What is Allow Apps to Request Access to More RAM iOS 17.3.1?

In the latest iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, Apple allows apps to access more of a device’s random-access memory (RAM). This would mean developers can now request more RAM on various Apple devices like iPhone and iPad. Presently, apps are limited to the amount of RAM they can use on a device. So even if the device has more available memory on the device, apps cannot use it. For instance, the high-end M1 iPad Pro has a RAM of 16 GB. However, apps on the iPad can use a maximum of 5 GB of RAM. This means that apps cannot utilise even half of what the iPad Pro has to offer.

A new tool for developers will let them request access to more RAM on iPhone and iPad. And this will undoubtedly boost the performance of certain apps.

Tips: Here’s Way to Clear RAM on iPhone

In the second betas of iOS and iPadOS 16 devices, Apple has introduced a new entitlement, which means that developers may request more memory for specific apps. Apps have stated that this entitlement will inform the system that an app “may perform better by exceeding the default app memory limit.” This entitlement, however, does not specify how much extra RAM an app may be exposed to and says that this increased memory limit is available on some device models only. 

Pros of Allowing Apps to Request Access to More RAM

Allowing apps to access more RAM will have a plethora of benefits. Users are likely to notice a performance improvement using heavy apps and games on their iPhone, iPad, iPod as they will have more memory to work with. Photo and video editing apps can also benefit from access to additional RAM as users can store more photos and videos with them. Seemingly with this entitlement, iPad’s Procreate, a digital painting app, will access significantly amount higher than 5 GB of RAM and also to enhance the customer experience. 

This new entitlement is available for developers to test. Still, it will not be made available on the App Store for the general public until this fall when iOS and iPad OS 16, alongside watchOS 9, tvOS 15, and MacOS Ventura, are made available.

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