iPhone XR Won’t Backup to iCloud, Here’s the Fix

Why iPhone XR won’t backup to iCloud? How could I fix this error with my iPhone? Move forward and read on the post to meet all the answers of your questions.

If you are also stuck with iPhone XR won’t backup to iCloud, then prefer this tutorial and get rid of it. Lots of user deals while backing up iPhone to iCloud and the problem is not only with the iPhone XR, older iPhone’s are having such issues. It is quite difficult to predict the actual reason behind iPhone XR won’t backup to iCloud. So we will avoid that part and directly focus on how to fix iPhone won’t back up.

All the major tricks that could help you and resume the functionality of iPhone are covered in this post. Read on and follow the track stepwise.


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Troubleshooting tips that help iPhone XR Won’t Backup to iCloud

Fix 1: Make Sure iPhone is Connected to Wi-Fi

Before starting the backup to iCloud, you must connect the iPhone XR to a strong Wi-Fi connection. When you are backing up your iPhone to iTunes, there is no need to have Wi-Fi. Since iCloud stores your important data over cloud storage, so Wi-Fi is mandatory. Alternatively, turn Off and turn on the Wi-Fi on your iPhone and try to backup iPhone XR.

Sep #1: Go to the “Settings” app.

Sep #2: Tap “Wi-Fi”.

Sep #3: Toggle Off/On the switch next to Wi-Fi.

Sep #4: Also, you can forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect.

Fix 2: Check the Storage of iCloud, Free Up Storage or upgrade iCloud Plan

Apple only gives you 5GB of iCloud space for free and if you want more storage then different plans are available with various costs. Needless to say that 5GB storage is not enough in this world, because few photos and videos can occupy that much storage. And because of this sometimes we are unaware of how much storage left on iCloud and constantly trying to backup the iPhone while receiving the same iPhone Won’t Backup to iCloud. Here’s how to check the remaining storage of iCloud,

Sep #1: Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Sep #2: Tap on your name.

Sep #3: Select “iCloud”.

Sep #4: Tap “Manage Storage”.

Sep #5: There you can see the left storage.

Moreover, if you have taken a backup before this, then I would suggest you delete that old backup from the iCloud to free up some additional space. You can delete the old iCloud backup from the above steps.

Once you got Free up storage on your iCloud account, Enable or Turn on iCloud Backup on your iPhone.

Go to the Settings app on iPhone > Tap on your Profile Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Enable iCloud Backup.

If you can’t Delete old backup then you can upgrade iCloud storage.

Fix 3: Reduce the Size of Backup

Why not backup the files in parts? How do I know the size of backup on iPhone XR? The question looks a bit hard to find but it’s very easy. Learn how to check the size of backup on iPhone XR,

Sep #1: Navigate to the “Settings” app.

Sep #2: Tap on your name.

Sep #3: Locate and tap “iCloud”.

Sep #4: Select “Manage Storage”.

Sep #5: Choose “Backups”.

Sep #6: Now you can see the “Next Backup Size” on the screen.

Fix 4: Check for the Updates

Usually, in a month or two, Apple releases a small update to fix security patches and improve the performance of the iPhone. But there are few people they don’t like to update their iPhone and end up with such critical problems. Let’s try to fix iPhone XR won’t backup to iCloud by updating the iPhone.

Sep #1: Launch the “Settings” app.

Sep #2: Go to the “General”.

Sep #3: Scroll down to the last and tap “Software Update”.

Sep #4: If any update is available, tap “Download & Install”.

Fix 5: Backup Using Alternate Wi-Fi

Sometimes slow internet connection or WiFi keeps dropping stop your iPhone backup to iCloud. Use Alternat WiFi connection near by you.

When I was stuck with this problem, this solution did solve iPhone XR won’t backup to iCloud. It sounds odd, but after trying all the above solutions this did work for me. I would like to suggest you and backup your iPhone XR using alternate Wi-Fi.


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