Best LAN File Sharing Software Mac Sonoma, Windows, Linux in 2023

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Are you tired of the slow transfer speed and limited storage offered by the cloud services when transferring your data from one device to another, be it overseas or in the same country? There is no need to fret about that anymore as we have compiled a list of Best LAN File sharing software for Mac, Windows, and even Cross Platforms support. Using the software mentioned in this article, you will be able to share files and data without storing them in any sort of cloud storage, hence making the file transfer super fast and totally safe.

So, sit back and relax as we present to you the Best LAN File Sharing Software for unlimited file sharing between two PCs and even between a PC and a phone or tablet.

Free Best Files Transfer Software Over LAN on Mac and PC

1. Send Anywhere Software For Mac, Windows & All


Make way for one of the best LAN File sharing software that revolutionized the practice of sharing files between two devices. Send Anywhere is file-sharing software that takes an easy, quick, and unlimited approach to file sharing. Cloud sharing or storage services often promise unlimited file storage and sharing, but their speed and usability are compromised. This software is for anyone wanting to share quality content quickly, from any device to anyone in the world. 

It offers multiple ways by which you can share files between two devices.

  • Real-Time File Transfer

This method of sharing allows you to share files in real-time at lightning-fast speeds anywhere in the world. It generates a six-digit key in the device you want to share your files from, which you’ll be required to enter the device receiving this data. Once you have entered this key into the receiver device, the transfer of files will start instantly without any hassle.

  • Share files with a link
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This data transfer method was developed especially for the time when you’re unable to transfer files in real-time or if you need to share files with multiple people. It creates a link to store your files and share them with anyone to whom you want to transfer this data around the globe. By using a link, you can also download files without any count limits during expiration time, and after the expiration date, they will be deleted. (For efficient use, a specific link with high data traffic may be blocked.)

  • Device to device

Suppose you’ve been sharing data between two devices for a specified period. In that case, this method activates a trust factor for those two devices and allows you to quickly transfer files between devices that you frequently send to without a 6-digit key or a link.

  • Attach large files to email

You can easily attach big files by using Chrome Extension, Outlook add-ins, and Send Anywhere’s website, allowing you to send files over emails.

So if you are a Sales Manager, Editor, Business Manager, or even a photographer who has to work with multiple devices like a PC, mobile phone, and a laptop, then the Send Anywhere software is the best software you can get. With this application, you can send files across multiple platforms easily. Visit the Send Anywhere website and make your data transfer safe and fast to download this fantastic software.

2. NitroShare – Cross-platform Network File Transfer App


To get the full benefit out of your devices when transferring files across different platforms with the Best Cross-Platform Network File Transfer Application NitroShare. NitroShare is designed to make sharing files from one device to another extremely simple using the broadcast discovery to find other devices on the local network with NitroShare installed. It instantly connects with the device after discovering it. It is built to take advantage of fast networks, efficiently achieving gigabit speeds on capable hardware, making your data transfer extremely fast. 

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NitroShare is written in modern C++ and makes use of the excellent Qt Framework. All the source codes for this application is released under the MIT license so that you don’t have to worry about your data being leaked or breached. The NitroShare software runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, allowing you to share files between machines running on different operating systems easily.

If your work involves using various devices like laptops, tablets or mobile phones and you face trouble in finding a service that would allow you to work in different places, upload large files to cloud storage and download it to the device you are working on at the moment or use a USB cable to transfer files then NitroShare software is best suited for you. So, go ahead and download this essential software from the NitroShare website right away.

3. IP Messenger for macOS, Windows


Looking for a handy and easy-to-use software for transferring files from your MacBook, then the IP Messenger for macOS is just the application for you. The “IP Messenger for macOS” is a popup style message communication software for multiple platforms that allows you to share files between your Mac and devices running on other Operating systems like Windows. This excellent application supports message encryption, ensuring that your data is always safe by preventing it from getting leaked. The “Member Master” mode automatically detects other devices connected over the same router, making discovering your device simple and easy. This software allows you to share files and folders at super-fast speeds across various devices with ease so that you don’t have to wait long for the transfer to take place hence saving your time. 

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Even if your device is on a lock screen, you can transfer received messages to slack(or misc server) so that you don’t have to worry about your device being active all the time during the transfer. If the receiver’s PC is inactive, this software automatically queues the transfer in the background while you wait for the PC to be active. The Quick View/Scroll of more than 100,000 messages is supported with the inline images feature with multi-tabs.

The IP messenger software is licensed according to the BSD Licence, so you can rest assured about data breaches. So head over to the IP Messenger website and download it now.

There may be a lot of other software and applications that allow you to transfer files over LAN, but we have listed only the best and the easiest to use software so that you don’t have to sort the good ones among hundreds of useless software. All the software mentioned above is widely used by working professionals like photographers, business managers, content creators, and many more, so you can ultimately rely on them to transfer files. So go ahead and download the LAN File sharing software that is best suited for you.

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Why Local Files Sharing is Best?

The local file-sharing software is best because it keeps all your personal and private data secure even when you are not connected to the internet. It is an entirely free service that transfers your files at a much faster rate as compared to standard cloud storage services. As a result, you can easily open, send, and receive multiple files and folders at once without having to worry about your data being leaked or breached. Moreover, the file transfer is completely cloud-free, meaning that you don’t have to use a cloud storage service to transmit data.

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