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Optimize/ improve battery life of MacBook Pro and Air

Increase your Mac notebook battery life and it’s efficiency, Here you can get essential tips related to Optimize/increase the battery life of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. I hope it’ll help you get the maximum battery life to your Mac. You can use beautiful battery charge dock for your Mac Notebook.

Let’s beneath there you can get your tips of how to improve battery life of MacBook Pro and Mac Book Air.

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Advisable Way for improve battery life of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 

Check battery condition

First of all check your Macbook Air or Macbook pro battery condition. After long time use battery may expire due to that user feel curios by Mac battery.

Update Your Mac Software

Install latest Software it will help you get the greatest battery life. Check first Update available for your Mac.

  • Click on Apple logo from the top side menu bar
  • Select Software Update

    Software Update option - improve battery life of MacBook Pro
    Software Update option in Apple Menu

Turn off Wi-Fi – Awesome way to improve battery life of Macbook pro and Air. If you’re not access Wi-Fi which is connect to the network then keep turn off it, because Wi-Fi consume more battery power.

Turn off Bluetooth – Unnecessary Connect Bluetooth also consume more power of your Mac so don’t lazy to make Bluetooth turn off by clicking Bluetooth icon on the top menu bar.

Exit from those application which are not use longer

This is the fact many user can’t Exit those application which they are not use with their current work; this is the bad habit of a good user.

Use Energy sever System Preference 

Energy saver option is the sleek feature to save battery power. You can easily use at going beneath given path.

  • System Preferences … >> Energy Saver Settings

    Battery life saving setting in MacBook
    Set all the settings to consume battery life

Adjust Energy saver customize and improve your Mac battery life.   

Decrees brightness – keep low brightness in day time of your Mac  

  • Disconnect unusual USB, dongles

Disable the backlight Keyboards 

All kind of Aluminum Mac notebooks have a backlight Keyboard, its good but if you’ve seem that the fast battery drain problem then keep it turn off. Use backlight keyboard only in the dark time otherwise that also consume more power.

disable/ turn off back light
MacBook back light keyboard

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