Fix WatchOS 10 Frozen App on Apple Watch, Keeps Crashing, Unresponsive, Heating

I recently purchased the Apple Watch Series 5 and having issues such as Apple Watch Series 5 apps crashing and freezing, and we will let you know how to fix it in this post. Unfortunately, a restart simply fixes the Apple Watch’s misbehavior, and sometimes it takes to the end where you have to restore the Apple Watch.

Earlier, if you had passed through these iPhone problems, you might find the same tricks to fix Apple Watch keeps crashing. After trying solutions one by one, check if the apps are working or not. If they continue to crash and freeze, then go to the next trick.

Troubleshooting tips: My Apple Watch 4 keeps Crashing app on the launch, Freezing or hanging on Touch

Apple Watch App Freeze and Hanging after update
Apple Watch App Freeze and Hanging after update

Make sure your apple watch is paired with your iPhone and Internet connection is working Fine for WiFi or Cellular Data. Some App and Background processes running on your Apple watch are interrupted because of no internet connection.

If you are experiencing app crashing, Hanging, and Freeze your Apple Watch For selected app only, you can check the app is not supported with apple watch or not. Also, Is it compatible with the latest WatchOS running on your Apple Watch? Otherwise, you can directly contact from Apple Store app page [Support Email, Facebook or Twitter page] or Website [Search in Google].

App Support from App Store app on iPhone for Apple Watch App Crash
App Support from App Store app on iPhone for Apple Watch App Crash

Follow the next solutions if App is okay and Network connection as well.

Fix 1: Update the Apps

First of all, check all the applications of the Apple watch, and if they are not updated, please update them. After updating the apps, check still Apple Watch Series 4 apps keeps crashing or freezing. Here you have to update the particular app like this,

Update Watch App on Apple Watch App
Update Watch App on Apple Watch App
  • Step #1: Go to “My Watch” app on your iPhone.
  • Step #2: Tap “App Store”.
  • Step #3: Search for the particular app that keeps crashing and freezing.
  • Step #4: Tap “Update”.

Fix 2: Restart Apple Watch

Updating the app didn’t work for you? Don’t worry; try this solution to fix Apple Watch apps that keep crashing watchOS. The restart will fix minor glitches and hold this issue temporarily.

Step #1: Press and hold the Side button [Near to Digital Crown button] of the Apple Watch, and when you see, options then tap on “Power Off.”

Step #2: Similarly, to turn it on, hold down the same Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Fix 3: Force Restart Apple Watch

The Apple watch is completely unresponsive and locked up badly; a simple restart won’t work for you at that time. Instead, you will have to force restart the watch. All the currently running apps and the processor will be forcibly closed, and you might get the smooth functionality of the Apple Watch back.

Step #1: Press and hold the Digital Crown and Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Fix 4: Update Apple Watch

Check for the watchOS update in your Apple watch. Doing so will increase the compatibility of applications with the watchOS. However, sometimes the apps don’t support the old watchOS and hence causes various errors like apps keep crashing and freezing in Apple watch.

  • Step #1: Take out your iPhone with which you have paired the Apple Watch.
  • Step #2: Open up “My Watch” app.
  • Step #3: Tap “General”.
  • Step #4: Select “Software Update” to make sure Apple Watch is updated.

Currently, watchOS 5 is the latest software for Apple Watch.

Fix 5: Reinstall the apps

It’s time to remove the apps from the root of the system that is creating trouble for you. in this case, and we will completely remove the apps from the Apple Watch and then reinstall the app. If you can stay without that deleted app for a day, then it is better because you will come to know whether the Apple watch is showing an error or particularly app has defected.

Delete App on Apple Watch for Reinstall
Delete App on Apple Watch for Reinstall
  1. unlock your Apple Watch Screen and Go to Apple Watch Home screen app layout. Next, Tan a hold on the app icon that freezes and crashing, Until the icon is jiggle and showing “x” button on the app icon.
  2. Tap on “x” to delete the app.
  3. Confirm the Delete option and That’s it.

Now Reinstall the app from Apple Watch App > Tap on App Store Tab.

Next, Search the App name and Tap on the iCloud icon to reinstall the app. For example, to sync auto and show on apple watch.

Text the app on apple watch. Still Not Fixed? Follow the restoring process that solution makes your apple watch like a new and fix all the software bugs for all time.

Fix 6: Restore Apple Watch to factory settings

I think the difficulties are increasing for you; even after trying all such tips, Apple Watch apps keep crashing and freezing in watchOS 8, you might need to wipe out the watch entirely. Unfortunately, restoring the watch is the last option left for you to get rid of crashing and freezing permanently.

  • Keep Both Apple Watch and iPhone near as possible
  • Keep Apple Watch on Charging Dock and iPhone As well.
  • Your iPhone has WiFi enabled or Bluetooth as well
  • Step #1: Launch “Settings” app in Apple Watch.
  • Step #2: Open “General”.
  • Step #3: Tap “Reset”.
  • Step #4: Select “Erase All Content & Settings”. This process will take time depends on your apple watch backup size and internet speed. In this process first Apple watch saves the latest backup to your iPhone. This will be useful while you pair again in the future. and Use like a restore all data back to same apple watch or New another apple watch.

After Erase is complete, Pair the apple watch again, and your iPhone will install the latest version of watchOS On your apple watch. So it will take time approx 20 minutes or more.

You’ll have to set up the Apple Watch again.

Wrap Up! problem is serious

In just a case when you failed to fix your Apple watch problems, Don’t be hesitate and contact apple support on a phone call; go to this page > Click on Apple Watch > Battery, Power & Charging > Click on Talk to Apple Support Now, Chat or nearby Genious apple support center.

That’s it. Let Discuss more problem related to your Apple watch on the comment box.

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