How to sign out of iMessage on iPad, Mac or Sent from Other Apple ID

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Here’s the guide on how to change or Sign out of iMessage on iPad or Mac. Are you using different Email/ Apple ID for iMessage then change it from settings.

Apple’s free and secure messaging service called iMessage now too improved. From user’s experiences, Ways to send simple text in to decorative functions like Handwritten text, Fireworks and Bubble Effect and many others. Although, you have an alternate options for run or Enable iMessage using your Carrier number, Apple IDs. That I will show you here for iPad and Mac, without any confirmation and restrictions we can do it. Let’s also check Sign out of iMessage on iPad or Mac.

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Steps for Sign out of iMessage on iPad, Mac or Change iMessage ID

For iPad:

1 Sign out of iMessage on iPad or Change iMessage ID

1: Go to the Settings App on iPad.

2: Scroll Down, And Find “Messages”.

3: Right pane on iPad will show you, iMessage Activation options and Option for Change iMessage Address.

4: Tap on Send & Receive option.

2 Change iMessage Address on iPad

5: To Sign out current iMessage session, Tap on Blue Apple ID. And windows Popup will show you option for Sign out/ Change Location and Cancel.

Tap on “Sign Out”.

3 Sign out Apple ID on iMessage from iPad

Other options for change reached by address also there just below your apple ID. Wants to use another Apple ID for iMessage then Tap on “Add an Email..

4 Sign out iPad

Add new Email Address, and send verification Email to address by Tap on (i) icon.

After Change or Add new iMessage, Next conversation will be start via new address on Recipients side.

Sign out iMessage on Mac

Same thing we can use on Mac, Buy Settings are different then iOS device.

1: Go to the System Preferences under Top Apple Menu.

2: Find iCloud, Next Click on Option button > iCloud Drive.

3: Deselect Messages, save it from “Done

To Change iMessage Apple ID, Open Message Apps on Mac, From top menu > Preference > Click Account > Enter Apple ID and Password.

More help and Tips on Sign out of iMessage on iPad or Mac comment me in below.

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