Play iMessage Pool Game on iPhone/ iPad: How to Start/ Install

1 Open and play iMessage pull game on iPhone

Pool game in Message is one of the most popular going on public trends; the Silent match is delightful in the multi-player game. Get full guide on how to play iMessage Pool game on iPhone/ iPad Free after Install it on the iMessage App store. In this we can add your Recipients to play pool table, Change Custom game Settings, Choose shot selection on the virtual table and make score individually, finally won the game and spent an exciting time with text on iMessage.

Yes, we can continuously send the text without leave pool game on iMessage screen. Also, mind that, iMessage enabled iOS device only play the game through iOS message app: Get How to activate iMessage on iPhone/ iPad. Your iDevice must updated to the latest iOS.

Steps for Install/ Play or Invite in iMessage pool game on iPhone/ iPad

1 Open and play iMessage Pool game on iPhone

GamePigeon is very good 8 Ball pool iMessage game on my Experience.  Because are you not interested in 8 Ball Pool? Then, 14 New games (9 Ball pool, Tanks, Sea Battle, Anagrams, Knockout, Checkers, Four in Row, Word Hunt, Mancala, Poker, Gomoku, 20 Questions) waiting for your start.

1: Open the Messages App on your iPhone/ iPad.

2: Open recipients chat screen, Tap on Horizontal Arrow icon near to message textbox.

2 Install Pull Game on iPhone message app

3: Tap on the Third (App Store) icon. From this screen, you can add a new iMessage app or Game.

4: From the bottom, Tap on Four Square icon. Then Tap on “+” Store icon.

5: Find a Game app with name and Search “GamePigeon.” Download and install.

3 Find Pull game and install on Message app

6: After successfully installed on it will be listed with other apps.

7: First one is 8-Ball. Tap on it. (9 Ball also then find it by sliding game pane)

8: Change Game level and Tap on “Start.”

4 Sent Pull game invitation on Imessage from iPhone or iPad

9: Now, it’s ready for the invitation and Sends it with a tap on the Blue upper arrow icon.

Then, Single tap on last invitation, your Recipient will be added to the game automatically by installing GamePigeon app on another end.

Note: Your recipient receives a message with let’s play 8-Ball pool game table. Say for the accept invitation.

Here are the Settings,

5 Pull Game setting on iPhone and iPad

That’s it.

For more help, Finally Reviews my past tutorial on Install, Add new or Delete iMessage Game or App

Video to Play Pool Game in iMessage

Get More: How to Play Game in iMessage

Share your experience on play iMessage pool game on iPhone/ iPad in the comments.

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