How to Set up Touch ID on Mac, MacBook (Add & Remove)

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First-time Apple added touch ID on a Mac computer from MacBook Pro 2016 model. For Now, Touch ID is coming on All MacBook Pro, iMac, and External Apple Magic Keyboard to use on Mac Mini.

it has been proven very successful for a different types of user authentication/ Validation in Security. Now it’s time to set up Touch ID by adding your fingerprints. Manage by removing or adding a new Touch ID (Up to 3 Fingerprints).

In Addition, Enable/ Turn on for different purposes like Unlock login screen, Apple Pay, and App in Purchase or install from the Mac app store/ iTunes.

Let’s Save Time and Enjoy your Work.

Explained: Setup/ Use Touch ID in Macbook Pro: Turn on/ Turn Off, Add/ Remove

To use Touch ID on a Macbook Must be added at least one fingerprint on the System. Also, Touch IDs only store locally on your system in an encrypted format. In the single account, we can add three maximum Touch IDs and five across all accounts created by you on a single system. In this case, we need to delete saved fingerprints and keep one only if possible.

How to Add Fingerprints on Macbook

MacOS Ventura

1β†’ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

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System Settings on Mac
System Settings on Mac

2β†’ Select Touch ID & Password > Add Fingerprint.


Enter your Mac login password,


3β†’ Place your Finger on the Touch ID Button (At top right corner of the Keyboard – Macbook or Apple Magic Keyboard). Touch ID setup Ready.

4β†’ That’s it.


MacOS Monterey & Earlier

1: Go to the Apple Logo Menu > System Preference on Macbook Pro.

2: From the System Preference, Find Touch ID.

3: To Add New, Click on Add a fingerprints.

1 Add New and Use Touch ID in Macbook Pro with Fingerprints

4: Enter your User Password, Then Scan your Fingerprints using Touch ID button from a Macbook, Just like Touch ID Setup on iPhone/ iPad. Rest your Finger until the scan is complete.

Get Touch ID ready after scan fingerprints on Macbook pro

Note: We can rename fingerprints on saved individually by clicking on Name near to bottom each. Type desired name and Hit the return key.

How to Delete Fingerprints on Macbook

On macOS Venture

1β†’ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

2β†’ Select Touch ID & Password > Hover the Cursor on Touch ID to Remove it. Click on the Close (X) button to Delete it.


3β†’ Again, Delete the confirmation popup on the Screen.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

1: Go to the Apple menu > System Preference from Drop down on Macbook pro.

2: Select Touch ID on the System Preference pane.

4 Choose saved fingerprints saved in Macbook Touch ID

3: Hover one saved fingerprint until you show β€˜X’ icon at the top of the saved fingerprints.

4: Enter the password for verification

5: Then, Press Delete button.

5 Choose Delete button for finally delete Touch ID on Macbook pro

Enable/ Disable Touch ID on Macbook Pro: Apple Pay, Unlock login and App store

Yes, Apple gives options for customizing use of Apple ID on Unlock login screen, Sleep to wake up, Apple pay validation, or New app Download from App Store/ Buy new App

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On macOS Ventura

1β†’ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

2β†’ Next, Click on Touch ID & Password Option > See the Option to Enable Touch ID or Disable Touch ID For…

  • Use Touch ID to unlock your Mac
  • Use Touch D for Apple Pay
  • Use Touch ID for purchases in iTunes Store, App Store,and Apple Books
  • Use Touch ID for auto-filling passwords
  • Use Touch ID for fast user switching

3β†’ That’s it.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

1: Go to the Apple Menu > System Preference.

2: Touch ID, Select Use of Touch ID for,

3 Enable Disable Touch ID fingerprints on Macbook pro
  • Unlocking your Mac
  • Apple Pay
  • iTunes & App Store

Done, Touch ID Enable for that. For Disable Touch ID, Un-check checkbox from list.

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