What Does 🚫 Mean on Mac On Boot (Sonoma, Ventura)

If your Mac screen suddenly goes black and shows a circle with Line Through it on Mac, don’t panic. It just means that your Mac has found the macOS that is not compatible with the Mac itself. So before you give up on your Mac and send it to the technical team – you should try these quick fixes to resolve the issue.  

Fix a Circle with Line Through it on Mac (Intel or Apple Silicon Macs)

fix your Mac if it has a 🚫 symbol. There are a few reasons for Mac black screens with prohibited symbols. So read along this guide on how to get rid of it.  

Fix 1: Detach all external boot or installer disk

The most common reason is attempting to use the bootable macOS installer drive or external boot disk, and Mac isn’t capable of running it. 

For instance, if you try to run the older version of macOS on the latest Mac, it will not run. Instead, it will show a grey circle with a slash through it. Thus, we suggest detaching all external boot or installer disks. 

Fix 2: Repair the Disk Using Disk Utility

Often, the error occurs due to a boot error after the software update. However, it’s easy to fix; follow the steps below, When corrupted macOS Partition Volume on Mac Startup (Installed More than one macOS on Mac).

a) For Mac With Apple M1 And M2

  1. Turn off the Mac using Power Button.
  2. Immediately press and hold the Power Button until the screen shows continue holding for startup options. 
  3. Select the Options and click Continue. 
  4. From the next window, select Disk Utility.
  5. Select your hardware, and click on Repair the Startup Disk. 

b) For Mac With Intel  

  1. Switch off the Mac using Power Button.
  2. Once again, press the Power Button to turn on the Mac, and then immediately press the Command + R until you see the Mac Recovery Mode option.
  3. Right from the Mac Recovery Mode, select Disk Utility, and then select the drive.
  4. Finally, select Repair the Startup Disk.

That’s It!

Fix 3: Reinstall macOS

The solution left over is reinstalling macOS. Luckily, you can do so without taking the help of the technician. Remember to create a backup of your data so you won’t lose the data during the complete procedure. 

a) For Mac With Apple M1 And M2

  1. Turn off the Mac computer by pressing the Power Button.
  2. Press the Power Button until your Mac turns on and loads up startup options. When the option appears on screen, release the Power Button.
  3. Select Options, then choose Continue Button.
  4. Select the Reinstall macOS option from Popup.
  5. If the screen prompts you to select the user for the password you know, pick up the User.
  6. Click Next and then jot down the Password. 

b) For Mac With Intel

  1. Press and hold the Power Button on the Mac to turn it on. Then let out the Power Button and immediately press the Command + R until the screen shows Spinning Ball or Apple Logo. 
  2. If the screen prompts to select User Name, select the User Name > Next and then jot down the Administrator Name.   

That’s It!

Fix 4: Contact Apple Support

Your Mac has the best features and screen and shouldn’t be left with a prohibited symbol. Hence I have the best troubleshooting workaround. If you still have any queries or solutions, drop them in the comment box. Recommend to Fix Hardware issues from Apple support help.

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