iPhone 14 Black Screen Goes Black Randomly During Video Call

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Among all the weird iPhone problems, iPhone screen goes black randomly is now in the picture. So many people are saying it’s only less than a year since they buy the iPhone and such big issue is now in the eye. No offense, Apple try to construct the device as safe and working as possible. However, we have few potential workarounds that will help you to fix iPhone Screen goes Black Randomly and Other iPhone.

We have begun the troubleshoots with very basic tricks such as force rebooting the iPhone, and unfortunately the problem still continues to exist then you have to contact Apple Support and ask for assistance. iPhone Black screen bug is most common nowadays, People are facing the issues after Update the iOS to the latest version.

iPhone Screen Goes Black Screen Randomly

iPhone Screen Goes Black Randomly During Video Call and Playing Video
iPhone Screen Goes Black Randomly During Video Call and Playing Video

Solution 1: Force Reboot iPhone

A forced reboot is very helpful when the iPhone is stuck or frozen on a black screen. Force rebooting iPhone will clear all the bugs and additional loads from the processor. Do it as the first troubleshoot to fix iPhone Screen goes block randomly.

Step #1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.

Step #2: Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.

Step #3: Hold down the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

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Solution 2: Check for Updates

If restart doesn’t work, then you should try to update the iPhone. Because sometimes, old iOS can cause such uneven problems. To update iPhone, the device must be connected to the strong Wi-Fi network.

Step #1: Open the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Tap “General”.

Step #3: Scroll down to the last and tap “Software Update”.

Step #4: If a pending update is available tap “Download & Install”.

Solution 3: Reduce Motion on iPhone

Turn off or Disable Reduce the motion of the user interface including the parallax effect of icons causing the issues for your iPhone goes black screen and unable to wake up after screen unresponsive or freeze.

To turn off this,

Go to the Settings app on iPhone > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and Disable the toggle (Reduce Motion.)

Solution 4: Restore iPhone using iTunes

Last but not least, if the above two solutions don’t work for you, then restoring the iPhone is our last option if the issue is software related. But you should construct a backup to avoid data loss. Follow the steps to Restore iPhone using iTunes,

Step #1: Launch “iTunes” in your PC. Make sure iTunes is up to date.

Step #2: Now, connect iPhone to the PC using lightning cable.

Step #3: On iPhone, if you see prompt Trust this computer, then tap “Yes” or “Allow”.

Step #4: It’s time to select your iPhone on iTunes.

Step #5: Click on the “Summary” section.

Step #6: On the main screen you will see an option to “Restore” iPhone.

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Step #7: Click “Restore” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Still not fixed than is there a problem with Hardware issue. Repair and Fix a problem on Proximity sensor. Some iPhone users are reported, iPhone can’t wake after away iPhone from the face during calls, Shared problem with Face is greasy. In that case, you can ask to customer help center nearby apple store.

Solution 5: Contact Apple Support

Now, assuming that the iPhone Screen goes Black Randomly is happening due to a hardware defect. Raise your ticket at Apple customer center via chat or call. Repairing iPhone on your own is bit risky so kindly take an appointment at Local Apple Store and describe your issue. The technical team will fix that.

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