Top Best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015 – iPad Air, iPad Mini

Last Updated: Oct 8, 2016

You can get here, Top Best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015 from tons of Apps on iTunes Store for, online classes, to make Presentation (ppt), to make Chart and calculation as well spelling finder dictionary and more.

In this sophisticated era, the truth is that you doubtless would not find a student (Collage or School) who doesn’t use innovative gadgets today’s life. Students have used dozen of essential Application in his or her Smart device no matter; it’s being Apple iOS or Google Android. Even not only entertainment apps even they can use apps for studying purpose. Here are Several Top Best must have iPhone apps for College Students, what a great apps for college students 2015. Best Assignment, Presentation apps for iPhone and iPad.

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According to, our Team survey in January 2015, at Massachusetts University Campus, most of the Student of the University has been participated in that Analysis. They all told given Apple iOS has perfect for us. Since we inspired by them and therefore we put here, the top best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015 – iPad too.          Best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015

Best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015 – iOS 8- iOS 8.1

Pages, Keynote and Numbers

Page, Keynote and Numbers are the officially developed by Apple. Page is for create official Word document, gorgeous resume, reports and documentation with easy factor. Even you can get continuity if your iCloud turn on. Let’s prepare your Presentation given from your Classes using Keynote app. Make Slide with attractive look and Swipe it through smart gesture. The Number app to make row, columns table and Chart and more, it can work for you in your iPhone or iPad as a Excel of Windows.

This is the best app for University Students, School Students. Search your word without internet, because this is offline dictionary. Since sound is good. There are Over 2,000,000 Synonyms, antonyms and definition include in them. More ever Search History, Spelling suggestion and much functionality are the ornament of the iOS app.

 iTunes U

Learn everything at Single place. This is the intriguing and awesome apps for College Students. Almost USA University has been sync their Online Course with App’s iTunes U. Such Stanford Student can learn online course from Stanford Course app. in single word, this is the World’s largest platform to learn free lectures, video, books, documentation as well presentation app. Best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015.ultimately, you can able to share your Course with your buddy, Campus Group, colleagues via Mail, Massages  Facebook and Twitter.


Your happy time idea you can put in this app and follow it for making something good in life. This best productivity app for iPhone and iPad is developed by Evernote. Save sync and save file, Record voice and audio notes, Scan business card, Search for text inside images.


This app is an Education hub for the University Student. Using this app you can get information about, Rent book, E-book as well get instant access when available. Read online books on your iPhone 6, 6 plus, and especially on iPad Air, iPad Mini.

iThoughts (Mindmap)

Great app Mind Map is for import and export data from iPhone to Mac and reverse. Best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015. Features of the app are – sate your Aim through Goal Settings, WBS, Project planning, Brainstorming, Meetings Notes, GTD as well Course Revision.

Wolfram Alpha

Mathematically Function apps – numbers, Calculus, plotting, Elementary Math, Matrices, Geometry, Trigonometry, Applied math, Logic Functions. Solve your sum and get formula on your iPhone and iPad using this Top Best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015.


PCalc is the accurate popular calculator app even in an engineer, scientist as well in programmer field and in education in iOS 7, but it’s updated by TLA System LTD. for iOS 8 users


If you use Mac or iPhone/ iPad then Dropebox must required for you. The OS X or Yosemite OS X app interacts with all file and folder of your Mac. You can store your PPT, Files, and Folders as well Courses documents and more. Sharing is feature also available to share data.

Screens VNC

Stay connects with your desktop even you’re everywhere. Luckily, iPhone/ iPad user get that app, which is always require when they so far from their living comfort room – behind of Mac or Window or Linux PC. Best way ever you’re forgetting your Presentation folder or document access from your college campus and get it there easily.


Wonder list don’t miss ever because it has big stuff feature, useful functionally and more. Amazing since this is the Top Best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015.

Which apps would you like most, from above listed Top Best must have iPhone apps for College Students 2015? Share your experience with us.