14 Best File Sharing Apps for iPhone, Android, Windows

In this era of innovation and technology, we depend heavily on our mobile phones and personal computers. Because of this, there are occurrences of occasions when we have to send one file from one device to another similar device or a different one. While sharing files, we want utmost security, so no one can look at the file we are sharing as it might have some very crucial documents or personal files. Here, I’ve rounded up a few apps that you can use with utter comfort.

These apps are extremely convenient and safe to use on any device or platform. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right into it.

Top best File Transfer Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac & Windows

1. Apps to transfer files from iOS to PC using WI-FI

1. Airdroid

 Airdroid is considered to be one of the best cross-platform apps to share files, data, messages, and many more. It also has a lot more features, such as Screen Mirroring, remote notifications, a Phone Finder, and many more. You can install this app on both devices, i.e., iOS and Android, and commence data sharing in a fluent manner. Using this app, you can easily share your handheld device information to your PC with ease. You get the basic features for free. However, in order to use some of the special features, you must have to take a subscription.


  • In addition to SMS management and notification mirroring, it also includes the ability to transfer files as well as URLs and clipboards. It completely controls all functionality of a rooted Android device on a different device.
  • It allows you to send messages from one device to another device using only Wi-Fi.
  • It supports cross-platform notification Mirroring.


  • It might take some time to send messages from the computer to other devices.
  • It doesn’t support sending MMS.

2. FSharing

FSharing File Sharing App for iOS

 FSharing is quite a dependable app to transfer files from iOS to Windows PC. It allows you to share images, videos, audio, and documents using only Wi-Fi.  It also enables you to access cloud storage apps like Google Drive and Dropbox directly from the app. It also comes with an embedded File manager that allows you to access any files stored On your iOS device. It also has an inbuilt music player so you can play your audio in different formats within the app. It comes with a premium subscription, so you must have to purchase it in order to use the app.


  • The free app provides data-sharing features and other basic features.
  • It is a cross-platform app that is operational over any device.
  • It comes with a video downloader feature and an audio player feature.


  • In order to use the add-on features. Which includes access to cloud storage, removing ads, And additional features of video downloader.
  • It is much costlier than other file-sharing apps.

2. Good App to transfer files between Phone and Laptop

2.1 Dropbox

Dropbox is quite a powerful, secure app to transfer files from one device to another device. It also is a cross-platform app, enabling users to use it over any device platform. It helps you to share files and data in a professional manner avoiding any data breaches. It provides ease while sharing and accessing data simultaneously. It is a cloud storage app. So, you have to upload the files to its cloud storage, and you can access those files from any device as long as you have the user information. In the first phase, it offers a 30-day free trial for the users; after that, you have to purchase a subscription to use this app. It Offers multiple features in over 21 different languages.


  • It is a fast and secure cloud storage app.
  • It is capable of integrating with any device. And it does conveniently integrate with macOS.
  • Its web-based file preview is top-notch as well, and it supports a wide range of file formats.


  • For a large file size or a large team of users, it can become quite expensive.
  • The annotations feature that this app provides can be too basic for some files.

2.2 Send Anywhere

 Send Anywhere is a top-notch file-sharing app embedded with intense security measures that provide the user extreme security over their files and data. In order to share files to a different device, the user has to select the files, and the app will generate a six-digit code. Only if the code is entered on the other device, it will commence sharing instantaneously. It also offers the features of video playback and music player within the app. It offers its services in 19 different languages.


  • Cross-platform app. Operational over iOS, windows, android, Linux, Mac, and Kindle.
  • Secure and fast transfers


  • When it comes to sharing large files, it may hinder the transfer timing.
  • It needs an active Internet connection to transfer files.

2.3 Pushbullet & Portal

 Pushbullet is an extremely helpful app when it comes to sharing multimedia files with ease. Pushbullet is a cross-platform app that is quite operational over iOS and Android devices; it also allows the user to connect with their PC or laptop.

