How to Free up iCloud Storage space Using iPhone/ iPad

iCloud by apple is free for all apple device under storage space limitations. Up to 5GB free storage space we can use across multiple device for auto sync data like iCloud keychain, Photo library, iMessage, iCloud Mail, Notes, Apple music library, Calender’s, Mail, Pages, iCloud Drive documents and Folders, Numbers and Other third-party app that support iCloud service and sync options. Here I show you how to manage & free up iCloud Storage space from iPhone and iPad.

Yes, you can’t do this then we can use list of iCloud storage custom Monthly plans. That we can upgrade anytime and Downgrade when not in use. (Upgrade iCloud Storage)

Steps for Free up iCloud storage space using iPhone, iPad: iOS 10

4 Free up iCloud Storage space from iPhone and iPad

1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone, iPad

2: Next, Tap on General under the Settings.

1 Storage and iCloud on iPhone from setting app

3: Then, Storage & iCloud Usage.

2 Clear data from icloud from installed app and iCloud Photo Library

4: Second storage section is for iCloud, Tap on Manage Storage under iCloud.

Here, you can see four different sections for take action easily and release space.

Photos, Backups, Document & Data and Mail

3 Clear or Remove app data from icloud on iPhone and ipad

Most of the iOS device has large iCloud photo library then Apps and Other data. See my iPhone screen

iCloud Photo Library: To release space from iCloud Photo library, Tap on it > Disable and Delete. With this option you are eligible to use photo library on other apple device as well. But you have 30 days after delete it.

Document & Data: For app specific action, For example clear data from WhatsApp messenger, Tap on it.

Then, Edit from top right corner of the screen and Delete All

Repeat the same steps for other app

Mail: From here we can’t Erase or delete mail data (HTML, Images and Attachments).

Change Storage Plan: Scroll down to the Bottom on iOS device under iCloud manage Storage screen. Tap on Change Storage Plan > Choose any plan based on your requirements > Buy.

Hope this tutorial gives best solution on Free up iCloud Storage space from iOS device inconstantly. More query and related problem on iCloud share with us.