Set up or Turn On Hearing Aid in iPhone- iOS 8

Turn on hearing Aid in iPhone – iOS 8 device. If you’ve hearing impairment then use Hearing Aids inbuilt feature on your iOS 8, iPhone or iPad. Many features involved in new iOS 8 which are makes Apple device user friendly. A feature Speak Screen is very useful for blind user, optimize Text Size in iOS 8 than this article can be more helpful to Hearing injury user so those users can easily use his or her iOS 8 device with enjoy.

Do you know what you can do using Hearing Aid in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? If No. then read beneath, through Hearing Aid, you can get better and clear phone conversation, Face Time call audio, as well Music and Turn by Turn navigation. Moreover you can hear clear audio which is delivering via your wireless paired iPhone, iPad or iPod touch directly access to your made iOS 8 device. Main benefit is no extra hardware needed. Just enable or Turn on Hearing Aid in iPhone, iPad or iPad touch and make pair with any other Bluetooth devices for get quick and easy response. Your iOS 8 device can search automatic other Bluetooth device. Using this way you can able to manage your paired device. Easily access and control Just need triple click on Home button of your iOS devices, as well you can also change left and right side volume.

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Steps for Set up or Turn ON Hearing Aid in iPhone – iOS 8

Step 1.

Launch, Settings App on your iPhone

Step 2.

Now, Tap on Generalenable or Turn on hearing Aid in iPhone, iPad

Step 3.

Tap On Accessibility

Step 4.

Tap On Hearing Aids

 Step 5.

 Turn Hearing Aid Mode Ondo Toggled Turn on of hearing Aid mode in you iPhone

Hear, in the screen you can see Hearing Aid Mode Toggled is off, so do turn On it like green button. That’s it. Give us your replay in the comment how to help you this tip on, enable/ Turn on Hearing Aid in iPhone or iPad.

If your iPhone or iPad has already turn hearing mode and you’re want to turn off or disable it then follow beneath given steps to do it quick and easy. How to Turn Off or disable hearing Aid mode in iPhone, iPad.

  • Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Hearing Aids >> Turn Hearing Aid Mode Off

List of Compatible devices with hearing Aiddevices list these all are compatible for hearing Aid mode with iOS 8

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