Way to Make Slow Motion on iPhone: [2024] Edit Normal Video to Slow Motion

Slow-motion video is possible with mostly all the devices running on the latest iOS device. But it’s hard and not possible to make your simple video to Slow motions saved in camera roll or Photos app. That may be downloaded online or imported video using iTunes or other software. I found and reviewed some apps in iTunes and that work for me on making a Simple or Normal video into Slow motion using iPhone/ iPad. Yes, but if you are looking for reverse tips on the slow-motion video to normal video or Regular Speed Video.

Forgot all the technical things, if you are learning or editing video first time on a small device then Photoshop or Other famous media desktop software. I tried to make slow-motion videos downloaded from WhatsApp video (Play video on App, Save on device). Try these techniques on your New iPhone, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro, Phone XR, iPhone XS, Max, iPhone 8(Plus), iPhone 7(Plus), iPhone 6S(6S Plus), iPhone 6(Plus), iPhone 5S/5, iPhone 4S.

Apps for Make and Convert Slow Motion Video on iPhone/ iPad

First, we will see how to Record Slow motion video on the iPhone using the camera app. iPhone X and later models support the Slo-Motion feature. Let’s see. Then How to Edit slow-motion video [Make a Slow motion video to Regular Speed on iPhone, Increase Slo-motion effect on another party of the video]. Slo-motion incompatible iPhone users can use Third-Party apps that help to convert Normal Video to Slo-Motion, Given in this article.

How to Record Slow Motion Video on iPhone

  1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone, Select Slo-Mo video Type, and Start Recording button to start Slow motion video recording.

    Record Slow Motion video on iPhone using Camera app
    Record Slow Motion Video on iPhone using a Camera app
  2. Once Slow Motion video recording saved on your iPhone. Now, See How to Edit Slow Motion video on iPhone Photos app.
  3. Open photos app and Tap on the Albums tab. Find Slo-Mo Categorie.

    Slo Mo Video on iPhone photos app
    Slo-Mo Video on iPhone photos app
  4. Open Slow Motion Video on your iPhone photos app to edit, Expand the Area of Slow Motion video effect or Slide to Decrease slow Motion effect on your iPhone’s video. This can be possible with slow-motion video only.

    Edit Slo Motion video for add Slow motion part in video
    Edit Slo Motion video for adding Slow-motion part in video
  5. Tap on Done to save it.

Note: Normal video on iPhone we can’t covert directly into slow motion. So we must use the Slow-motion app on your iPhone and Edit video as per your requirement. Below are some useful free apps to convert Normal video into Slow motion.

How to Convert Video to Slow Motion Video on iPhone

Convert or Edit Normal video in to Slow motion

Tens of iOS apps available related to our solution on the App store but all are not functional that is easy for you. Just go with below apps, even if you found better then my handpick then welcome and share with me in the comment box.

iMovie is not helpful for edit videos on the Slow motion video effect.

#1. VideoShop

This app is the only way to record at the slowest frame rate (fps) – Slow motion level. Edit Movie or Video using Videoshop, Amazing Effects, HD Video quality just like an option for Change iPhone camera resolution. Also Other very useful time-lapse, Wifi remote, microphone, manual camera modes and Reverse playback.

  • Fast Motion is A feature that is available in this app.
  • Play Back – Play Video in Reverse mode
  • Freeze Moment of Video
  • Add Music and Sound Effects

Download VideoShop App

#2. Slopro – 1000 fps slow-motion video

Slow to fast motion video (up to 1000 fps), Latest update revel big and new features like Slow motion, Fast motion, Ghosting, Optical flow, Sharing, Exposure. 3 Extra effects in Slow motion video recording.

Slopro available for iPad, Get more learning video tutorial on Youtube channel.

Download Slopro 1000 fps – Free

#3. Slow Motion Camera Extreme

Create a new slow-motion video on iPhone/ iPad or Apple Watch. Or import video from camera roll and convert it into slow motion. In more settings, you can add start or End slow-mo time interval, Change Speed, Zoom video picture. Save instantly without change or modified original video. Or share directly on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube or More).

Get Slow Motion Camera Extreme – $2.99

#4. SlowCam – Slow-Mo Video camera

Pre-recorded normal/ Regular mode video saved in your iOS device, Convert all of them into Slow-motion video in your Frame rate (60/ 120 fps). This app designed to use different frame rate scales for all iPhone models. 30 FPS (), 60 FPS (iPhone 5/ 5C), 120 FPS (iPhone 5S+), 240 FPS (iPhone 6/ 6+). Set Focus or use Exposure point by a Double tap on the screen.

Use LED torch for Turn on flash while record live slow-mo video using this app

Download SlowCam – Slow-Mo Video – $1.99

Don’t miss to share experience on our tips in the comment box, also suggest your personal opinion on convert normal video into Slow motion from iPhone/ iPad photos app.

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