Best Free Email Apps for Mac and M1 Mac Ventura in 2023

Best Free email Clients for Mac

If you are busy with other stuff and unable to give time to e-mails or forget to look at important e-mails, then I have an excellent idea through which all your emails will be managed automatically and you will not miss any of the valuable e-mail. However, you get preinstalled mail in Mac, but for more advanced functions you have to download the third-party application best Email Clients for Mac.

Once you Google for email clients software for Mac, it will display so many different software, and you might get confused about which is better for you. So don’t get in trouble by Googling them just look at below email clients and most of them are available in Mac App Store.

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Download Best Email Clients for Your Mac

Best Email Clients for Mac

#1. Airmail 3 – Good Email Software for Mac

Airmail 3 is successfully working with macOS High Sierra with its intuitive interface. It supports Gmail, IMAP, Yahoo,,, MS Exchange, and iCloud. The Airmail is easy to use and integrates multiple accounts in one place without any interruption.

Likewise, you can perform numerous actions like Undo History, Offline Operations, move messages on different mailboxes, exchange meetings invite, and for the quick approach, it has multiple gestures. There are so many features are still remaining, but I cannot explain everything here, so I suggest you download the app and experience it.

AirMail 3 on Mac App Store

#2. Spark – A best to use Email App for Mac

Spark is a fantastic email client for your Mac. The spark can manage all your important emails in one place. You can even postpone emails and send instant replies, and with a smart inbox, you can get only important emails in your inbox.

Through Spark, you can make different categories like Personal, Newsletter, and Notifications. The scheduling feature of spark enables you to send emails automatically at a particular time.

Get: Spark

#3. POSTBOX – Email Clients for Mac

Like Airmail, POSTBOX has such great powerful features which meet your requirements. The Postbox is fully programmed for professionals to bring ease to their work. With its simple look and real-time filter, you can reach the most important emails in your inbox.

Send your large files, attachments, and much more stuff directly using Postbox and customize your search by date range, sender, subject, and other factors. Organize your all data with such an impressive and beautiful UI.


#4. Canary Mail

Canary Mail is an email client which provides the best features along with high security. With end-to-end encryption, the email gets encrypted on the sender’s device and decrypted at the receiver’s device.

The Canary Mail is fully loaded with smart features like smart search, algorithmic bulk cleaners, smart filters, and intelligent typography enhancements. Read notifications, snooze emails, make email templates, and much more you can do with Canary Mail by spending only $10.

Canary Mail Mac App Store

#5. MacOS Mail – Email Clients for Mac

macOS Mail is a pre-installed application when you buy a new Mac. Mail app has a lot of basic features which can easily handle your email only just you have to look at them.

For basic requirements, it is the best option for you and saves important storage room by avoiding third-party applications.

#6. Mailplane

Mailplane app lets you manage all clutter in one place that includes, Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts. There is no need for any additional setup, to use this app on your Mac. A smart notifier will let you know the number of unread messages stored in your inbox, right from the top menu bar of the menu bar.

Besides, you can write a quick reply or archive a message from the screen where you are working.  Meanwhile, navigate through the Mailplane whether you want to access label, account, bookmark, or tab. All the major third-party extensions like Grammarly, Streak, Simplify, FullContact, hiver. etc works with Mailplane.

Download Mailplane

#7. Newton

The only goal of Newton is, that you should stay focused on the emails that matter. The easy to use clear interface takes you straight to the point where you can access the emails, read conversations without distractions and write quick emails.

The notable features of this email client app for Mac are Read Receipts, Connected Apps, Tidy Inbox, Snooze, Send Later, and Send Profile. For the beginning, you can try Newton for 14days/free and if you are satisfied with it, then pay $49.99/year.

Download Newton

#8. MailMate

MailMate is a specially designed email client for MacBook/Mac. MailMate supports almost all the keyboard supports that you would need while accessing the emails. If you are looking for a classic email client app for your Mac, then nothing is better than MailMate.

Equally advanced smart inbox, tagging, multiple notification methods, widescreen layout, extensive support for third-party applications, and much more unique options are available for you.

Download MailMate

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