6 Best Currency Converter apps for iPhone, iPad – 2016

6 best Currency Converter apps for iPhone, iPad – iOS 8 and iOS 7 devices. Are you looking for the top best iPhone apps to convert currency in foreign Countries currency? You’re Lucky today because more Apps available in the App Store but you can get latest collection of best currency converter apps for iPhone.  Get here best free Currency converter iPhone apps and paid currency converter iPhone apps. If you’re travel for foreign county tour and you’d like to buy items at their, that time this best Currency Conversion apps for iPhone become most useful to you. Even you can use for Trading business Purpose as well almost Product Base import, export business have require rate conversion so you get instant using these best app on your iPhone. Look beneath Best Currency Converter apps for iPhone.

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List of 6 best Currency Converter apps for iPhone, iPad – iOS 8, iOS 7

  1.  AmountSleek design and gesture currency conversion app for iPhone

The Amount app is not only work as currency converter but it can measure up to 700 unites and differ 30 categories items Such as Acceleration, Angles, area, Clothing (Man), Clothing (Women), Cooking, data, density and more. Move screen using swipe gestures. Get Real time conversion through just one tap on a single screen. An Internet connection required.

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  1. Banca Currency converterbest Currency Converter apps for iPhone, iPad

The Banca app is compatible with iOS 8.1. It gives good support to your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Best Currency Converter apps for iPhone, iPad. You can easily manage your favorite currencies and get automatic ally refresh of the exchange rates.

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  1. Currencyknow offline live currency exchange rate on iPhone, iPad

Currency app is the support more than 160 + currencies converter efficiency. App doesn’t require an internet services means it can easily work with offline mode. The app can work with Simple gesture interface and up to date app for iPhone, iPad. Get live historical chart using the Currency Conversion app.

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  1. Ratesbest free currency converter app for iOS devices

The Rates app is the currency converter and regular unit converter bundled into one. Add and remove currencies, to access menu swipe side and side and more features. Rates supported over 150 countries. Rates app is the free on app Store.

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  1. XE CurrencyXE currency conversion apps free for iPhone and iPad

Best free Currency Converter app for iPhone. App is most useful for daily user and traveler. The app is compatible with iOS 6 and later iOS devices Such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Get live historical chart on a single screen.

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  1. My CurrencyMy Currency free app for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus

My Currency is the free currency app for the iOS devices, so that you can download freely. The app is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, iOS 7 and later iOS. Big benefit is you can get exchange rate on your bigger than bigger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The app has supported over 150+ currencies. Key feature of app is Switch button to invert the currency.

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Currently, which apps are you use to get live currency conversion rates? Know that in the comment as well share your feedback about how to seem these apps collection for best Currency Converter apps for iPhone, iPad in 2015/ 2016.


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