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Left Airpod not working Properly: Fix Left AirPod Speaker Stopped Working

Apple upgraded old Earpods to the wireless AirPods. The AirPods delivers incredible sound compare to any other headphone or old Earpods. With excellent sound, it allows you to manage music without pulling out iPhone from your pocket. All you need to do is tap on the AirPods. Besides, you can customize the settings of the AirPods such as when you tap thrice the song should be changed, when you tap twice the song will be paused or vice versa and much more. This customization can be done right from your iPhone.

Recently, the users are complaining that their left AirPod stopped working suddenly. They got confused why left AirPod stopped working whereas the right is working perfectly. I have listed a few tricks that might help you to fix left AirPod not working.

Left Airpod not working Properly: Fix Left AirPod Speaker Stopped Working

Solution #1: Make sure the AirPod is charged

check left airpod battery charged or not

AirPods are totally dependent upon the battery, without battery AirPods will stop working. To charge the AirPods, you need to put back in the case and if the case isn’t charged then connect the case with the provided lightning cable. In your iPhone, when you play songs, the Music widget will show you how much battery left on AirPods. Or whenever you close or open the lid and screen of iPhone is awake, the battery will be indicated to you.

Solution 2: Charge the AirPods Charging Case

If left AirPod is still not working, then you must charge the case first and after the case charged to 100% put the left AirPod in the case and give some time to get a charge.

Solution 3: Unpair and Re-pair the AirPods

Most of the time, by un-pairing and re-pairing the left AirPod stopped working get fixed. There is no harm in doing this, to do so,

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Tap “Bluetooth”.

Step #3: Next to the AirPods, tap on (i).

Step #4: Choose “Forget This Device”.

Now your AirPods are unpaired with your iPhone. Restart the iPhone and again pair the AirPods. The pairing process is different so look at it,

Step #1: Put the AirPods back into the case.

Step #2: Close and after few seconds open the lid.

Step #3: When you open the lid, the yellow type light will be visible.

Step #4: Now, press the button which is located on the backside of the case.

Step #5: Press until you see White light instead of yellow light. The light will blink about 3 to 5 times.

Step #6: White light indicates the AirPods are ready to pair.

Step #7: Next, go in the “Bluetooth” settings of iPhone and tap on AirPods to pair.

Solution #4: Try Connecting AirPods with other iPhone

To make sure that your iPhone is working properly and the problem is with the left AirPod, you need to connect the AirPods with other iPhone or any other smartphone that have Bluetooth. Still, you find that left AirPod is not working then probably the AirPods are damaged.

Solution #5: Contact Apple Support

In the previous trick, you have concluded that left AirPod is damaged or facing any hardware problem. So now all you need to do is, check if the AirPods are under warranty and visit the Apple Store to fix left AirPod not working.

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