6 Best Apple Watch Navigation Apps: useful for Driving time

Best Apple Watch navigation apps 2015.it’s become helpfully you to finding exact location through GPS during Car driving, walking or travel time and anywhere on the go. Here listed apps are the third party Apple Watch app, so you’ve to require install one of them on your Apple iPhone and access it on your Paired Apple iWatch. This is the best app turn after the best Apple Watch Productivity apps.

These apps are good compatible with Apple iOS 8 or later apart from iPhone 4S. Because iPhone 4S officially not compatible for Apple Watch UI. So, let’s go looking for user friendly navigation apps which are also suitable for Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S. Are you searching for best Apple watch running apps?

Best Apple Watch navigation apps: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Really, these navigation apps have been making with good understanding concept of Watch OS. Scroll down and look beautiful 6 best Apple Watch navigation apps.6 Best Apple Watch Navigation Apps: Driving time useful

ETA navigation Apple Watch app announced so far

ETA driving assistance GPS based Apple Watch app. its Pro app but cool featured so in demand yet. Including features personal driving assistance providing, on screen identification of current traffic conditions, walking information available when traveling on foot, get notification as today view widgets on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Users review says at all this is the simple, elegant user interface and less cumbersome giver navigation application for Apple Watch.

Best Apple Watch Navigation App: MotionX GPS

MotionX GPS is all time useful app such as running, paddle boarding, geocaching, flying, hiking, biking, navigation Apple Watch app announced so far sailing, rowing and more. Download app with Facebook and twitter integration. It’s a great GPS base running app for all Apple Watch Sport, Watch Edition and Apple iWatch. Allow to view your current location on your Apple Watch face.

Flagship feature of the app is you can get control over recording start, Stop and pause. Truly, this is a best outdoor app of Apple iWatch.

Best Apple Watch Navigation App: Navigon USA

An expensive NAVIGON USA is now available for Apple Watch. It’s provide much more than only Navigation likely intelligent address entry, Real road sign, precise spoken announcement, automatic switching day-night mode for map display, route planning function and many more.

Best Apple Watch Navigation App: Citymapper

Citymapper app is compatible for Apple Watch but yet, live in Specific City of the World Such as Network City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Manchester, navigation Apple Watch app announced so far Paris, Singapore and littler more. Hope it’d be coming soon for other province.

In app, Go Screen View display Home, place, Bus, near and Stops functions. You can also get information regarding which road line disrupted from the service.

Best Apple Watch Navigation Apps Viewranger GPS app and Drive Promise Apple Watch app Edmunds you can get from below.

  • Viewranger GPS : Trail navigation, best route tracking for Walking
  • Edmunds : keep a safe driving Promise to your loved one(s).