to pair the Apple Watch.

Step #6: Tap to “Confirm”.

How to set up Apple Watch

Turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or Cellular data in your iPhone and then follow the steps,

NOTE: Keep iPhone and Apple Watch close to each other.

Step #1: Press and hold the “Power button” of the watch to turn on the Apple Watch.

Step #2: On your iPhone, you will see “Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch,” tap “Continue”. If you don’t find this option, then go to “Apple Watch app” and manually pair the watch.

Step #3: Hold the iPhone above the Apple Watch and let viewfinder completes its task. If the camera is not working properly then tap on “Pair Apple Watch Manually”.

Step #4: Now you have to select “Restore from Backup” and choose the backup. It may ask you to update the watchOS, go ahead and update it.

Step #5: Enter Apple ID Password, if you are asked to. Else you can sign-in afterward. It is advisable to sign-in because certain functions will not work properly if you do not sign in with your Apple ID.

Step #6: Have you set up Find my iPhone? If not then you have to compulsory turn on the Activation Lock.

Step #7: Next screen will show you which are the mutual settings shared by the iPhone with the Apple Watch. So when you turn on Wi-Fi, Location Services, Find my iPhone or other functions on iPhone it will automatically be enabled in your Apple Watch too.

Step #8: Now, if you want to create passcode then tap on “Add a long Passcode” or “Create a Passcode” else tap on “Don’t Add Passcode”.

Step #9: It’s time to choose the applications that you want to install in Apple Watch.

Step #10: Give some time to Apple Watch to finish the syncing process.

Fix 2: Clean the Digital Crown

Using Apple Watch for a long time? Then there are chances that your Apple Watch contains so much dust and dirt on it. And so the Digital Crown got stuck because of dirt. Don’t worry we will use the natural way to clean the Digital Crown and hope so it will start working like before.

Step #1: Disconnect the Apple Watch from the charger and Power it off.

Step #2: Remove the band from the Apple Watch.

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Step #3: Go to the faucet and hold the Digital Crown under the faucet. Keep note that do not use any soaps or cleaning material.

Step #4: Now, continually press and turn the Digital Crown so that water goes in the gap between the Digital Crown and watch.

Step #5: It’s time to clean up the Apple Watch using a thin lint-free cloth. Make sure that you clean the watch entirely, don’t leave any single part of Apple Watch wet.

Fix 3: Contact Apple Support

Still, the Digital Crown is unresponsive in Apple Watch Series 4? We have shown you the best way to fix this trouble; I assume that now the problem is bigger and not in our hand to fix. So contact Apple Support and ask for help.

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