8 Fixes Apple Watch won’t send iMessage (WatchOS 10)

  • Apple Watch not sending iMessages? Quick fixes ahead! From disabling Airplane Mode to checking iMessage settings.
  • Re-activate iMessage on your iPhone that’s paired with your Apple Watch When stuck somewhere, mainly after the Update.
  • To resolve the issue you are facing, we suggest that you restart your device. Additionally, it may be helpful to contact your carrier for further assistance.

Wearing an Apple Watch offers a glance to send and receive iMessages, which can be exceptionally handy on to go. Nevertheless, if you encounter Red Exclamation or not delivered under the iMessage, try tapping on the error to resend if the message fails to send. You might wonder where to begin the problem and fix it.

This troubleshooting guide will introduce you to a practical solution to fix Apple Watch won’t send iMessage. So take a look.

Steps on Fix Apple Watch Won’t Send iMessage or Reply iMessage

On iPhone filed iMessage will be marked with a red exclamation point. But on Apple Watch, you will get a “Failed to send” or “Sending…Status” message.

Disable Airplane Mode

Yes, turn off Airplane Mode on Apple Watch, as it completely restricts the network-related aspects of the Apple Watch.

To disable Airplane Mode,

Long-press the bottom Watch Face until the Control Center appears > Next, Tap on the Airplane Mode Icon to disable it. 

Open the apple watch scroll the screen on apple watch
Turn on Airplane Mode on apple watch

Check Internet Connection

Next, in the array, verify your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular. Without internet or Cellular, you cannot send and receive the iMessage. Conversely, slow Wi-Fi or Cellular can be another reason for the issue. Also, cross-verify the internet speed. 

Fix 1). iMessage activated on your Carrier

  • First, check on your Apple watch paired to your iPhone; iMessage is activated under the settings. And test if you can send iMessage from an iPhone successfully. If not, then there is no problem with your Apple watch; otherwise, go to the next steps.

Fix 2). Use Phone number as iMessage

You are “Start new iMessage conversations” using the phone number, not Email. Please check and Verify from the iPhone settings app,

Step 1: Launch the Settings App on your iPhone > Tap on Messages.

Launch the settings app tap on messages on iPhone

Step 2: Click on Send & Receive > Tap on Apple ID on iMessage.

Select the send & receive and apple id now on iPhone

Some have the wrong setup, and the Apple Watch Paired with another iPhone is not able to connect your original Apple ID.

As a result, I can’t send iMessage (New text, Incoming message Reply, Send a new Message) from my Apple Watch successfully. Not working? Troubleshoot using the next steps.

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Fix 3). iMessage on Apple Watch Only Send Green Message

A green message on the Apple Messages app marks that you are using a Test message, Not iMessage. iMessage Text is always blue. So I recommend forcing the Message app from iPhone and App Watch also. Re-launch the Messages app on the Apple Watch and Try to Re-send iMessage from the Apple Watch.

  • On Apple Watch: Press the Digital Crown button to go apple watch home screen, Next, Press Side button and Switch all running app on Apple watch into App switcher, Swipe to left for a close recent app on apple watch.
  • On iPhone, Force Close Message app.
force-close-app-from-iphone in 3 steps
force-close-app-from-iphone in 3 steps

Fix 4). Sign out and Sign in with Apple ID

suppose having issues like Apple Watch Activity messages not sending or your Apple Watch not sending messages to Android. Please check that Send as SMS is enabled and iMessage is turned off.

Reset iMessage activation status in Apple Server by signing Out and Signing in with Apple ID and fix the Apple Watch message not Delivered.

Step 1: Launch the Settings App on your iPhone > Tap on Messages.

 Launch the settings app tap on messages on iPhone

Step 2: Click on Send & Receive > Tap on Apple ID > Select Sign Out.

Click send & receive tap apple id choose sign out on iPhone

Fix 5). Apple Watch Paired or Near to your iPhone

  • Bluetooth connectivity between your iPhone and Apple watch might be poor because of the long distance between them. Or Bluetooth should be turned on the iPhone.

Fix 6). Restart Apple Watch: Works in most case

  • Press and hold a slide button until you see the turn-off slide button on the watch’s screen. Start the Apple watch by pressing the side button until you see the Apple logo. Or Force restart by pressing the side button + digital crown for 10 seconds.
  • Erase Apple Watch Old/ Wrong configuration: (Unpair/Pair Again) Reset Apple Watch

Fix 7). Turn off/ On iMessage on iPhone

  • In many cases, I noticed that people filed the iMessage problem after Disable/ Enable iMessage toggle under Settings > Message > iMessage. Generally worked after iOS or Watch OS update.

Step 1: Launch the Settings App on your iPhone > Tap on Messages.

Launch the settings app tap on messages on iPhone

Step 2: Disable iMessage > Enable iMessage.

Enable toggle on iMessage on iPhone

Fix 8). Can’t Receive Message notifications on Apple Watch

Step 1: Launch the Settings App on your iPhone > Tap on Notifications.

Open Settings App Tap Notifications On iPhone

Step 2: Click on the Messages > Enable Allow Notifications > Enable Badges.

Click messages turn on allow notifications tap turn on badges on iPhone

Apple Watch message notifications not showing,

Step 1: Click on My Watch App on your iPhone > Tap on My Watch and Click on Notifications.

Launch the settings app tap my watch tab click notifications on iPhone

Step 2: Now, Select Messages to Check Custom.

Click messages check custom on iPhone

Now Test by sending an iMessage from the Apple watch; above all, try to fix your problem on the Apple Watch won’t send iMessage.

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