How to Turn Off Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone XR,11 (Pro Max),XS Max, XS

The advertisements shown while using the iPhone are quite embarrassing. These ads displayed to you are based on the information collected by the Apple server like your age, location, previous searches and much more and then depending on your personal data they show you the ads, and so does Google. But there is no need to worry; all this information is collected to show appropriate ads on your iPhone. This was all about what is Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone.

Now the major trouble faced by the users is Limit Ad Tracking Grayed Out in iOS 13 and Limit Ad Tracking not turning off on iPhone. Most likely you are unable to turn off Limit Ad Tracking in iPhone because of the settings you have made on your iPhone. Since you are not interested in internet-based ads, let’s see.

If you dont want to follow the written article then kindly watch our video on how to turn off Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone which also covers solutions for why Limit Ad Tracking is greyed out on iPhone.

How to turn off Limit Ad Tracking in iPhone XR, 11(Pro Max), XS Max and other iPhone

What is Ad Tracking?

Just like Google uses your browsing history to recommend products on the web, Apple also keeps track of your personal interests. That includes, your age, your likings, recently visited apps/pages, what movies do you like, and much more. Eventually, all this information is collected by Apple, is kept private, and secured. Apple uses this information on its iAd program, what is the iAd program? Basically, whenever you are using any Apple app in the iPhone or iPad, you may have to deal with irritating ad banners and other advertisements.

Luckily, data like Health app reports, Apple Pay, your Gender and a few others are not tracked by Apple. So, ultimately you and your information are not at risk. Back to the topic, how to stop ads on iPhone? Or how to stop Apple from collecting my personal data from the iPhone? Apparently, it is not possible to stop Apple from gathering your data. But of course, you can turn off limit ad tracking on the iPhone.

Turn Off Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone

  1. Go to the “Settings” app from the Home Screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Privacy”.
    Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone
    Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone
  3. There you will see “Advertising”, tap on it.
  4. Tap on “Limit Ad Tracking” to disable it.
    Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone
    Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone

If you cannot disable Limit Ad Tracking in iPhone, then read on.

Fix Limit Ad Tracking button Grayed Out on iPhone

It might be possible that the Limit Ad Tracking button is grayed out in iPhone XR because of Restrictions. First of all, remove the Restrictions for Limit Ad Tracking and then Turn off Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions.
    Remove Restrictions from Advertising
    Remove Restrictions from Advertising
  3. Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions.
    Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions
    Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions
  4. Scroll down and tap Advertising.
  5. Select Allow.
    Remove Restrictions from Adverting
    Remove Restrictions from Adverting

For iOS 11 or Earlier,

  • Settings app > General > Restrictions > Advertisement > Allow Changes.

Video Tutorial on Why Can’t Turn Off Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone

This video will show you how to fix can’t turn off limit ad tracking on iPhone with potential workarounds.

Video Tutorial on How to Enable Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone

The below video tutorial shows you how to enable limit ad tracking on iPhone, how to turn off location-based ads and how to clear your tracked ad data on iPhone.

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