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Notifications play a crucial role in smartphones. Think of a situation, where your client has mailed you something, and your iPhone didn’t send push notifications for the same. What’ll happen? Stay Notifications on the lock screen or Number on the app icon. You may lose the deal or worse can possibly affect your business. ideally, a notification on the lock screen or Red number Badge icon will go away, once you read by a tap on the notification or open the app. Otherwise, you have to mark it read and remove it by opening the app, but some users can’t get expected results, “Notifications are all cleared, but Badges is still there“.

ex, Text Messages or Missed calls On Phone App and App Notifications [Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat or more..]

No matter what, if you don’t take a look at the messages and important notifications, prepare yourself for further disasters coming to your life. However, to make the iPhone smarter, Apple has added Notifications Badge that shows a count of unread notifications on the App Icon.

It has been found that these Notifications and Notifications Badges are causing real chaos because even after reading the notifications or messages, they won’t go away from iPhone. Try the below workaround to deal with stuck notifications on iPhone.

Get Rid of Stuck Notifications on iPhone: Lock Screen Notification or Notification Bubbles

Can’t Remove Badge icons Notification from the app showing on the home screen after reading or mark as a read“.

let’s fix the issues with a primary level fix. Follow each step sequentially and Get rid of your Problems.

1. Force Restart iPhone

Rebooting iPhone is a pretty basic way to get rid of stuck notifications on the iPhone. Often a simple reboot could fix such errors, and I’d suggest you do the same. However, steps to restart the iPhone varies from device to device.

For iPhone 8 or later,

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo displays. That’s it.
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For iPhone 7/7 Plus,

  • Press and hold the Volume Down button and Side button until the Apple logo displays.

For iPhone 6S, 6SPlus, or earlier,

  • Press and hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button and release when the Apple logo displays.

If this solution doesn’t work for you, then jump to the next one.

2. Update iPhone and Applications

Another reason why the iPhone notification badges won’t go away is outdated applications and iOS. To use the iPhone and installed applications without errors and bugs, make sure to keep them up to date. Connect iPhone to the stable Wi-Fi network and proceed.

To Update iPhone,

  1. Go to the Settings App.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Scroll down and select Software Update.
  4. Download and Install Software Update if available.

To Update Applications,

  1. Launch App Store on iPhone.
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Start updating the applications one by one.

After updating everything, it’s recommended to restart the iPhone to give a fresh start. this solution is sometimes more helpful if you installed a buggy app and haven’t updated with the new release.

How Do I Remove Badge iCons From My iPhone?

Intentionally, the smartphone user can hide the notification badge icon that shows on the home screen app icon. so, here we have separate settings to customize the Badge icon hide or show. Let’s check it first if you are looking to hide that all the time.

But Wait, if you want a clear notification badge number without hiding from settings, follow the next solution.

  1. Here’s my iPhone home screen showing badge alert on each icon, Let’s turn off it for Outlook app, Open the Settings app on iPhone, Scroll to the Notifications option.
Notifications settings on iPhone for Hide Badge
Notifications settings on iPhone for hiding Badge
  • Next, Scroll and Find app name > Disable the toggle for Badges and that’s it. Outlook app hides notification badge from home screen icon.
  • Turn off Badges for app icon on home screen iphone
    Turn off Badges for app icon on home screen iPhone
  • That’s it.
  • 3. Check Notification Settings

    Refreshing the Notifications Settings on iPhone could do a trick to remove the stuck notification badge on iPhone. All you have to do is, disable and re-enable the Notifications Badge settings of the app with this issue.

    1. Go to the Settings App.
    2. Swipe down to the app with such an issue, tap on it.
    3. Tap Notifications.
    4. Toggle Badges Off and then On.
    5. Besides, toggle the Allow Notifications switch to Off and On.

    Disable and Enable App Notifications

    This is another worth trying to troubleshoot to get rid of stuck notifications on the iPhone. Doing this will completely refresh the app notifications alongside iPhone.

