13 Fixes Right/Left Airpod Not Working (iOS 17.1.1 Updated) 2023

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Are your left Airpod stops working after a few minutes, Or left Airpod disconnecting after 30 seconds?

The topic covers, Why is my Right or Left Airpod Not Working Properly or Airpods only Playing in one ear? Apple upgraded old Earpods to wireless AirPods. one Redditor said

I‘m so confused it literally worked 3 hours ago, then I put it in the case and didn’t touch it until now. Tried restarting, didn’t work. It does charge but it doesn’t connect or show up, the right one works perfectly.

After this, Recently also, the users are complaining that their left AirPod stopped working suddenly. They got confused about why the left AirPod stopped working whereas the right is working perfectly. I have listed the most important free-of-cost techniques that will 100% resolve Left AirPod not recognized after reset.

suppose, your One AirPod not working even after reset, in such case you should visit the nearby Apple store, and under-warranty Apple’s original AirPods, The Store executive will help you, if possible it will be replaced. Now read my article carefully to fix your Airpods issue.

How Does AirPod Work?

The AirPods delivers incredible sound compared to any other headphones or old Earpods. With excellent sound, it allows you to manage music without pulling out the iPhone from your pocket. All you need to do is tap on the AirPods.

in More, you can customize the settings of the AirPods such as when you tap thrice the song should be changed/Tripple Force Touch on the stem of an AirPod on Airpods Pro when you tap twice the song will be paused or vice versa and much more. This customization can be done right from your iPhone.

What does it mean when one AirPod stops working?

mostly when one of the battery drains completely zero percentage at that moment one wireless airpod dropping the connection suddenly. And you may be worrying, why is my right or left airpod not working? so you definitely search like: How do I fix my AirPods when only one works?
the answer is to overcome this problem as primary steps, you should put both your Airpods into the charging case and then put your charging case in charge mode with lighting to USB cable.

if you have a wireless charging case (2nd generation) then you can use MFI certified wireless charging Pad to charge your Airpod case box. And charge your Airpods case for 20 minutes and then test again after pairing Apple airpod with your iPhone or other supported phone and play music playback.

the second thing is to reset your Airpods, the guide is given below on solution number nine so jump on it.

Right or Left Airpod not working Properly: Fix If your left or right AirPod isn’t working

Quick Solutions

Left AirPods Pro, AirPods 3 Not Charing & Working
  1. Use Apple Original Lightning cable and Adapter. and Connect the Power source directly to Wall Plug. and Wait for at least 30 Minutes.
  2. Now, Clean up the Charging connector on the Left or Right AirPod’s connector and from inside the charging case using a Cotton fiber cloth and Earbud. Clean Charging Connector of Left Airpod or Right AirPodClean Charging Case of AirPods Pro
  3. Put both AirPods into the charging case, and charge it for 10 to 15 minutes, now, Press both AirPods in to Charging case using your finger and press the Back button of the charging case with the Lid in an open position to reset.press-both-the-airpods-and-reset-using-back-button-of-the-charging-case
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Solution #1: Make sure the AirPod is charged [Check Airpods Battery Life on iPhone]

check left airpod battery charged or not

most of the AirPods died and users noticed Airpods won’t work but check Airpods battery life and them judge the next solution. AirPods are totally dependent upon the battery, without a battery AirPods will stop working.

To charge the AirPods, you need to put them back in the case and if the case isn’t charged then connect the case with the provided lightning Cable.

In your iPhone, when you play songs, the Music widget will show you how much battery is left on AirPods. Or whenever you close or open the lid and screen of the iPhone is awake, the battery will be indicated to you.

To Check AirPods Battery Status on Android Smartphone

Suppose you are using Android mobile, for example, my wife has a Google Pixel 3 mobile so she uses Airbattery App (link to download)which is available free on Google Play Store.

in case you have AirPods 2, then alternatively you can download and install Assistant Trigger App from here, both Applications are amazing to use for Android AirPod users.

According to the App description, All possible Android users can access double-tap, play/pause songs using mentioned Apps. The importance is to check Airpods is the power status percentage.

We got, lots of user comments on our youtube channel about howtoisolve they say, left Airpods stopped working on Android phones but they don’t know whether the left Airpod charged or not. That’s why we suggest first checking out battery status and then going to the next solution. Also, get here on how to check Airpods 2 battery on Android phones.

Sometimes Airpods show Red Exclamation Mark ERROR on Left OR Right Airpods instead of battery percentage.

left Apple airpod red exclamation mark point Fix

So you can fix the error red exclamation mark with the bottom video clip.

Solution 2: Charge the AirPods Charging Case

If the left AirPod is still not working, then you must charge the case first, and after the case is charged 100% put the left AirPod in the case and give some time to get a Charge.

In more, make sure your iPhone iOS is up to date, now iOS 16.3 OTA (Over-The-Air) update is available for the public for free, as the latest firmware.

