Can I Remove Flashlight from the iPhone Lock Screen? 11, Pro, Max, XR, XS, XS Max, X

There are two shortcuts on the iPhone X series lockscreen first is a Torch left-lower side and the second is the Camera right-lower Side screen.

Both setting pretty much there permanent. there isn’t a specific setting to disable flashlight on the lock screen. That’s why, it is really annoying because sometimes when you accidentally switched in ON while taking the phone out from the pocket or mostly, especially when tap to wake is ON.

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so when accidentally flashlight turns on, then you will have to Turn Your iPhone Flashlight Off: Just tap on the flashlight to turn it off, you can do it from the Lock screen. Tap the flashlight icon to turn the Torch on.

in the latest iOS 13, there is not switch to remove the flashlight from the lock screen but in the future, Expected in iOS 14.

You don’t wait for longer then, I suggest you temporarily solution that you should follow as given below:

Turn Off tap to wake feature to Accidentally Switch on Torch

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility >

    Settings App Tap Accessibility Remove torch on lock screen iPhone
    Settings App Tap Accessibility Remove torch on lock screen iPhone
  • Tap on Touch > Turn toggle “Tap to Wake” OFF/white.

    Tap Touch to turn off tap to wake on your iPhone 11 pro max xr xs max X iOS 13
    Tap Touch to turn off the tap to wake on your iPhone 11 pro max XR xs max X iOS 13

I hope that this will make accidentally triggering the flashlight much more difficult.

How to Remove the Camera from the Lock screen iPhone?

There is a Setting to Remove the Camera, but it’s not just for the Lock Screen. it Hides Camera System-wide by the following steps”

Go to Settings > Screen Time> Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions > Turn Toggle Content & Privacy Restrictions ON/Green > Allowed Apps > Turn switch Off next to the Camera App.
That’s it.

Now you can’t access the camera from the lock screen, from the Home screen or from the Control Center. There’s no Camera app on your iPhone.

To get back hidden camera App on your handset then you will have to enter screen time and restrictions passcode.

I hope, this trick helped you for a short time. Please don’t go away without writing the comment below.

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