How to fix “iPhone Is Too Close” in iOS 17 (iPhone 15, 14)

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Are you frequently receiving “iPhone Is Too Close” alerts on your iPhone? It could be due to multiple reasons, including outdated iteration of iOS, cacked-up dirt & debris on TrueDepth camera, corrupted screen protector, etc. However, considering all the possible reasons for this, we have curated a list of solutions to help you eliminate it. So, let’s get started,  

iPhone Screen Distance Settings With Troubleshooting

Here are 12 ways to fix “iPhone Is Too Close” on iOS 17. Before that, check the reason for why this issue keeps re-appearing. 

Why am I Getting an “iPhone Is Too Close” Warning?

With the latest iOS 17, there is a new feature called Screen Distance that shows an error message if you aren’t using your iPhone at an ideal distance. One of the ideal ways to prevent the error message is to keep the iPhone away for up to 30 centimeters. And in case your iPhone is at a lesser distance, you will get “iPhone Is Too Close” error. 

Solution #1. Disable/Enable Screen Distance

If the issue continues on your iPhone, fuss not; we suggest turning it off and then on-screen distance. If the problem is due to a minor software bug, then giving a new start to screen distance can fix the issue. 

Step 1: Head to Settings App on your iPhone. Search and select Screen Time. Below the Limit Usage menu, choose Distance Screen and turn off toggle next to Screen Distance.

Screen Distance Settings App On iPhone

Step 2: After this, restart your iPhone. Then head back to Settings and re-enable toggle next to Screen Distance. 

Turn On Screen Distance Settings App On iPhone

Solution #2. Things you must consider

  • To increase the viewing experience, enable the toggle for bold text. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Enable Bold Text Toggle for this.
Click Display & Brightness Settings App On iPhone
  • In addition, you can also take advantage of True Tone, which automatically will increase the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment. 
  • Enabling Night Shift on your iPhone will automatically turn its display warmer end of color in darker.
  • Another vital feature of your iPhone is “Display Zoom,” which lets you use larger text on your iPhone.
Larger Text Display Settings On iPhone
  • If you use an iPhone most of the time at night, head to the Settings App > Control Center > “+” Button to configure the Dark Mode shortcut. From now on, you can turn off and on dark mode on your iPhone. Now, Open Control Center > Enable Dark Mode.
Click (+) Plus Icon Dark Mode Settings App On iPhone
  • As we all know, iOS has many features for personalized user experience. One such feature is Text Size, to enable it, go to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size.         
Turn On Bold Text Accessibility On iPhone

Solution #3. Clean your TrueDepth Camera

The first thing you must do is clean the Truedepth camera of your iPhone. That’s because if it’s been a while since you cleaned your device, there is a good chance that cacked-up dust or debris is causing trouble, eventually preventing the TrueDepth camera from working correctly.

Solution #4. Remove Screen Protector

If “iPhone Is Too Close” keeps popping up on your device, we suggest detaching the screen protector. This usually happens when you use a cheap screen protector or one that doesn’t have laser-cut dimensions that tend to interfere with the iPhone’s TrueDepth Camera. Once you detach the screen protector, use your iPhone for a while and verify if issue is gone. And if it works for you, it means your screen guard is faulty. 

Solution #5. Hold your iPhone a minimum 12-inch away from your eyes

As we all know, “iPhone is too close” warning appears when you hold your iPhone too close to your face. We suggest holding your iPhone at least 12 cm away from your face to get rid of this issue. And the error message will go away once your iPhone detects the device is away from your face.

Solution #6. Check your eyesight

Another reason why “iPhone Is Too Close” warning on your iPhone could be due to suffering from shortsightedness. If you’re suffering to focus on something at a distance that’s visible to others, then it’s an issue with your eyesight.  

Shortsightedness is due to various reasons, including increased screen time, outdoor activities, and keeping iPhone closer for a longer duration.

To avoid such situations, avoid holding your iPhone too close, and to prevent it, you can go for regular eye check-ups. Also, you can wear contact lenses and glasses. 

Solution #7. Increase Text Size

If text size is too small on your iPhone and you can’t see it correctly when placing it away from a distance, in this scenario, we suggest increasing the text size to improve visibility.

  1. Go to Settings App on your iPhone. 
  2. Select Display & Brightness.
Open Display & Brightness Settings App On iPhone
  1. On the next screen, hit Text Size.
  2. Now, drag the text slider in the right direction to increase text size.
Middle Text Line Settings App On iPhone

Solution #8. Disable Face ID and set it up from scratch

Try turning off Face ID and reconfigure from scratch. That’s because the malfunctioning of facial authentication can interrupt the screen distance. Thus, we suggest performing on your iPhone.

  1. Navigate to Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Face ID & Password. 
Click Face ID & Passcode Settings App On iPhone
  1. Select Authenticate.
  2. In the Face ID For menu, disable all toggles.
  3. Next, try setting up Face ID from scratch. To get familiar with the Face ID procedure, read our article on how to set up Face ID on iPhone.
Turn Off Use Face Id For Settings App On iPhone

Solution #9. Update Software

Is your iPhone updated to latest iOS? If yes, it could be why “iPhone Is Too Close” keeps showing on iPhone running iOS 17 & later. Considering it as the main reason for cause, we suggest updating your device OS. 

  1. Go to Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Select General.
  3. Choose Software Update.
  4. Now, let your iPhone check for updates. 
  5. If available, tap on Download And Install. 

Solution #10. Factory Reset your iPhone

Often, you can fix the issue by resetting your iPhone settings to default. Don’t be scared, you won’t lose any of your data. But still, we suggest you create a backup of data before moving to the procedure. Read our guide on how to create a backup on an iPhone. 

  1. Go to Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Select General.
  3. Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  4. Choose Reset.
  5. Hit Reset All Settings.
  6. Jot down your passcode and give confirmation.

Solution #11. Contact Apple Support

If none of the solutions doesn’t work for you, it’s time to contact the Apple Support Team. Tell your problem to them, and accordingly, they will offer you a solution. 

Solution #12. Disable Screen Distance Permanently

If none of the solutions mentioned above work for you and “iPhone Is Too Close” still keeps popping up, I suggest turning off Screen Distance. Since iOS 17 is still very much in work, there are chances where the Distance Screen isn’t yet polished well. Here’s how.

  1. Go to Settings App on your iPhone. Search and select Screen Time.
Open Screen Time Settings App On iPhone
  1. Hit Screen Distance. Lastly, turn off the toggle.
Disable Toggle Screen Distance On iPhone

Final Thought!

That’s It! I hope the “iPhone Is Too Close” error doesn’t bother you any longer. If the above guide fixed your problem, do let us know which work solution worked for you in then mention it in the comment box below.

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