    1. Launch the Settings App.
    2. Scroll down and find the app with this notification issue, tap on it.
    3. Select Notifications.
    4. Turn Off Allow Notifications
    5. Close the Settings
    6. Do you see Notification or Notification Badge? If yes, then restart the iPhone and follow the above steps to re-enable the Notifications.
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    Mark as a Read from Affected App: Individually

    • Read Notifications and Remove it Manually

    Not to mention, but as a quick workaround, you can manually remove the notifications badge after reading or mark as read the messages or notifications. Open the particular app with the same problem, and try to fix the notification section, from There try to dismiss the unnecessary notifications.

    For Reddit App: Mark All Reddit Activity as a Read, Open Reddit app > Tap on the Message icon at bottom right corner > From Top More button from the top right corner and select “Mark all inbox tabs as read“. That’s it.

    For Messages app: Open the Messages app on iPhone > Tap on “Filters” from the top left corner of the screen and load all messages, Here’s the All unread message, Marked with Blue do next to the message in the list if it’s unread.

    • Before Move, Backup your Important message via Backup iPhone,
    • Or You Should Delete Old Messages or Reset the Message app: Open “Settings app” on iPhone > General > iPhone Storage > Scroll to “Messages” > and Enable Auto Delete Old Conversations over 1 Year ago or Delete individual conversation under the Documents “Delete Top Conversations”.

    Notifications Won’t Go Away on Instagram:

    Instagram is always on the top in the notification related problems, here’s our separate article on Instagram notification not working on Phone, but here I am helping out for different Instagram notification won’t go away. Perform the below steps and get fixed.

    • Logout Instagram app and Re-Login
    • Delete the app from iPhone and Re-Download & Install – Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Instagram > Delete App.
    • Pending notifications showing on Badge of insta app for Other Account, if you are using multiple Instagram account in One App.
    • Reset All Settings on iPhone, Settings app on iPhone > General > Reset All Settings.
    • Send Feedback Report to Instagram.

    Reset All Settings

    Till now I’ve fixed many problems by resetting all settings on iPhone, and of course the Notifications issue too. Resetting All Settings could remove unknown settings, bugs, and malware, that is hard to find the naked eye. Though it will reset all the customized iPhone settings to default, that won’t be a problem. Your personal data is safe.

    1. Go to the Settings app on iPhone.
    2. Tap General.
    3. Scroll down and select Reset.
    4. Tap Reset All Settings.
    5. Follow on-screen prompts and complete the procedure.
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    How to Remove Music Player Notification from Lock Screen?

    Your Music player keeps showing on the lock screen iPhone even music is not playing. Here I am giving you a guide to how to remove stuck music play from iPhone, just above the lock screen notification panel.

    1. Force close all the App, By Swipe up your finger from the bottom edge to top until all apps showing on the app switcher screen. might be music app is opened in the background, but the music stops.
    2. Hard Reboot your iPhone
    3. Turn off Bluetooth from iPhone or Forgot Bluetooth device if the external Bluetooth device is connected automatically. Settings > Bluetooth > Tap on (i) button next to Accessories name > Forgot device.
    4. Reset All Settings, Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings [This option will not erase the Important data from iPhone like Contacts, Messages, Photos, Apps and more]

    Missed Call Notification Won’t Go Away

    iPhone users can see missed Phone call or Voice Messages phone notifications on the lock screen as a Banner and Red number Badge icon on the Home screen’s Phone app icon. Follow the below possible solutions to Stop Showing Stuck Missed call notifications on iPhone.

    • Fix 1: Intentionally Hide Notification Badge icon on the Phone app, Open the settings app > Notifications > Phone > Scroll to Badge and Disable Badges toggle.
    • Fix 2: Open the Phone app, Tap on “Recents” Tab and make as a Seen. Once you see the missed call, the Notification Badge icon will disappear automatically.
    • Fix 3: Force Close app, Swipe up your Finger from the bottom edge of the iPhone screen until you see the app switcher screen, and Force close Phone app by swipe it up and Force close. then Re-launch and Go Call log, Hopefully, Notification Badge went away.
    • Fix 4: Hard Reboot your iPhone
    • Fix 5: Reset All Settings of iPhone, This action will not erase the phone data like Contacts, Messages, Photos, or Videos. So do it from the settings app, > General > scroll to Reset > Reset All Settings. That’s it.

    That’s all about the solutions on iPhone App Notification Won’t Go Away or won’t Clear up from Badge or Lock Screen after Open or Read the notification. Share your feedback with me in the below comments box, which tricks works for you?

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