6 Ways To Lock A Mac Computer To Keep Your Files Secure

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Similar to your mobile phone, Mac computers tend to hold most confidential and personal data. Just think of you are at home, office, or school, and you misplaced the Mac computer – is no brainer. With a few numbers of clicks, all your data, Bank Statements, Work Documents, Photos, Music, etc are accessible. Isn’t this the worst nightmare ever?

But worry not; merely take a look at six ways to lock a Mac computer to keep your files secure mentioned in this guide. 

Quickly…Lock Your Mac Screen Before Left

Go through the six easiest ways to instantly lock Mac Computer to protect file and data. Here’s alternate methods to mac lock screen without sleep,

1. Setting Up The Password

First thing first, you need to make your Mac computer password protected. Best of all, the configured password will be asked while making changes in the System Settings… and logging in to a Mac computer. 

macOS Ventura And Later

  1. Select Apple Icon from the left top corner of the screen. Click on System Settings…
System Settings on Mac
System Settings on Mac
  1. From the left sidebar, search and select Lock Screen.
  1. Click on the drop-down next to the “Required Password After Screensaver Begins Or Display Is Off.”  
  2. Then set it to Immediately. And enter the login password to make changes. 
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  1. Furthermore, go to Privacy And Security. Then, scroll down to Advanced Options from the right side and click on it.
  1. Click on the toggle next to Logout Automatically After Inactivity, enter login password. And then from Logout After Drop-down, setup the desired amount of timing and select Done.

This settings particularly allow you to configure how much time your Mac computer remains to be ideal before it automatically logs out. 

macOS Monterey And Earlier

  1. Choose Apple Logo from the top left corner. Click on System Preferences…

  1. Search and select Security And Privacy.

  1.  Go to General Tab. Click on the Lock Icon from the bottom of the screen. Enter administrator name and password in the prompt. 
  2. Check the box next to Required Password and configure the timer to Immediately. 

  1. Up next, click on the Advanced Button from the bottom.
  2.  Check the box next to the Logout After and then set-up the timing in minutes of inactivity drop down. This settings particularly allow you to configure how much time your Mac computer remains to be ideal before it automatically logs out.

And once you have configured these settings, you can lock the Mac computer differently – most prominently depending upon daily practices. 

2. Pressing Touch ID Key On Apple Magic Keyboard


Users equipped with an apple magic keyboard can now instantly go to lock screen mode by pressing the Touch ID button from the top right corner of the Keyboard. 

3. Closing Lid Of Mac Laptops

If you are paired with a MacBook, you can rapidly configure your device to lock screen by just closing the lid. However, this is only implied when you have configured the “Required Password After Screensaver Begins Or Display Is Off” Settings to Immediately.

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Another straightforward way to lock your Mac computer is by selecting the Apple Icon from the top menu bar and then choose Lock Screen or press Control + Command + Q. 

4. Using Keyboard Shortcut

The keyboard shortcuts are a time saver as it helps compile the task rapidly, at the same point, used to write the special characters. Best of all, you can also lock your Mac computer using a combination of keys.

  • Press Command + Option + Power Button (Touch ID Button): This will boot up Mac computer to sleep Mode.
  • Press Control + Command + Q You will be directly navigated to the lock screen.
  • Press Control + Shift + Power Button (Touch ID Button) It will turn off the display – all the background tasks will be continued. 

If you have an older version of a Mac computer with an eject button, press the eject button instead of Power Button.

Can i change lock screen shortcut mac? No Not now.

5. Using Hot Corner

You can set up the corner of the display as a hot corner to immediately compile the action by moving the pointer to the preferred corner. Follow the steps below if you don’t know how to set up the hot corner to boot your Mac to the lock screen instantly. 

macOS Ventura And Later

  1. Go to Apple Logo. Select System Settings…
  2. Choose Desktop & Dock from the left sidebar.
  3. On the right side, scroll down at click on Hot Corners.
  1. Select the preferable corner drop-down and choose Lock Screen from there. Further, confirm by clicking on Done. 
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macOS Monterey And Earlier

  1. Go to Apple Logo. Choose System Preferences…
  2. Select Desktop And Screensaver. 
  3. Go to Screen Saver Tab.
  4. From the bottom right of the screen, select Hotcorner…

Now, Select the preferable corner drop-down and choose Lock Screen from there. Further, confirm by clicking on OK. 

6. Using The Mac Touchbar

If you have a MacBook with Touchbar, you can add the Lock Screen icon in the touch bar. 

macOS Ventura And Later

  1. Go to Apple Logo from the top. Choose System Settings…
  2. From the left sidebar, search and select Keyboard.
  3. Select Customize Control Strip.

On the screen, you will encounter a list of icons; from there, select and drag the Lock Screen Icon into the touch bar. Lastly, click Done. 

macOS Monterey And Earlier

  1. Select the Apple Icon. Go to System Preferences…
  2. Choose Keyboard.
  3. Click on Keyboard> Customize Control Strip.

Now you will receive a list of icons from there, search for Lock Screen Icon and then drag and drop it to the touch bar; at your convenient position. Lastly, click Done. 

Bottom Line

Here we end up with six different ways to lock a mac computer to keep your files secure. I hope you can now firmly protect your data and files. 

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