Top 5 Fix macOS Animated Memoji Not Working on Mac in 2024

Get Fixes for your Mac login screen or User profile animated memoji not playing on startup. Start animated Memoji avatar welcome & react.

Key takeaway: macOS Big Sur introduced 3D face tracking called Memoji, allowing users to design animated avatars for their Mac Lock Screen and iMessage. Troubleshooting steps include checking compatibility, common fixes like restarting, updating macOS, creating Memoji from Apple ID, and contacting Apple Support if issues persist.

With macOS Big Sur, Apple introduced 3D face tracking known as Memoji. It lets you design the 3D animated cartoon and imply it over the Mac Lock Screen as Avtar or Login photo and Apple ID Profile. Besides this, you can also express your emotion through it on iMessage. 

However, even after creating Memoji on Mac, if for some reason macOS animated Memoji not working. Here are the feasible troubleshooting steps you can perform to fix it. 

Animated Memoji Lock Screen Not Working on Mac

Is Memoji not animated on the Mac Computer Lock screen or Apple ID profile? Why Memoji is not animated can be due to various reasons. Luckily fixing it is handy; do follow the below-mentioned guide.

1. Is My Mac Compatible With Memoji? First, let’s clear it out!

Not all macOS have capability to create Memoji. Since the feature is only available from macOS Big Sur and later versions, for any version below the Big Sur, there will be no availability of Memoji aspect.

To check it, Enter the wrong password…hit the return to pay animation with your memoji.

Note: We can set memoji on the apple ID profile, but the animation doesn’t support it. So animation memoji works only on the mac login screen. 

2. Common Solutions To Fix Animated Memoji Not Working On Mac Apple Chip Or Intel Chip 

If a minor bug within the system causes the issue; it will definitely get fixed by performing the common solution; like restarting, shutting, locking, and putting the Mac device to sleep. So do try it and fix memoji not showing on Mac.

3. Update macOS 

Most of the time, outdated macOS is found to be the reason for Mac Misbehaving. Considering the exact reason for Memoji not working on Mac, try updating your Mac computer. 

Note:  If you are running your Mac on Beta version. Kindly update it to the public version. As there are high chances of bugs in macOS Beta. 

macOS Ventura And Later

  1. Go to Apple Logo.
  2. Select System Settings… > Software Update.
  3. Click on Check For Update… from the right side of the screen. 

If available, click on Update Now… and then Restart Now. 

macOS Monterey And Earlier

  1. Go to Apple Logo.
  2. Select System Preferences…
  3. Choose Software Update

Now let the system check for updates. If there is an update, click on Update Now. That’s It!

4. Try Creating Memoji From Apple ID Profile

If create Memoji from the Users And Accounts and if it’s not showing on Apple ID Profile or Lock Screen Profile. Try creating Memoji from Apple ID.

Tip: If you already created a Memoji from Apple ID and it’s not working. Try Creating it from User And Accounts. If you don’t know the process, please read our article on how to create Memoji on Mac.

If you already created it, delete it by right click on the memoji avatar and re-create a new memoji.

macOS Ventura And Later

  1. Go to Apple Logo. Select System Settings…
  2. Choose Apple ID[Your Name].
System Settings on Mac
System Settings on Mac
  1. Select Profile Icon from the right side.
  1.  Click Memoji > Memoji. The choose + Icon.
  1. You will receive multiple options; Skin, Hairstyle, Brows, Eyes, Head, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Facial Hair, Eyewear, Headgear, and Clothing. Go to each option one by one, and design it accordingly.
  1. Up next, select Pose and configure the desired pose.
Select Default memoji pose on Mac
Select Default memoji pose on Mac
  1. Now go to Style, configure the one you prefer, and then choose Save.
Select Style for your memoji
Select Style for your memoji

macOS Monterey And Earlier

  1. Select Apple Logo.
  2. Then click on System Preferences…
  3. Go to Apple ID from the top right corner.
  4. Choose Apple ID Profile from the top left side.
  5. There are multiple options; Skin, Hairstyle, Brows, Eyes, Head, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Facial Hair, Eyewear, Headgear, and Clothing. Go to each option, and design it accordingly.
  6. Select Pose and configure desired pose. 
  7. Now go to Style, configure the one you prefer, and then choose Save.

Hereafter, your Apple ID Profile and Lock Screen will be replaced with Memoji you have created. 

5. Contact Apple Support

As of now, there is no solution to fix macOS Memoji not working. Therefore, it’s time to Contact Apple Support for further assistance. 

Bottom Line

I hope this article might have helped with the common Memoji issue on Mac. Which troubleshooting steps helped to fix it? Drop in the below comment box!

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