How to Rotate screen on iPhone in 3 Ways (All iPhone)

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While it’s always better to keep your iPhone screen formatted vertically, but there are times; browsing websites, watching videos, and playing video games in which rotation screen iPhone in landscape mode is necessary.

Whether you are browsing social media, reading novels, or taking high-res images, it’s always convenient to have a suitable iPhone screen formatting. Luckily, iPhone screen rotation offers quick ways to do so. Here is what you need to know about it.

3 Methods To Rotate Screen On iPhone

First thing first, open the application that supports landscape mode. For instance, Youtube now rotates the iPhone’s screen on its side. As a result, the video on Youtube will now be seen in Landscape Mode.

Method 1

If the iPhone screen is not rotating, the auto-rotate iPhone is turned off. Here below are the steps to lock and unlock iPhone orientation.

  1. To turn off the screen rotation lock, unlock the iOS device; you will be navigated to the home screen. From there, swipe down from the top right side of the screen to reveal the Control Center.
  1.  Search for the icon showing a lock with an arrow curving around. If screen rotation is active, it will be highlighted. Hit on it to unlock rotate screen on iPhone, and it will allow the iPhone screen to rotate hassle-freely.
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When you finish it, hit on empty space, you will be navigated to the home screen. However, we recommend locking the iPhone screen at a specific rotation. So even if you move your Phone in hand, it will remain as it was. 

Method 2: How Do I Get My iPhone To Auto-Rotate Without The Control Center?

You can access the Auto-Rotate using the back tap feature. However, the feature is only available in iPhone 8 and later models or iOS 14 and later versions. If you reach its requirements, follow the below steps.

1→ Go to Settings.

2→ Tap Accessibility.

3→ In the Physical And Motor menu, select Touch.

4→ Swipe and choose Back Tap.


5→ Then select between Double or Triple Tap.

Finally, select Lock Rotation from the list, and you are good to go.


Method 3: How To Rotate The iPhone Screen Using Assistive Touch

With the Assistive touch enable on your iPhone, you can rotate the iPhone screen with an single tap in Portrait, Upside Down, Left and Right Direction. To enable assistive touch follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose Accessibility.
  3. Click Touch.
  4. Select Assistive Touch. Enable the toggle next to Assistive Touch. That’s It!

Click on the Assistive Touch Icon > Device from the iPhone screen,


Then select Rotate Screen Icon. Up next, tap on the either Portrait, Upside Down, Right or Left.


What Should I Do If iPhone Screen Rotation Not Working?

First things first, not all applications are compatible with screen rotation features. However, if an application is compatible with screen rotation, check if the screen rotation lock is disabled. 

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If you found screen rotation lock is disabled, chances are that the app in question won’t allow reorientation. On the other hand, if you don’t see the application as a villain, follow the below troubleshooting steps.

Force Close Application

Sometimes the application needs to have a fresh restart. What you need to do is force close the application. 

iPhone X And Later

  1. From the main screen, swipe up from the bottom. 
  2. Swipe left or right and search for App Cards having issues with screen orientation.
  3.  Once you find it, drag the app preview upside. 

iPhone SE, iPhone 8, And Earlier

  1. Double-press the Home Key to feature a recently used application.
  2.  Swipe right to left search the App Preview.
  3.  Once you find it, drag the app preview upside.

I hope so; force closing the application can fix iPhone screen won’t rotate. 

Restart iPhone

Unlike the application, you must try restarting the iPhone since there are chances a minor bug in the phone is preventing iPhone screen rotation.

Restart iPhone With Face ID

  1. Press the either Volume Buttons and the Side Button until the power off screen appears.
  2. Drag the Power Off Slider, and hold for 30 seconds until the device turns off.
  3. Now re-press the Side Button until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. 

Restart iPhone With Home Button

  1. Long press the Side/Top Button until the Power Off screen appears.
  2. Now drag the Power Off Sider, hold for 30 seconds, and let the procedure gets finished.
  3. Once after this, long press the Side/Top Button until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. 
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Update iOS And Application

Check the version of the application and iOS. Yes, if any of this is outdated can be the reason why is my iPhone screen not rotating.

Update App

  1. Access the App Store.
  2. Select the Profile Icon from the top of the screen. Swipe and check all the pending updates and release notes. Select the Update Option beside the application, or choose Update All. 

Update iOS

  1. Navigate to the Settings App.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Select Software Update.
  4. Hit Download And Install if there is availability. That’s It!

Contact Apple Support 

If you have tried all the possible solutions and turned off the screen protection lock, but your iOD device won’t rotate, simply contact the Apple Support team. There might be hardware issues or something else that would only fix with a professional touch. 

Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you can handily switch between portrait and landscape modes. If it’s not working, you can fix screen rotation not working on iPhone by troubleshooting the steps above.


Q1. How Do I Enable Screen Rotation?

To unlock rotate screen on iPhone, from the main screen, swipe down from the right top of the screen to access the Control Center. There you will see the Screen Rotation Lock is highlighted. To disable it, tap on it. Doing so will freely allow a switch from portrait and landscape mode. 

Q2 How Do I Unlock Screen Rotation Lock?

Swipe down from the top right of the iPhone screen. Then, please tap on the Screen Rotation Lock Icon from the Control Center to disable it. That’s It!

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