Steps for Set up Family Sharing in iOS 12/11/9/10 – Define [How to]

Detail steps for Setup family sharing in iOS 8 - iPhone and iPad

Setup family sharing in iOS 12/11/10/9/8, from your iPhone and iPad. Here you can get the advanced features of iOS in family sharing option in iOS. Logic and setup process should be tough for new iOS device users. But this feature will make your transfer process very easy between your family member’s iPhone and iPad, iPod touch. To setup family sharing on your iPhone and iPad, you don’t need any third party app and process. You can go with your own Apple ID (if you don’t have, Then go apple [] and register yourself with valid info). Family sharing in Latest iOS overcome the problem on, if you want to sync your all apple device then you must log with same Apple ID. But now you can sync all the Apple devices on different Apple ID account between your family members and yours.

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Detail steps for Setup family sharing in iOS 8 - iPhone and iPad
Detail steps for Setup family sharing in iOS 8 – iPhone and iPad

Lest start setup family sharing with install iOS 8 iPhone and iPad devices, with some noticeable points and limitations.

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Step for setup family sharing in iOS 8/9/10/11 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Set up family sharing now more accessible to previous iOS version, Get Access and Start Set up under,

Settings App > Profile name > Scroll Down and See “Setup Family Sharing…” Use Family sharing for Music, Apps Store, iCloud Storage, Location Sharing.

2 Setup Family Sharing on iPhone

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That’s it.

For iOS 9 and Older,

Step 1: Start setting app from home

Step 2: Move down and tap on iCloud app

Step 3: login iCloud account with your iCloud ID and Password. If you are already done, then skip this step.

Login iCloud
Login iCloud

Step 4: Inside iCloud, Tap on Set up family sharing option.

Setup family sharing in iOS 8
Setup family sharing in iOS 8

Step 5: Tap on getting started with the new setup.

start setup in your iPhone and iPad
Start setup on your iPhone and iPad

Step 6: Next screen elaborate family sharing usage and apple product that can be shared in a natural way. Tap on Continue.

Tap continue
Tap continue

Step 7: Go login with valid Apple ID and Password.

submit your payment details
Submit your payment details

Step 8: Then you have to tap op Add Family member if you don’t want to add then skip it.

  • To add a family member, you can only invite with Apple IDs of your family members.
  • You can add or sync any number of family member with each of Apple ID
invite members in family sharing from iPhone and iPad
invite members of family sharing from iPhone and iPad

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Here, Not limitation but main advantage also,

If you want to buy any app, Music, and videos, then all family members have the same credit card data. So when you want to buy an app from another device, then you will receive notification for this request on your email device (Maybe iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).

If you want to allow buy from that device, so approve it otherwise you can decline. Then purchase in note entirely.

From the app developer’s side, Enable family sharing option should be enabled if can’t then those apps can’t find compatible with family sharing features.

What’s your mind on awesome and added features on iOS, Awesome and amazing? How helps these steps on setup family sharing in iOS 12/11/10/9/8.

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