How to Turn ON/Enable Speak Screen on iPhone and iPad

get over all idea about how to Enable Speak Screen in iOS 8, iPhone

Let’s get the guide on how to enable Speak Screen on iPhone and iPad and it’s functionally in your iOS 8 device like, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Firstly, know that what you can do using Speak screen on your iPhone or iPad. So in beginning, I give you a little overview of that. If you have a hard time to reading font/ Text of your iOS device then you can change Text Size or you can use Speak screen feature to read  E-book, E-mail, iMessage as well web pages.

Especially this feature is much useful for those users who have low vision Problem. If you’re one of them or you’re fell boredom during reading on your iOS device, iPhone or iPad. Then make relax and do start to use of Speak screen feature in your new iPhone 6 or 6 plus an old iOS devices. Just you’ve to need, Turn ON Speak screen in your iOS on iPhone. After that, you can get the action of Speak screen. Moreover, you can adjust the voice’s talk and set also speaking rate up to low to high range voice. Another thing is you can do highlighted words as they’re already being read. Follow below steps to enable speak screen in iOS.

You can use Speak Screen after Enable in your iOS device. After enabling it, swipe down with two fingers from the top or tell Siri to speak all text of the screen and they read back to you.

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Steps for Turn On/Enable Speak Screen on iPhone

Step 1.

Launch Settings app, from your iPhone home screen

Step 2.

Next tape on General screen for go to turn on Speak Screen in iPhone, iPad

Step 3.

Now, select Accessibility

Step 4.

Then Tap on, Speech accessibility in which you get most of settings of your iOS 8 devices

Step 5.

In the last Turn Speak Screen ON.This screen explain turn on and turn off mode of Speak Screen how to

Would you like this tutorial on, how to Turn ON/ Enable Speak Screen in iOS devices If, yeah then leave your replay in the bellow comment box and tell us how much use this tips for you. Share this tip for your friends or family member and be helpful, who has low vision and the problem of reading a text in his or her iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Highlight Content as it is Spoken:

Tap on “Highlight Content” and Enable toggle to see more settings related to this.

That’s it.

Now you can test with safari browser, open safari on iPhone.

Search and Swipe down Two fingers at once from Top of the screen. Speak Screen will be enabled. Also, you can see the extra control for skip the content and jump to the next section.

You can also get the reverse tip at bellow on, how to Turn Off/ disable Speak Screen in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  • Settings app >> General >> Accessibility >> Speech >> Turn Speak Screen

We ardor, by sharing this tip to our daily readers and for new as well I’m hopeful, will become more and more useful.

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