Personal Cloud Storage device for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Keep multiple files and data at one place by keep all on best Personal cloud storage for iPhone, iPad. Use anywhere remotely on iPhone or other device.

Due to inbuilt storage limitations on iPhone, we must need personal external storage; now we have better options for choosing perfect, fast and reliable from the top best personal cloud storage for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac and other all wifi devices. At home or office use, we have a great option for a fixed or portable external storage; that can save or access data security on our virtual private wireless network. Read full reviews about each new technology and feature must be useful to all iOS and OS X device users. This is useful for all users of  iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus/ SE and iPads.


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Typically we need more storage capacity if we are taking backup or save data from Mac OS X or PC. So here is an enormous size NAS storage for Mac.

Personal cloud storage for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac

#1- Seagate Portable External Drive for iPhone

Personal cloud storage for iPhone, iPad and iPod

200 GB storage capacity is more enough for the small iOS device. Quick, easy transfer on USB 3.0 port to your Mac/ PC. Also, Lyve free app for taking backup or access (Photos and Videos) saved data from your iOS and Android device directly to your external drive. Super and easy installation, use it fastest what then ever before.

For the USA: Buy Now ($84.00)

For the UK: Buy Now (£154.06)

#2- PowerMore access personal cloud on private network

Connect up to 5 devices same time for using your cloud storage; No need Wi-Fi or cellular data; External Storage device creates own private network, that you can use on all Wi-Fi enabled device.

For share photos, Copy photos and videos. Inbuilt battery storage not consumes your device’s power or doesn’t require an external source of energy. 3500 mAh battery charger help to use at anywhere, during travel or on the way.

Types of LED indicators for charging conditions and Wi-Fi signal strength.

Storage Capacity Options: 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB

For the USA: Order Here ($75.50)

For the UK: Order Here (£52.99)

#3- WD Personal Cloud Storage for iPhone, iPad, and all devices

High capacity personal cloud storage for iOS devices

Centralized private home or office cloud storage with more space. Up to 2TB data, you can store the different device and access media internally among devices. More in great features, Compatible with Apple Time Machine, Streaming media platform, Quick, easy installation guide, AC Power adapter.

For the USA: Buy From Here ($84.00)

For the UK: Buy now here (£140)

Above hardware devices is perfect Personal cloud storage for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac/ PC. That will care data securely own self.

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