How to fix Visual Voicemail Currently Unavailable on iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus/6/6 Plus

You are trying to read a new voicemail on your iPhone. But, it showing up you an error visual voicemail currently unavailable. Don’t worry. It’s not a terrific issue but might happen due to a little glitch of the carrier provider. There are several speedy clues to access back the voicemail service on your iPhone. if you have running iOS 11/iOS 10/iOS 9/iOS 8 iPhone and it does saying you visual voicemail is currently unavailable. Please don’t do anything to fix error visual Voicemail currently unavailable, just try below clues.

Several reasons for error of the Visual Voicemail currently unavailable/not working on iPhone

  • Turned off cellular data
  • Glitch in Network Settings
  • If, iPhone is in Airplane Mode

You may familiar with visual voicemail; it is a carrier feature. Therefore, It’s possible that you’re simply out of range, thus rendering the visual voicemail feature completely inaccessible. Since this bug is from the carrier side and not the fault of the handset makers.

Instructions to fix Visual Voicemail currently unavailable on iPhone

best solution How to fix Visual Voicemail currently unavailable on iPhone 6S plus, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 10

Solution #1. Check out Cellular data is turn on

Go to Settings app → Tap on Cellular Data → make Turn Cellular data ON.

If it’s already enabled, then make the turn-off and back on again and however, you have an issue regarding voicemail then try next way.

Solution #2. AirPlane Mode turn on/ turn off

The AirPlane mode is an option to disconnect your cell phone from the cellular signal. And default it’s always turned off because you stay connects with the cell tower. So, let once make AirPlane mode turn ON for 25 seconds and then turn AirPlane mode off. Hope, it will be rendering you voicemail turn on. Generally, this AirPlane mode will resolve an issue of voicemail not available. But if, doesn’t work for you, then move to the last clue.

Solution #3. Reset Network Settings

Now, you need reset network setting on your iPhone. If you have no idea to reset network settings then go this way.

Quick Other tips,

Note: You will lose all Wi-Fi router passwords after resting network settings.

So let know in the comment, which is the best solution to fix your iPhone error visual voicemail currently unavailable. okay, leave another reply what you expect in iOS 11/ iOS 10?