Read MoreFix Airpods is connected but no Sound

Left Airpod Sound Low or Right Airpods Sound Low or Mute as part of Left Airpod Not Working Properly

iPhone users keep customer settings for other sound devices or iPhone front speakers in that case when you connect your Airpods to your iPhone.

Settings for Sound balance between left and right are also applied to your Airpods. That’s the reason you should check these settings on your iPhone to listen best sound quality or fix a low Volume problem on the left airpod or right airpod.

Audio Volume Balance on iPhone after update in iOS 13

Note: in case of your device running on iOS 14 or Earlier then follow this way to adjust audio balance in iOS 14.

You can get more about this as a video on our youtube channel Howtoisolve. Open the youtube App and search Howtoisolve to access our channel. Thanks for reading us!

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on General
  3. Choose Accessibility
  4. Scroll to Left or Right Volume slider bar.
  5. Set the Position at a Center like in the above image,

you can get a live volume effect on paired AirPods just check if it’s worked for you. if not then follow the next solutions.

Solution 3: Unpair and Re-Pair the AirPods

Most of the time, by un-pairing and Re-pairing the left AirPod stopped working get fixed. There is no harm in doing this, to do so,

  • Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
  • Step #2: Tap “Bluetooth”.
  • Step #3: Next to the AirPods, tap on (i).
  • Step #4: Choose “Forget This Device”.forgot airpods from iphone to re pair with Apple iphone
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Now your AirPods are unpaired with your iPhone. Restart the iPhone and again pair the AirPods. The pairing process is different so look at it,

  • Step #1: Place both Apple AirPods in your Charging Case.
  • Step #2: Now Close the lid, wait 30 seconds, then open it.
  • Step #3: Press and hold the setup button for a few seconds, until you see the status light flashing White.
  • Step #4: White light indicates the AirPods are ready to pair.
  • Step #5: Next, go in the “Bluetooth” settings of the iPhone and tap on AirPods to pair.

After the above steps are followed, even though, Left Airpod Not Working or not sending sound or won’t pair then keep continue the bottom steps.

Tips! Single/Paired AirPods Replacement & Repair Cost

Yes, We can purchase Separate Original AirPods [Left/Right] from Apple Store.

Check the Below price table for the purchase of new AirPods out of Warranty ($69 for Each), Under Warranty (Free), and AppleCare+ fee ($29).  Also Lost Airpod We can purchase in this way!

AirPods Pro, AirPods 2 and 1 Replacement cost
AirPods Pro, AirPods 2 and 1 Replacement cost

Solution #4. Left Airpod Automatic Ear Detection Not Working

Automatic Ear Detection is one of the latest sensor technology which does work to stop or pause music, podcast, or any other content that you listening to when you remove the Apple AirPods from your ears.

in case Your, Airpod doesn’t stop music then you should check out the setting for Automatic Ear Detection is toggle ON- Green. let’s see the following steps to check it out

  • Open the Settings App > Tap Bluetooth > Tap AirPods, now tap on the (i) icon next to your AirPods Name, and then make sure that Automatic Ear Detection is on.

if the settings are already On/green then make it off/disable and wait for 15 seconds and do turn it on. Now try again to check.

Unluckily, it doesn’t work for you then Next, You will have to confirm that your Left AirPod or both AirPods are clean! Because the proximity sensor won’t work in this situation ear wax or other gunk is covering it.

So you can also see below the video on how to clean Apple Airpods and AirPods charging case box.

Solution #5: Try Connecting AirPods with other iPhone

To make sure that your iPhone is working properly and the problem is with the left AirPod, you need to connect the AirPods with another iPhone or any other smartphone that has Bluetooth. Still, if you find that the left AirPod is not working then probably the AirPods are damaged.

Solution #6. Why Is my Left Airpod not charging

Suppose only one airpod is working and the second airpod doesn’t work for example left airpod won’t charge the battery that’s why not playing music because not detected.

Here I’m going to suggest some workable solutions that will work as a premium guide. So let’s get started;

What do I do if my left AirPods won’t charge?

You must charge your Airpods and charge the Airpods charging case properly.

if left AirPods won’t charge then clean charging case port and left Airpod because both AirPods and case pick up a lot of debris that’s why. To clean Airpods and Airpods charging case scroll up the article to watch a complete video on how to clean Apple Airpods.

Solution #7. Left Airpod Microphone not Working

Don’t worry, in case of your Airpod mic not working then go with the following steps suggested by Apple on its discussion page.

Bring the Apple AirPod case next to your phone. Open it, and wait until the screen shows they are connected. Go to Settings> Tap Bluetooth and you can see the AirPods. Tap on the ℹ next to the listing. That will open a group of settings. Check the Airpod Double-Tap settings, and also check the Airpod Microphone Setting.

I hope, this will work for you. none of the above solutions worked then go with the next and final stage.

