9 Fixes Unable to Download App From App Store on iPhone iOS 16

unable to download app ios 11 or later iPhone

Unexpectedly, you experience Unable to Download The App from the App Store on iPhone or iPad with the latest iOS Version. Here I share troubleshooting guide as on my personal experience in my iPhone Plus plus. We know that App is important for us to use the latest generation technology on the smart device. In this, you can’t excuse to anyone at the time of not installing the new app from the app store.

Note: in any case, if the apple app server down, you will get notification or popup message related to server response or trigger pop up automatically on the screen. But not any signal on Screen, Just like shared my screen preview shown below.

Also Useful: Cannot Connect to App Store Error on iPhone.

9 Important Quick fix Steps on Unable to Download The App from App Store

Follow the below important fix for Download and install a new app from App Store on your iPhone. To fix this issue we have to repair the configuration settings, Repair Device Bug or Some important settings. Follow the below steps for troubleshooting the Download App issue on iPhone.

First, you have to check Internet connectivity and Storage space. After that Apple Server Status & Apple ID Verification in straightway. Also Remove the Security Vulnerabilities if you are using like Spy Software, VPN connection and more.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection & Apple Server

Now, we can download the large app over 200MB On mobile data or Cellular Data. So we can try with a different internet connection, or Check from your Safari Browser. Open safari browser, and Search Google.com, if it’s open then your internet is working correctly, now you have to follow the next troubleshooting. Otherwise, Switch to Different Personal WiFi. Some Public WiFi blocked apple server request, you are not able to download Apps from the App Store.

Apple System Server Status after Resolved
Apple System Server Status after Resolved

Also, Check the Apple Server Status: Check “App Store” Status Must be Green in your Region or Country

  • System Status in US:
    • https://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/
  • System Status in Canada:
    • https://www.apple.com/ca/support/systemstatus/
  • System Status in France:
    • https://www.apple.com/fr/support/systemstatus/
  • System Status in the UK:
    • https://www.apple.com/uk/support/systemstatus/
  • System Status in India
    • https://www.apple.com/in/support/systemstatus/

Fix 2: Disable or Remove VPN

VPN configuration on your iPhone/iPad will be lost the privacy of your device, So you have to remove it completely from your iPhone. Follow the below steps for Remove VPN from your iOS device.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
    Settings app on iPhone
    Settings app on iPhone
  2. Scroll to General > VPN and Disable the VPN toggle to turn off. Also, Delete the VPN configuration profile. Tap on (i) button next to Profile name and Delete.
    Remove VPN or Delete VPN Profile on iPhone
    Remove VPN or Delete VPN Profile on iPhone
  3. That’s it.

Fix 3: Sign Out & Sign in Your Apple ID Account

Your Account is stuck and Re-Verify your identity with your Apple ID and Password. Follow the Steps for Sign out and Sign in your Apple account on your iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Now, Scroll to iTunes & App Store.
    iTunes & App Store on iPhone settings
    iTunes & App Store on iPhone settings
  3. Next, Tap on Sign out.
    Sign Out your Account on iPhone
    Sign Out your Account on iPhone
    • And Sign in with Existing Apple ID and Password.
      Sign in your iPhone app store with Apple and Password
      Sign in your iPhone app store with Apple and Password
    • That’s it.

Fix 4: Hard Reboot your iPhone

Hard Reboot Process will rectify all the problems from the root. Follow the below steps for Hard Reboot your iPhone.

  • iPhone 8 (8 Plus): Quickly Press and Release Volume up button and Volume down button, Now only Press and Hold the Side-Power button until you see the Apple logo after the black screen.
  • iPhone 7 (7 Plus): Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and Volume down button until you see the Apple logo after the black screen.
  • iPhone 6 (6 Plus): Press and Hold Sleep/Wake Button and Home button until you see the Apple logo after Black screen.

Fix 5: Check Free Storage Space

To Install New App or Game, Even Software update we need enough space to download and install on your device, Some times Apple devices won’t show the Proper Error message or a Warning message for Free Space. Let’s check free space on your iPhone and iPad to install New app from the app store.

  • Settings app > General > About > Available [Free Space in GBs or MBs]. If not enough space then follows this tutorial on Free Up Space on iPhone.

Fix 6: Check Date & Time (Up-to-Date)

While you move to Different province and Country, Your iPhone will change the time automatically depends on your geo-location. But sometimes Auto Update time and Date is off or Failed to Update. Follow the below steps for the correct Date & Time of your iPhone.1 Set Date time automatically on iPhone

  • Settings app on iPhone/iPad > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically toggle is On/Green. If the Toggle is on but unable to set Updated time then Toggle of and Re-Enable it.

Fix 7: Update your Device

Keep your iPhone updated with the latest iOS/iPadOS version on your iPhone and iPad. Follow the steps for update OS.

  • Settings app > General > Software Update > Download and Install Software Update.

Fix 8: Restart Your Router

Your WiFi is Dropping or Disconnecting when you downloading Apps from App Store on iPhone/iPad. In your home or office network, Connected WiFi or Modem blocking some connection then you must restart or Reset settings of Router or model.

Fix 9: Reset All Settings

Reset All settings option will set all of your iPhone settings to Default. So Most of the Problems will be fixed automatically after reset all settings. This option will not erase the Device Data like Contacts, Messages, Mail Account or Media Files from Photos app. So we can do it easily.

  • Settings app on iPhone/iPad > General > Reset > Reset All Settings (Enter Password). Your iPhone will reboot once.
  • That’s it. Re-Connect your WiFi network and Try to Download the app from app store on iPhone.

Check this For iPhone X: Face ID now

in place for Touch ID, Enable and Validate Face ID on iPhone X for App store app download, To Activate Face ID on iPhone X for App store app download, Double-tap on the side button. and the Same for iTunes Store Songs, Movies on iPhone X.

I am sure just follow the below steps; I’m sure about you will get a guaranteed problem solution on the unable to install the new app from iPhone App Store.

Sign out your Apple ID session and re-login with the existing same Apple ID from Setting App. (This way affects in your whole iOS device). Go to the Setting > iTunes App Store > Apple ID. (Maybe can’t access/ Grayed-out apple ID by a tap on it, it happen in my case)

Check WiFi connection is Ok and the Internet is working or not

Test internet connection on other devices or apps & Browser installed on your iDevice.

  1. Also, Disable and Enable WiFi from the control center or Settings app.
  2. AirPlane mode Turn/ Off (Open control center and tap on plan icon)

For more tactics- try this Troubleshooting can’t download an app on the iPhone.

That’s it You fixed can’t download an app at this time from App store or Longer wait for start download. Now you can download an app from the app store. Share with us your story also on the comment box.

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