iPhone 15 Won’t Restore from Backup on iTunes or iCloud [Fixed]

iPhone Won’t Restore and Updating or Unable to restore a backup on iPhone. Most of the iPhone users worried about move all data from old iPhone to New iPhone. Apple Suggest restores process on the new iPhone, in two ways we can restore whole data from old iPhone to new iPhone. Using iTunes or iCloud, So people are struggling with iTunes error on restore and incomplete restore process during iCloud Backup restore.

Issues that are discovering restore on iPhone

iPhone X keeps restarting itself in the restore process: iTunes saying, “iTunes Could not restore the iPhone Because an error occurred”.

Fix This Problems iPhone Won’t Restoring Backup from iTunes and iCloud

Important: macOS Catalina or later macOS user can use Finder instead of iTunes, Because on the Latest macOS, iTunes not available. For macOS Mojave & Older macOS and Windows, Users can use iTunes for Manage Device Backup, Restore process.

Check iTunes Updated With The Latest Version

Might be your iTunes or MacOS Not compatible with the current iOS version. So I recommend using the Latest Version of macOS on MacBook Mac and iTunes on Windows/Mac PC.

  • Update iTunes Windows: Open iTunes on Mac > From top iTunes Window [Help] Menu > Check For Update. [Are you unable to update iTunes to the latest version then Re-Install iTunes on your Windows PC or Laptop].
  • Update macOS: Go to the Apple Logo From top Mac Menu > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and Install the latest iOS version.

Try Another USB Cable: Faulty USB cable causing the issues on Restore your iPhone. Might be your iPhone is disconnecting automatically and Stopped process in-between. So, you can borrow from your Friends or Buy another One from Apple Store on Online at E-Commerce websites.

  • Update iOS version on iPhone: Settings App on iPhone > General > Software Update > Download and install.

Try another USB port on Laptop or Mac then Restore with DFU mode

Your USB cable is working well, Then Switch to another USB Port. and Try again. Still having the same issues then you have to restore your iPhone in DFU mode. This mode repairs the software from your iPhone/iPad from the root of the Operating system. Apple is also recommending this solution for such kind of serious issues. Follow the below steps for putting your iPhone in DFU mode and Start DFU Restore process.

  1. Connect your iPhone to Mac/PC via USB cable.
  2. Open Finder on mac/Itunes on Mac orWindows according to version.
  3. Unlock your iPhone to See and access on your Mac/PC from Finder Sidebar/On iTunes Window.
  4. Now, Quickly Press and Release Volume up button, Now Quickly Press and Release volume down button. After the Only Press and Hold on Side-Power button until you see a black screen, then Also press the Volume down button with Power button for 5 Seconds, After 5 seconds, Release Side power button and only press and hold Volume down button. Until you see the Popup for Restore device on your Mac Finder/iTunes window.
DFU Restore your iPhone on Mac Finder
DFU Restore your iPhone on Mac Finder
  • Click on Restore iPhone. Follow the on-screen instruction.
  • That’s it. [This process will erase your Device to Factory settings and install a new copy of iOS/iPadOS on your Device, Then Restore Old Backup as you wish without any Error].
  • Still, the problem is different and Are you looking for the different solutions then contact apple support help. Follow the next solution.
  • Use iCloud for restore

    Earlier, if you have taken the backup in iCloud, then we can restore from iCloud as well. Be careful and try this method for restoring old iPhone Data to iPhone, For the Backup purpose right now We can enable Backup from iPhone (Go to the Settings > Profile > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Enable iCloud Backup toggle > Tap on Back Up Now).

    • Now on iPhone (Erase All contant and Settings – Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings) > After Erase the Device, Follow the screen that will help in Setup like New iPhone > App & Data Screen > Restore From iCloud [Select iCloud Backup from Old].
    • Follow on-screen and Done.

    Next to follow on-screen instruction and Restore all data to the new iPhone without any error. It will take a few hours or Days depends on your internet speed and Data size.

    Contact Apple Service Station

    Apple Support analyzes the Device problem and shares the tips and alternate way to fix your problem. For that, you can talk to Apple Support online help desk via Phone call, Chat or Schedule an appointment at nearby Apple Genious bar.

    Insufficient Storage, Free up Storage on iPhone

    Check free space and manage storage by removing unwanted data or apps.

    • Go to the Settings App on iPhone > General > iPhone Storage.
    • Scroll down and check which types of data consume most of the iPhone Space. For Example Photos, Podcasts, Mail app, Pages, GarageBand, iMovie, List of other third-party apps and more.

    Backup is too large

    • You need to wait for long for Gigabytes of Data Restore. In this case, restore using iTunes is only a great way compare to iCloud.

    Disable Antivirus or Other Firewall

    • Maybe some antivirus software is blocking and an interrupting connection between iPhone and iTunes. Uninstall, Disable antivirus functionality temporarily.

    Check for Update: iPhone and iTunes

    First Check for Update, it will help to fix all internal error while iPhone X Won’t Restoring Backup from iTunes or iCloud.

    To Backup or Restore we need the latest version of iTunes on Mac or PC. More: Update iTunes on Mac or PC.

    After erasing all content and Settings, we must need to update iOS at first.

    Force Restart iPhone

    Force Restart refixes all internal problems quickly by a hard reset or Force Restart.

    • To Force Restart iPhone: Press and Quickly Release the Volume up button, after that Press and Quickly Release Volume down button. And Press and Hold Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen after Black screen.

    I hope you fix guy your problem on iPhone Won’t Restoring Backup from iTunes and iCloud.

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