Forgot Apple Watch Passcode? Here’s How to Reset

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Very Simple methods, to reset forgot Passcode on Apple Watch and Apple Watch is Disabled! Try Again in 1 Minute, 2 Minutes, 3 Minutes, 5 Minutes.. and yeah do from your choice using iPhone or without iPhone mean by Apple Watch. We all feeling confused, if a Passcode is enabled and we forgot the device Passcode- we can’t access our device without the Passcode. We hope, you had an eager to worn apple watch on your wrist, it’s completed yet. And you easily set with its primary settings likely Pair with Apple iPhone and create the most secure Passcode on iWatch.

But If, you enter the six times wrong Passcode in a row in Apple Watch, then either your Apple Watch will be locked out or you’ll see a message try again in a few minutes. So, you’ve created a question; what to do if you forgot your Apple Watch Passcode and Apple Watch is Disabled? But, you should reset forgot Passcode on Apple Watch.

Generally, forgot Apple Watch Passcode is similar, to Apple iPhone forgot Passcode but, to solve, this issue – its tips totally differ for Apple Watch. Here given ways are for all kind of Apple Watch models. Since, you can apply under the given instructions for watch Sport, Watch Edition & Apple Watch.

Alternate Ways to Reset Forgot Passcode on Apple Watch after Disabled Screen –Sport, Watch & Edition  

First of all, you should take back up of your Apple Watch. As well remember your Passcode isn’t stored in backup; since you’ll need beneath given step by step guide to erase your Apple Watch. After that, you can pair your watch with the compatible device again. And restore from a backup if you’ve one.

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1st Way – Reset forgot Passcode on Apple Watch Using Paired iPhone

Make sure that, to start these steps keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close together. Until you completing erase apple watch.

  • Step 1. Open the Apple Watch app, on your iPhone
  • Step 2. Tap, My Watch
  • Step 3. Now, tap General, then Reset

    Reset Apple Watch from iPhone on Apple Watch Forgot passcode & Disabled-2

    Reset Apple Watch from iPhone on Apple Watch Forgot passcode & Disabled

  • Step 4. Tap Erase All Content and Settings, then tap again to confirm.

    Erase apple watch

    Erase apple watch

That’s it. The above steps that you followed the cause, you’ve paired iPhone. Even if, you’ve no iPhone and want reset forgot Apple Watch Passcode. Then follow 2nd way, to erase or reset apple watch Passcode without iPhone.

2nd Way – To reset forgot Passcode on Apple Watch without iPhone

Apple allows apple to watch users erase their own apple watch without iPhone, but This is not possible. Apple tutorial is recommending this.

You can learn this tip from here, how to reset forgot Passcode on Apple Watch without iPhonealternate way how to reset forgot Passcode on Apple watch

Never miss– Make Pair again with Apple iPhone and iWatch

You can ask us, for any misunderstanding. Related the tips for how do I reset forgot Passcode on Apple Watch- Sport, Edition. Keep in touch with us, daily to get new updates on Apple Watch.

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