Notifications Not Working on Apple Watch Series: Free Tips to Fix

Last Updated on Mar 24, 2021

watchOS 7 Error-Can Not Get Notifications on Apple Watch Series 5,  4, Series 3, iWatch 2? The key feature of the Apple Watch is to acknowledge us about any new message or call by notification. When you first set up the Apple Watch, by default, it follows the settings of the iPhone like if you have enabled Allow Notification for the particular app then only the Apple Watch will show you notification of that app and the same goes for iPhone. In short Apple Watch is incomplete and of no use without iPhone. Mosty Apple Watch is Handy to find notifications like WhatsApp Notifications, Email Notifications, Text Notifications, Snapchat Notifications, Maps, Instagram, Facebook and Activity Notifications, and many others.

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However, in some cases, your Apple Watch notifications don’t appear due to unknown reasons. To get back this facility and make your Apple Watch Series 4 worthy, we have gathered a few methods to fix Apple Watch notifications that don’t appear.

Here’s the fix for Apple Watch Notifications Don’t Appear in Notification Center:

Shiny Dot’s on Top Center [if notifications are pending to read or open]

Solution #1: Make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off

Disable Do not Disturb on apple watch
Disable Do Not Disturb on apple watch
  • Swipe up your finger on apple watch home screen to open Control Center > Tap on Moon icon to Disable Do-Not-Disturb on Apple watch.

Most of the people forget to disable Do Not Disturb mode, after using it. And Do Not Disturb will obviously prevent the notifications from your Apple Watch. Disable the Do Not Disturb mode from the Control Center on your Apple Watch.

Solution 2: Change Notifications Settings

The unique feature of Apple Watch is, it always follows the path of the iPhone. That means all the settings you have customized in the iPhone will reflect in your Apple Watch. For instance, you have disabled the notifications for a particular app on iPhone; then your apple Watch not receiving notifications too. So make sure to enable or customize the notification settings on the iPhone.

Apple Watch Notifications Settings
Apple Watch Notifications Settings
  • Step #1: Go to the “Watch” app on your iPhone.
  • Step #2: Tap on “My Watch” tab.
  • Step #3: Select “Notifications”.
  • Step #4: Tap on a specific app that is causing trouble.
Manage Notifications in Do not Disturb
Manage Notifications in Do not Disturb
  • Step #5: Now, if you want the same settings of iPhone to be continued in Apple Watch, then select “Mirror my iPhone”.
  • Step #6: Or if do you want to customize then, tap on “Custom” and make changes as you wish.

Solution 3: Change Cover to Mute Setting

Typically, the function of Cover to Mute is too silent the watch whenever you receive any notification. Just by covering the Apple Watch with your palm you can mute the notifications. You need to check if this setting is enabled or not.

  • Step #1: Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone.
  • Step #2: Select the “My Watch” tab.
  • Step #3: Tap “Sounds & Haptics”.
  • Step #4: Toggle Cover to mute is OFF for once.
Cover to mute settings for Apple watch
Cover to mute settings for Apple watch
  • Check if the Apple Watch Series notifications don’t appear is fixed? If yes, then you can follow the same above steps and enable the Cover to Mute feature.
  • Solution 4: Disable Wrist Detection

    Turning Off wrist detection will help you to determine whether the issue is with the sensor or software. First of all, disable Wrist Detection. You must Enter the passcode when you wear an apple watch on your wrist after removing from the wrist to use or activate all the apple watch functions.

    • Step #1: Launch the “Watch” app on your Paired Apple iPhone.
    • Step #2: Next Tap “My Watch”.
    • Step #3: Scroll to Passcode option and Unlock your Apple Watch with the Apple Watch passcode.
    • Step #4: Scroll down and Disable the toggle Wrist Detections.
    • That’s it.

    Earlier WatchOS Version Follow the Below steps

    • Step #1: Launch the “Watch” app on your Paired Apple iPhone.
    • Step #2: Next Tap “My Watch”.
    • Step #3: Select “General”.
    • Step #4: Toggle off “Wrist Detection”.

    Solution 5: Re-Sync Data with Apple Watch

    This is the time to check and fix with Re-Sync data of your apple watch with iPhone, After a long time your apple watch not updated with the latest data like Contacts, Calendar, and other settings. Follow the below steps for Enable or Start Re-Sync Data on your Paired Apple Watch from iPhone.

    Reset Sync Data with apple watch from iPhone
    Reset Sync Data with apple watch from iPhone
    1. Open Watch App on iPhone.
    2. Next, Scroll to General > Reset.
    3. Now, Tap on the Reset Sync Data option. Your Apple watch asks to enter a passcode, Verify it, and Start the resyncing process.
    4. Still not fixed then you have to unpair and pair apple watch with your iPhone, follow the next solution.

    Solution 6: Don’t repeat problem, fix at once with Reset All settings

    Erase all content and settings on Apple Watch is an amazing solution for all kind of software issues like this. Because Notification on Watch is very important for Apple Watch users.

    You can do it from Eighter Apple Watch or From iPhone’s Apple Watch App.

    • On your Apple Watch: Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
    • On your iPhone: Open Watch app on iPhone > My Watch > General > Reset > Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings.

    Next Re-Pair Apple Watch with iPhone, You can restore old settings on your Apple watch.

    Video Tutorial,

    From now if the notifications are working like before, then the problem is likely to be with the sensor that detects your wrist.

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