 Its browser extension interface allows the user to file, link, and text to multiple devices at once. If you have friends who use this app, you can share your files with ease and in a secure way. It also automatically captures the webpage you are browsing, so you can quickly share the pages to another device with just a few clicks.

 In order to send the files to another pushbullet user, it has the same interface as that of a social media chat. However, it has its limitations, it allows the user to send a single file at once; in order to send several files, Pushbullet has another app at its disposal. That is Portal.

 In order to use Portal, all you have to do is Launch Portal on your device and visit the app web page of Portal on your desktop browser. To connect with the device, scan the QR code displayed over the desktop with your phone and then start dropping files or folders onto the page to store them in your desktop or laptop instantly, without having to worry about internet connectivity as it transfers the files via WiFi.


  • Single, convenient interface across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Notification mirroring with extensive options.
  • Easily move notes, links, files, lists, and addresses from one device to another device.
  • You are enabled to monitor your Android directly via your desktop or laptop.
  • Chrome and Firefox extensions.


  • It might be overwhelming on an occasional basis.
  • Provide services that other apps provide too.
  • It mirrors Android notifications only to Chrome or Firefox extensions.
  • Limited cross-platform support.

3. Best file sharing app to transfer files between phones and laptops (Mac/ MS Windows)

3.1 Google Drive

 Just like Dropbox, Google Drive is the same multifunctional cloud storage app, but it’s a lot more convenient and easy to use. In order to use this app, all you have to do is, upload your file on the Drive. Once it’s uploaded, you can copy its link and forward it to another user, they can get their hands on the file you have shared the link to, without trespassing on your other files. You can open the drive on other devices through the user credentials. It is a cross-platform app, so it can be used on any device without causing any inconvenience. It is safe and secure to share files. However, to share files, both parties must have internet connectivity. The free version will give you 15 GB of storage; afterward, you have to pay for the storage slot.


  • Allows users to request access to files.
  • It supports different file formats.
  • Fast and secure platform.
  • You can manage user authority.


  • Uploading time can be slower depending on the network connectivity.
  • Must have internet connectivity.

3.2 BitTorrent Sync

If you are looking for a secure platform to share your files from your phone to your Laptop, BitTorrent sync will be the best app for you. This cross-platform app enables you to connect multiple devices in a single nexus point in order to keep the folders in sync. It uses a public key configuration to identify your device and then transfer the file using 128-bit encryption with BitTorrent protocol. The more devices you connect with this app, the more rapid its Transfer speed.

 Additionally, it updates only those files that have been altered, leaving out other files just like they were. It provides the utmost security to its users. However, it needs details of configuration before you are ready to initiate the app. The free version of sync only allows up to store ten folders, afterwards, you have to take the annual license, which costs up to $39.99.


  • Secure platform to store and share files to different devices.
  • The cross-platform app is operational over any device.


  • Need strong internet connectivity.
  • It Has its limitations, as it’s only convenient for sharing large files.

4. Cross-platform app to send and receive files in between Apple iOS, Google Android, and MS-Windows

4.1 Shareit

It is one of the most commonly used File sharing apps on the iPhone. It is extremely safe as well as easy to use. This cross-platform app is operational over any device platform. Despite its file-sharing features like video, audio, and document sharing, it also features an inbuilt music player and video player. To transfer files from one device to another doesn’t require internet connectivity as it shares the file solely through WiFi.

Note: Due to its Chinese origin, it might not be available on the Play Store as the Indian government has banned the use of some of the Chinese products.


  • It allows simple and smooth transfer of files between various Operating Systems of various smartphones.
  • Extremely compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and Windows PC as well.


  • It doesn’t allow file transfers between Mac and Android devices.

4.2 Zapya

Zapya offers the option of easy file sharing over any device. This cross-platform app is operational over any device, and it is smooth to use too. It provides a sense of utter security when it comes to sharing files. It doesn’t require the internet to share files. It is a completely offline application capable of sharing large files wirelessly within a second. Embedded with amazing features such as AirDrop to file share amongst iOS and Mac devices and QR Code Sharing for instant File Sharing via QR Codes, zapya provides its services in six different languages, and it is completely free.


