How to Remove audio from video on iPhone, iPad

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Sometimes we need to mute video (no soundtrack) that is recorded with bad words or unusual speech. So we can edit it on your iPhone before that send it to another person or keep it safe. In just a few seconds, you can convert any sound video to mute video on iPhone and iPad. Let’s Follow this blog post!

Important tips: By mistake, if you edited another video, then you can revert to the original video any time if you use this trick to must or disable sound from a video on iPhone or iPad.

How To Remove Sound From iPhone Video

Apple iPhone pictures and videos are stored in Photos App to access videos you want to edit. You will have to find Photos App. For a complete guide, follow the basic process given below!

  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap Albums
  3. Scroll the screen for Media Types, Click Videos
  4. Find a specific video that you want to edit. For Example (FiguresA, B, and C are given below)
  5. Tap Edit
  6. So you come with a specific panel, A Sound icon appears in the upper-left corner. Please Tap Sound button to remove audio from that video.
  7. Choose Done, which is in the lower-right corner of the screen; this will save your changes. – Getting any error while taping on the Done button please read the below note.

Now Play the video on your Phone’s max volume level to check audio is removed or not before sharing it with others. In more, Go to another video that will play sound; it means your job is done.

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Note: Somes users facing a Photos error “There was an error saving this video. Please try again later.” While editing the video. It may come due to iPad or iPhone Storage full issues. We recommend you please make free up storage space by following our guide.

In short, No need to install third-party apps to remove audio from video on iPhone. Thanks, Apple!

How to Restore the Audio You Just Removed from Video on your iPhone

  1. Open a Video on Photos app that you have removed the soundtrack.
  2. Tap Edit button
  3. Click on the Sound icon greyed out. So the Speaker icon will turn into Yellow color.
  4. Finally, tap Done to get the audio back in that specific video.

Alternatively, you can directly go with the Revert option, but in such case, what happens? Reverting to originally will remove all edits made to this video.

So if you need the original video back, then click Revert to Original; otherwise, follow the first way to get back only the audio track. This is very Simple.

There are too many third-party apps in the app store that can also help to mute the video or Edit some text, Cut video and audio from a specific portion or duration. Check out my premium listing of the top best Video Editing Apps for iPhone.

Hope you enjoyed my tricks (Remove audio from video iPhone) and are happy to share them with your friends, Don’t miss out and help someone. Also, follow me on social to get more updates and tips- Tricks on Apple Devices.

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