QuickBooks is Not Opening and Keeps Crashing On Mac (Sonoma)

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QuickBooks software is undoubtedly one of the best accounting software applications for medium and small-sized businesses. But still, it has some things that could be improved; for instance, QuickBooks keeps crashing on Mac, which can be frustrating by either not fulfilling the minimum system requirement or QB program files being corrupted. If that’s the same with you, fuss not; we will show you troubleshooting tips to resolve QuickBooks Closes Unexpectedly on Mac running the latest macOS.

Reasons for QuickBooks not opening and crashing on Mac

It is vital to know the causes of the problem that many Mac users face. Doing so will make you aware of the place you need to visit the next time you go through the same problem. 

  1. The first reason for QuickBooks not opening can be due to an outdated software version.
  2. Besides this, you’ll also experience QuickBooks crashing on Mac when company data is unverified. 
  3. It’s vital to have administrator privileges on the QuickBooks. If that’s not the case, you might face a QuickBooks crashing problem.

However, there are other reasons as well. But fret not; unlike anything else in the world, they also have effective solutions. So, let’s go through each of them and fix it. 

How to fix QuickBooks Crashing on Mac?

QuickBooks issues can be nerve-racking, especially if it happens while uploading an essential document. The Mac screen something like “Crash Catcher – An error has occurred, and QuickBooks must quit.” But fuss not; go through the mentioned troubleshooting tips to eliminate it.

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Solution #1. Restart your Mac

No matter what the causes are, the first solution you must try is restarting your Mac. There are instances where you have recently upgraded the OS, resulting in various bugs. And the best way to fix it is to restart your Mac computer. For that,

Step 1:
click on the Apple Menu from Mac menu bar Select Restart…

Open Apple Logo Tap Restart On Mac

Step 2: Choose Restart on mac

Click Restart On Mac

Solution #2. Download the upgraded version of QuickBooks for Mac

Whatever the operating system, QuickBooks is software that keeps receiving frequent updates. And the probability of this reason is very high. However, the developers of this software are aware of such a problem, and for that, they release the update. So here steps you need to follow to download its latest version. 

Step 1: Command + Space access the QuickBooks on your Mac computer.

Command + Space QuickBook On Mac

Step 2: Click QuickBook select the Check for QuickBooks Updates… on mac.

Open QuickBooks Tap Check For QuickBook Updates... On Mac


Solution #3. Verify and rebuild utility

QuickBooks is aware of how vital its platform is when it comes to uploading essential files. Keeping all this in mind, the software comes with a pre-installed feature called “Verify Utility.” It helps to identify the reason for errors in data. Whereas the “Rebuild Utility” feature allows the problem to be eliminated. To do so, follow the steps below.

Run Verify Utility

Initially, you will need to identify the cause behind the problem. For that, here are steps you need to follow. 

Step 1: Command + Space Access the QuickBooks on your Mac computer. 

Command + Space QuickBook On Mac

Step 2: Hit on the File Option located at the top left corner.
Step 3: Within the File menu, select the “Utilities.”
Step 4: Choose the “Verify Data” button.
Step 5: Select Okay for confirmation. 

Click File Tap Utilities Select Verify Data.. On Mac

Now QuickBooks will take a while. If it doesn’t find any issue, select OK to exit the screen. If there is an issue, you must follow the steps for “Rebuild Utility.”

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Step 1: Command + Space access the QuickBooks on mac.
Step 2:
Head to the File Option.
Step 3: Choose Utilities Option.
Step 4: Select the Rebuild Data Button.
Step 5: Hit on the OK > Save option if you want to create and save the backup of data. 

Click File Tap Utilities Select Rebuild Data... On Mac

After this, QuickBooks will take a while to repair the error within the data. Once procedure is finished, select View Result to verify all the changes that were made. The best part is that you can restore the data if such a scenario arises. 

Solution #4. Boot Mac to Safe Mode

In rare cases, various applications can interrupt the normal working of QuickBooks. The most efficient way to resolve the problem is to boot Mac to safe mode. However, this procedure is different for Mac with Apple Silicon Chip and Intel Chip. Fuss not; we covered the steps for this. Before you begin, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click the Apple Menu select About This Mac.

Open Apple Logo Tap About This Mac On Mac

Go to the information on the screen that shows what type of Mac you have whether Apple Silicon Chip or Intel Chip.

Once you verify this, follow the steps below.

Startup your Mac with Apple Silicon in Safe Mode 

  1. Select Apple Menu on your Mac.
  2. Choose Shut Down. Wait for a while until the Mac shuts down. 
  3. After this, press and hold the Power Button until the Mac screen shows “Loading Startup Options” appears.
  4. Choose a Volume.
  5. Long press the Shift Button, then choose Continue In Safe Mode. After this, your Mac will immediately restart automatically. When the login screen appears, you will see “Safe Boot in the Mac menu bar.

Startup your Mac with Intel-chip in Safe Mode

  1. Select Apple Logo > Restart… > Restart
  2. Then, immediately press and hold the Shift Button until login screen appears.
  3. Login to your Mac.
  4. Your Mac might ask you to log in again. On either first or second login screen, your Mac will show Safe Boot in the Mac menu bar. 
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Now, your Mac is booted to Safe Mode. Access the QuickBooks and do same stuff you always do with the software. If you didn’t face any issue, then it indicates an issue going on within the software or other applications. Later, you boot Mac to normal mode with a simple restart.

Solution #5. Add New macOS User

To verify if the lack of permission of the user is causing the error, create a new one.

Step 1: Select the Apple Menu from the top left corner of your Mac screen.
Step 2:
Click System Settings… from the prompted menu.

Open Apple Logo Tap System Settings... On Mac

Step 3: Scroll the Users & Groups Icon from the left panel. Select Add User for the right corner.

Click Users & Groups Tap Add User... On Mac

Step 4: Sign in with this New User.
Step 5:
Choose Create User on your mac.

Click Register Select Create User On Mac

Solution #6. Delete PLIST Files

If you’re using QuickBooks, it is vital to delete the “PLIST” files right from the “user” and “system’ folders. Doing so will create fresh new PLIST and the best way to get rid of QuickBooks crashing on Mac. Besides this, it removes PList to ensure that all your software data is free from all kinds of bugs. But remember that clearing the PLIST files will configure all the preferences to the default settings. Here is the procedure for this. 

Delete System PLIST Files 

Step 1: Click the Finder on your Mac.
Step 2: Choose Go from the top menu.
Step 3: After this, long press the Options Key on your Mac keyboard and select Library Option.

Open Go Tap Library On Mac

Step 4: Search for PLIST Folder located next to the QuickBooks Name.
Step 5:
Choose Preferences.

Click QuickBook Tap Preferences On Mac

Step 6: Once you get it, drag and drop the file in the Trash Bin or Control + Click to Right Click and Move to Trash.

Select File Tap On Move To Trash On Mac

At least restart your Mac computer, and then check for issues. Hopefully, your issue will be resolved. 

Final Verdict!

With these troubleshooting tips, you can resolve QuickBooks crashing on Mac. Further, if you’ve relatable queries, please drop them in the comment box below.  

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