Restore Deleted Files on MacOS Monterey/Big Sur, Sierra, From Trash or Deleted From Trash

Put back file and folder from Trash folder on Macos Sierra

Recover or Restore Deleted files on macOS Sierra, EI Capitan or Other OS X Version really useful. Here I am going to learn how to roll back deleted files from trash folder or save back to your Mac’s drive from trash folder. User facing many problems on same kind of restore process like: Files Available in Trash folder want save back, Recover deleted files once deleted from trash on Mac, Best third-party software for recover files/ Folder from deleted trash.

The wrong habits always put you in trouble by (Completely Delete – “Command + Delete”) or Empty Recycle bin folder instantly. I recommended simply press the delete key to remove it from Mac.

In the solution there isn’t any official option for recover deleted files/ Folder from trash folder. You must go with third-party tools or recovery software.

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Steps for Recover or Put back deleted files on macOS Monterey/ EI Capitan, Yosemite

Save back from Trash

1: Open trash folder on Mac.

2: Select File/ Folder or Setup file, Right click on it then Choose “Put Back”. See Image below.

Put back file and folder by recover Deleted files on macOS Sierra

At a time you will find another finder window on trash folder, which shows where your Data saved back on Mac.It’s easy to identify and use it directly from default primary location.

Restore location after put back from trash folder on Mac

Stop auto empty Trash folder from Settings

Auto empty Trash is disappointing mostly all users by auto clear file saved more then 30 days.

Finder Preferences on Macos Sierra

Make your job more easy with this option, you want some data temporary in Trash folder and want back in future for reuse. Also check “Remove items from the Trash after 30 days” in finder preference.

Disable auto remove data from trash folder on Macos Sierra

Auto Backup or Regular Backup schedule

Just like Restore point on windows system, Mac users can use Time machine for backup.

As a third party solution we can try Super Duper ($27.95) or Carbon copy Cloner ($40).

Also stellar Mac data recovery is great and Fastest, Optimized tools for lost data on Mac.

Share how this article helpful on Deleted files on macOS Monterey/Sierra, EI Capitan, or Yosemite. Based on the Recovery solution you can share your ways in the comment box.

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