Solution #8. Left Airpod not working on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini on Big Sur or Catalina and Earlier

in our tech lab, there are all Macs and iOS devices and found my left AirPod all of a sudden not working and which sending no sound to my left side ear when paired with one of my iMacs after the macOS Ventura update. but I followed the bottom steps and not it works superbly.

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Left airpod not working on macOS Ventura MacBook Pro MacBook air
  • Step #1. Open Spotlights Search using command + Space button
    and Enter Sound
  • Step #2. On Your Mac- Click on the Sound section of System Preferences,
  • Step #3. Make sure your Airpod is connected to your Mac
    now Choose Output
  • Step #4. There you can see the ‘Balance‘ gauge of your AirPod is skewed towards the far-right.
    I tuned it to the center and my Left AirPod sounded stereo again.

in case of future, This problem, however, recurs occasionally and you will have to change the Sound preferences again. I hope, this worked for you also.

Solution #9. My left AirPod is Quieter than my right AirPod

I suggest you that your Apple Airpods With a flashlight check and make sure that if your Left AirPod perhaps clogged with Ear Wax, if so, a large blast of compressed air may clear the left airpod out or as so have found blowing with super force can sometimes also clear Apple wireless earbuds. More troubleshooting to clear the Apple airpod you can see in the bottom video.

Furthermore, Please Factory Reset AirPods with the given instructions.

  • Put both (left & right) your Apple AirPods in their charging case— and then keep the lid open.
  • Now Hold the button on the back of the case, as shown above, for three to five seconds until the amber light blinks three times white.
  • now Close the case lid.
  • after this, On your Apple iPhone, Go to Settings App> Tap Bluetooth > Tap AirPods and Forget This Device.

in advance,

  • Go to: Settings > Tap Accessibility > under “Hearing“, check and, if required, adjust the Audio volume balance slider between the left and right channels.

Solution #10: Why is Apple wireless AirPods not working with Windows 10 or Windows 7 PC?

According to Bluetooth technology built-in in Airpods, it does work with Microsoft Windows devices and tablets as well as smartphones too.

For this, first of all, you must have Bluetooth on your PC, on your Laptop, and make sure your PC Bluetooth is enabled so that it can easy to discover nearby Bluetooth devices. For Example, Apple Airpods.

My father was trying to connect Bluetooth with his Windows 10 laptop. But his laptop was unable to find my Airpods. Even Bluetooth toggle was set in turn ON Mode.

That’s why I had handled his Airpods not working on windows Laptop Error and ultimately fix by the following troubleshooting.

  • Turn Off Bluetooth on Windows Laptop and turn the toggle on Airplane mode
  • Wait for 15 seconds and turn Airplane mode OFF, after that switch On Bluetooth.
  • Now Reset Apple Airpods by pressing and holding on the Back button of the Airpods charging case and luckily connected with dad’s Windows laptop.

I hope this may help you with Your Windows Computer and Apple Airpods.


  • If you are not an Admin of the PC or Laptop then you can’t make any changes so that you require the admin contact.
  • Not installed properly Bluetooth driver then Airpods not playing audio with Windows.
    Please download and install your Windows system supported Bluetooth hardware driver.


Extra knowledge to use Apple Airpods as a Microphone with Windows

Follow the bottom steps to use Apple Airpods as a Microphone with Windows only
In Device Manager > Sound, video, and game controllers

There are two devices for Airpods: Airpods Hands-Free & Airpods Stereo

You will have to disable (right click and disable) Airpods Stereo only

With the help of the above-mentioned steps, It keeps your iPhone connected always and you can use it on your PC – For example, major to interact with Google voice and dictation. You don’t need to switch at all.

Solution #11: Update Your Apple Aripods firmware to fix Airpods common bug issue

Make sure that your AirPods running with the latest firmware, it is doesn’t matter whether you have Airpods 1, Airpods 2, or Airpods Pro. the method is the same for all Airpods to install the latest software. You can see our video guide to update your Airpods firmware. Recently latest firmware for 1st gen: 5B58 and AirPods Pro 2nd gen: 5B58.

Solution #12: Contact Apple Support

Note: Before calling Apple Support keep your Airpods serial number on hand.

Call the support, I think you will have to put your Airpods in service. In the previous trick, you have concluded that the left AirPod is damaged or facing any hardware problem. So now all you need to do is, check if the AirPods are under warranty and visit the Apple Store to fix the left AirPod not working.

You can replace your one Airpod for $69 that is the tag price. So let’s take a trip and solve your left Airpod stopped working problem.

Video Solution to fix Apple Right AirPod not working

I hope, you got helped by my Airpods title article, and make sure to comment and share this post with your friends. Thanks in advance.

You can also get Apple Airpods tips and tricks as well as troubleshooting playlist on our youtube channel so click here to directly land on our Airpods playlist.

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