How to Turn off Calendar Notifications on iPhone, iPad: iOS

An iPhone Calendar app comes default to the iOS pack from the beginning. That’s nicely designed app, and well familiar for all the iDevice users gives all detail about holidays, Events, invitations alerts and many features. Furthermore, You can sync iPhone calendar with the iCloud account. So if you edit your calendar app, then the changes are updated everywhere such iOS devices, Mac calendar app.

The Calendar app also alerts to the users through notifications while arrives Upcoming Events, invitations, invitee responses, shared calendar changes, and Events found in Mail. An app is sound great, and that does an excellent job by reminding, But here the main point is Unwanted Calendar notifications on iPhone. Numerous users are exploring how to turn off calendar notifications on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

A potential reason behind of the Calendar app notification for many users, who don’t like invitations notification on his/her iPhone or Notification on the lock screen. Here I will show a way to stop alert for calendar notification on iPad, iPhone running iOS 11 or later (iOS 10, iOS 9). in Case, you are feeling unhappy due to notifications sounds, then you can change the alert Sound and vibrate easily.

Follow Steps to Turn Off Calendar notifications on iPhone, iPad

Turn off Calendar Notifications on iPad Air, iPad mini, iOS 9

Step 1. Launch Settings App on your iPhone Home screen.

Step 2. Navigate Notifications.How to Turn off Calendar Notifications on iPhone

Step 3. Tap Calendar.

Step 4. Turn Allow Notifications Off/Gray.Turn off Calendar Notifications

Keep continuous to know more,

Note: read carefully, you can see different options under the Calendar notifications screen like Upcoming Events, invitations, invitee responses, shared calendar changes, and Events found in Mail.

So if you don’t want to stop full Calendar notifications, then you must choose that option that you want to Stop notifications.

Here taken example is to turn off Calendar invitations on iPhone, iPad, you can see below.

turn off Calendar invitations notifications on iPhone

Settings → Notifications Calendar → Tap on invitations → Turn all toggled off → Tap on Sounds then select None for both Vibration and Sounds.Tap on Sounds then select None for both Vibration and Sounds

Steps to Turn off Shared Calendar notifications iPhone

To turn shared calendar notifications off on your iPhone- you should go with following way through this you can stop shared calendar changes sounds, badge app icon, Alerts on the lock screen, Past history on the lock screen, show a banner too.

Go to the Settings app- Tap Notifications – Now Tap Calendar Hit on Shared Calendar Changes and on-screen you can set customize settings like keep sound turn off then tap on None to mute Alert tone.

Same way, you can disable Shared Calendar Badge App icon as well as control on the lock screen of your iPhone and iPad.

You’re done!

So above same steps, you can apply for rest of the options such as Upcoming Events, invitee responses, shared calendar changes, and Siri Found in Apps etc.

Let’s now give your reply in the comment box and share your speech about to Turn Off Calendar notifications on iPhone, iPad.

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