  • It provides a faster file transfer between multiple devices.
  • It also enables the user to transfer files from PC to Mobile and vice versa.


  • It doesn’t have the feature to transfer files from Mac.

4.3 BitTorrent Shoot

 This new app of BitTorrent is a cross-platform app that is quite adaptable and effectively operational over any device. It has been built with a splendid user interface that bestows a smooth experience for the users. It is the best platform to share videos in one image. Once you have selected the files you want to share, the app will generate a QR code, which needs to be scanned to receive the files.


  • A secure and fast method to share files over multiple devices.
  • Operational over any device platform.


  • Allows the user to share only images and videos. Won’t support any other files.

5. Best file sharing app to PC via wireless (privacy friendly)

5.1 SuperBeam

 SuperBeam is one of the oldest cross-platform apps out there. It enables the user to share files wirelessly over multiple devices at once, as it also allows the user to transfer files from their Android or iOS device to their laptop in a matter of a few seconds. In order to share files from different devices, all you have to do is to initiate both apps and scan the QR code displayed on the screen. Once the code has been scanned successfully, both devices will be connected to each other, and you can easily transfer the files. However, to use the desktop app, you have to acquire the paid version of the mobile app, which costs up to $2.


  • The cross-platform app is operational over any device platform.
  • Fast and secure file transfer using only a Wi-Fi connection.


  • In order to use it on a desktop, the user has to purchase the paid version of the app.

5.2 Xender

 Xender is a lot like Airdroid. However, this app is free of any hidden cost. You can connect with your device on the same network with this application, and you can also use it as an offline file-sharing tool by initiating the WiFi of your device in case you don’t have internet connectivity.

 Its desktop interface is splendid and all about business. You can easily view your files simply by switching different tabs. As mentioned earlier, it is a free app and also a cross-platform app. It perfectly works with more than a single device, allowing you to share your files from mobile to Multiple PC with ease.


  • Allows sharing files from phone to PC with ease.
  • Allows sharing of multiple files in a single go.


  • Doesn’t allow access to the notification.

6. Bluetooth file sharing app

6.1 Bluetooth Remote PC

 Just like the name suggests, it’s a worthy app when it comes to transferring files from your phone to your desktop using only Bluetooth. It has the capability of splendid integration with different apps on the device. Such as Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, Spotify, VLC, and many more.


  • It doesn’t require the internet as it solely runs on a bluetooth network.
  • Secure and safe


  • Suitable only for small files, as large file transfers will take a lot of time to transfer.

6.2 Bluetooth file transfer app

 It is an effective file transfer management application that allows you to connect your handheld gadget with your PC to transfer files. As this application completely runs over a bluetooth network, it doesn’t require any internet connection or WiFi connection.


  • Doesn’t require an internet connection.
  • Fast and secure file sharing.
  • Ensure seamless compatibility over any device.


  • Sharing large files isn’t possible because it will lengthen the time, making the process tiring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What is the best file transfer app?

If you want a secure and fast file transfer app, then we suggest you download Xender. It is a cross-platform app, only shared through WiFi, and it is free of cost as well.

Q2. Through what app can I transfer large files?

When it comes to transferring large files, you can get shareit. It is extremely convenient when Sharing large files in a matter of a few moments.

Q3. How can I send large files quickly?

The long and secure process will require you to take the assistance of cloud services. However, if you want to share large files from one device to another, you can use an application that transfers files through the wireless method. You can use Zapya, Shareit, or Xender.

Q4. How can I send 100 GB files or 50GB files for free?

You can use any of the above-mentioned offline apps on the blog. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t require an internet connection. It will take a while to share, depending on the app you use. However, our in-house suggestions are that you can opt for Xender, Zapya, or Shareit.

Moving the file from one device to another is handy and most needed for all who don’t want to go through a longer process, like connecting the phone with other devices via a USB lighting cable and then moving on to the target device. Here is the top best File transfer app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android smartphones over the air.

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Don’t miss to share what’s your experience with this File transfer app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to other all devices that you want.

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