iCloud Showing Maximum Number of Free Accounts Have Been Activated on iPhone

If you have encountered the message while signing in to your iCloud account, “Cannot Sign In, The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone,” In this post, we will show you what does that means and how to get rid of this message.

So the answer is the same message will be displayed if you are trying to create more than three iCloud accounts on that particular iOS device. Apple only allows you to create three iCloud accounts on a specific iPhone or iPad, or iPod. If you exceed this limit, then probably you will face “iCloud maximum number of free accounts have been activated.”

Here’s the solution for you that worked for me! Log in or Sign up Error

cannot sign in Showing Maximum number of free accounts have been activated on iPhone

Therefore there is no other way you or any other person can create the fourth account on the iPhone.

How to remove iCloud Showing Maximum number of free accounts have been activated on iPhone.
Unfortunately, there is no other way to get rid of this message, which means you will have to face this error message when you try to create a fourth iCloud account on the same iOS device used to create the three iCloud accounts.

This is not an iCloud login error or Wrong password, or Apple ID. These are apple’s restrictions that make apple’s cloud system more secure and protective. Still, you need another fresh new iCloud account login details you can create using the below techniques.

The solution is here, Maximum number of free accounts have been activated on iPhone

Note: if you know old account, but don’t wont to use in future, then we can delete apple ID via iMore instructions or iCloud account on our deletion request from your account settings.

We recommend you, rather than create a new iCloud account, re-use any one account you had created before. Alternatively, you can create a new iCloud account using another iOS device on which still limit of three iCloud accounts isn’t exceed. Aside from another iDevice, there is one more option available for you to use Mac to create the new iCloud account.

Note: If you are creating a new iCloud account on Windows that it might not work well on iPhone or iPad, so kindly use Mac to get perfect results.

Once you have created a new iCloud account using Mac or another iOS device, then you can easily sign in with that new Apple ID on the device that is showing the iCloud maximum number of free accounts have been activated on iPhone because that device has been used already to create three iCloud accounts.

Anyhow, we can not cross the limit that connected with your iOS device’s hardware registration.

In most cases, this problem happens on old iPhone models (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, or the new 2018 iPhone and iPad. ). But the solution is the same for all iOS devices.

Hope you guys found helpful tips that care about the security and Solution for you in the right ways that Apple is recommending to all users worldwide.

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