How to Make Ringtone for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus with iOS 10

iPhone 7/Plus and iOS 10 are out in the public for a few days. If you are amazed by iPhone 7’s increased storage option and iOS 10’s stunning features, you will for sure long for an upgrade. Hold on. Either you need to switch to the new iPhone 7 Plus, set about an iOS 10 update, free up space for your maxed out 32GB gadget, or avoid data erasing when having to sync with iTunes, to backup and transfer data makes sense. It’s not a slowpoke anymore and only a few click away will do the data transfer easier than ever with MacX MediaTrans. To help iPhone users to better manage their content, MacXDVD offers a great chance to get a free licensed copy of it. So go ahead and grab a free copy of MacX MediaTrans (Make Ringtone for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus) right away. Valid before September 30 only.

After the backup & transfer job is done, don’t forget to customize your iPhone 7, and making ringtone is a significant part of it. Two ways are introduced here, the iTunes way, and the other no iTunes complexity.

How to Make Ringtone for iPhone 7 with iTunes

make-iphone-ringtone-itunes on PC or Mac for iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

  1. Open iTunes. Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version. Mac users can head to iTunes > Check for Updates, for Windows users, go to Help > Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest version of iTunes.
  1. Select a song to set as iPhone 7 ringtone. Click “File” and then “Add File to Library”, choose a song in a format compatible with iTunes. iTunes only accepts MP3, AIFF, WAV, AAC and M4A audio.
  1. Adjust ringtone Start Time and Stop Time to get the ideal length. To achieve this, right click the song, scroll down to hit “Get Info” tab, click “Options” on the top of the popping-up window, fulfill the start and stop time box. 40 seconds is the maximum length of a ringtone.
  1. Right click the ringtone and select “Create AAC Version” to create a new copy as ringtone. Ringtone formatted AAC is at the same quality as MP3’s but occupies less storage. The ringtone will appear below the original song file.
  1. Change the ringtone file extension “.m4a” to the right format for iPhone 7 ringtone, “.m4r”.
  2. Add the file back to iTunes, and iTunes will put the file to “Tones” section.
  3. Connect your iPhone 7 with iTunes via USB cable, and sync the ringtone to iPhone 7.

Make Ringtone for iPhone 7 in Much Easier Way with MacX MediaTrans

Make Ringtone for iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 with iOS 10 from PC or Mac

If you think it’s difficult to figure out the iTunes way or don’t want to trouble yourself with so many steps, the following ringtone making method can save you a headache.

  1. Free download MacX MediaTrans for Mac or for Windows PC and launch it. Turn off iTunes auto sync, and connect iPhone 7 with USB cable.
  1. Load songs from iPhone or Mac/PC. Click “Music Manager” icon on the main interface, then all the music on iPhone 7 will be displayed on the left. Find the song from iPhone 7 you want to convert to ringtone. Or you can click “Add Music” to import songs from computer and edit to ringtone for iPhone 7.
  1. Trim the song to the right length. You can simply drag the song length to the right one, and click “OK” to make it applied.
  1. Sync the edited ringtone to iPhone 7 at speed. Click “Sync” button to transfer the ringtone to iPhone 7.

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Tips: The file transfer for iPhone 7 accepts a wide range of music formats, including M4A, AAC, MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, to name a few.

It gives options to auto convert music format to MP3 or AAC. You can click “Settings” on the main interface, and hit “Options”, check the box “MP3” or “AAC” and music can be automatically convert MP3 or AAC without decreasing audio quality in a few seconds.

That’s it for the iPhone 7 ringtone making part, but not for the all-in-one iPhone 7 data transfer tool. MacX MediaTrans comes with features not limited to ringtone creation for iPhone 7/Plus. It also gives both-way to transfer photos, music, playlists, ringtone, videos, movies, TV shows, voice memos, Podcast, iTunes U and more between iPhone iPad and Mac. Plus, you can also mount iPhone as flash drive in a convenient way.

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