Best Browser for Mac 2024 (Safari Alternatives): Secure and Fast

Looking for Safari Alternatives for Mac, MacBook & M1 Silicone? We've picked up the best browsers that you can use instead of Safari on Mac.

What is the best browser for Mac? (also supported with Apple’s new M1 MBP and M1 MBA) Without Internet and Internet Browser, what will you do? Well, to be honest, nothing. All the MacBook and Mac systems are running Safari as their default browser. if you feel your safari slow on Mac, then the next question is in your mind is What other browsers can I use on my Mac? So, Quickly look into the Top best browser for Mac that is compatible with the new macOS update.

Not to mention, Safari has been one of the greatest web browsers for macOS users, and since Apple has released the new updates to Safari, it’s now highly secure and maintains your privacy. However, apart from Safari, there are plenty of web browsers available, but choosing the one that fits your needs is the most difficult part.

We’ve gathered the best-known browsers that you may have heard and already used, but still, you should go through the list and read the article to the end. Download the one that suits your Mac. once you get the answer of What is the best browser to use with a Mac? after that you can learn here how to change my default browser on MacBook, Mac.

Best Safari Browser Alternatives for Mac, MacBook

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Is Safari the Only Browser for Mac?

What can I use instead of Safari on Mac? There are a plethora of browsers available that can be used in place of Safari. Fortunately, Apple now allows us to change the default browser apart from Safari itself. So, yes, you can try any of the below browsers on Mac, MacBook.

Cons of Use Safari On Mac

  • Safari consumes more Battery due to refreshing the safari Browser constantly.
  • Limited Add-ons and Extensions.
  • Feel Slow for Some Websites.
  • Feel Choppy Scrolling with a trackpad

What is the Safest Browser for Mac?

There is no definition of the safest browser, because some browsers will provide you faster and reliable speed while compromising the security, and vice versa. But if you carefully study the features and research for the same, you’ll definitely get the best browser.

Best Browsers for Mac

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome for Mac
Google Chrome for Mac

Google Chrome is the most used and installed web browser across PCs and Smartphones, maybe you have already used it and loved its features. Undoubtedly, Google has worked hard to improve the security and privacy of its users, from attractive design to customizing the default page, Google Chrome is incredibly great. Moreover, with Google Chrome, you can synchronize the Settings, Web History, Bookmarks, across all the devices where you’ve used the same Google Account.

It has been found that around 40%-70% of users use Google Chrome, and enjoy the seamless experience like never before.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with Parental Controls
  • Supports Numerous Extensions
  • Lightest Web Browser

Download Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox for mac
mozilla firefox for mac

If you’re fed up with Google Chrome, Firefox is worth trying. Windows user always prefers the Firefox after the Chrome, and since you want to use it with MacOS, it would work great. Plus, Mozilla Corporation is taking good care of the Privacy and Security of their users, so there won’t be any problem concerning the securities. Furthermore, it won’t create additional load to your macOS processor.

With an easy to use interface, the Mozilla Firefox is beating other web browsers, and that’s the reason it’s the second-best browser for PC after Chrome.

Key Features:

  • Fast and Reliable
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Won’t Occupy More Processor

Download Mozilla Firefox

3. Edge Chromium

Edge Chromium for mac
Edge Chromium for mac

Once upon a time, more than half of the computer users were highly dependent on the Internet Explorer, and now it has been evolved to Microsoft Edge Chromium. If you’ve used Chrome, you’ll find Edge Chromium quite similar, as both of them are designed and built over Chromium Engine. Integration of Chrome Extensions makes the Edge flawless, and help surf even faster and better, despite the website.

It can keep your browser ad-free by blocking the ad trackers and avoid all the malware that could damage the Mac.

Key Features:

  • Significantly battery savings for sleeping tabs
  • Integrated Extension Library with Chrome
  • Inbuilt ad-blocking tracker

Download Edge Chromium

4. Opera Browser

Opera Browser for mac
Opera Browser for mac

Opera is no less than any of the Browsers mentioned in the list, you can say it underrated, but in reality, it’s pretty good and reliable. Most browsers follow the same pattern and layout as Chrome, with certain changes to make sure users don’t have to find any feature while using it, and the same is Opera doing. Therefore, it can be the best alternative to Safari for Mac, MacBook.

The best part of using Opera is, it will avoid additional elements that could slow down the page loading. And somehow it manages to make it faster even when the internet connection is slower.

Key Features:

  • Works even on Low Internet Speed
  • Comes with Built-in VPN
  • Compress data with Turbo Technology

Download Opera Browser

5. Brave Browser

Brave Browser for mac
Brave Browser for mac

I’ve seen Brave Browser has an ARM Version, performing well, with macOS. You can personalize the Brave Browser in your own way, like changing the default search engine, and more. Specially designed to minimize the ads and data tracker, this will definitely reduce the ads while you surf on the web. Usually, the browser tracks what you search and shows ads based on it, but with Brave Browser it will be cut down to low.

Besides, it uses Tor to hide the history and IP address from hackers, if you really want to stay safe while browsing, download Brave Browser.

Key Features:

  • Blocks Ads and Trackers
  • Secure and Fast
  • Feature Tor in Tabs

Download Brave Browser

6. Vivaldi

Vivaldi Browser for mac
Vivaldi Browser for mac

Vivaldi is another Web Browser for MacBook, Mac that is built on Chromium engine, but you won’t many similarities when compared to Chrome and Edge. Although, Vivaldi developers have made it more personalized by addition tones of customization options such as Themes, Fonts, Colors, Toolbars, Menu, etc.

Since it is highly customizable, Vivaldi has appealing features that could help taking screenshots, and of course, it is a Chrome extension library.

Key Features:

  • Highly Customizable
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Easy to Download and Install

Download Vivaldi Browser

These all are the free browsers for your mac computer, Let me share with us what browser you would like to use on Mac and Used in the Past.

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