Best Photoshop Alternatives for Mac in 2024 (M1 & M2)

Here are the best Photoshop alternatives for M1 & M2 Mac 2023. Due to Adobe Photoshop’s complexity and High price compared to other Photo/ Video editing and Designing tools also available for OS X. This PS Alternative software list makes your Graphics designing task much easy.

You are already aware of other free Photoshop alternatives, but re-check and get new photo editing tools like Photoshop. Consider online photo editing websites if you are not interested in installing new software on your personal or company desktop.

Get total reviews and user interest here. I listed the top five best Photo editing software/ Video editing tools for Mac at a low price.

What is the Best Photo Editing Software for Mac?

We have together a Complete List of PS Alternatives for Mac. Take a look and try the tools to edit photos on your Mac. First, download and install the free photo editing app from the app store. Then, check out the app’s features individually and choose your favorite app for editing photos.

#1. Apple Photos App

Make use of Apple’s default Photos app. It is worth trying and is a free app. Like iPhone; Mac also has an in-built Photos App that lets you view, manage, and organize the images right inside the Mac without needing any third-party tool. In addition, the Photos App has some essential and pro tools such as Filters, Effects, Crop, Resize, Flip, Collage, Zoom, GIF, etc., that come in handy while working on a project or if you want to personalize your picture.

Apple’s Photos App makes it easy to navigate through the folders to find your Memories, search the pictures, and gather everything in a single place, which is great when your iPhone is running out of storage. Sync the Photos App with iCloud, though you might need to buy extra iCloud Storage; it depends on your collection of photos and videos.

#2. Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro is a good choice for Professional image editing because of its complete macOS integration. It contains free macOS menus and shortcuts for quick photo editing. Also, it is easy to edit a specific area of your image, remove objects, change color, retouch the photo, and more.

There are also 200 plus vector shapes to create graphic designs. Let’s visit the website for a free trial to use extensive tools and edit your old photos. After editing, you can share your images with your loved ones!

Download Pixelmator Pro

#3. FOTOR – Free Online Photo Editor & Offline

Fotor is a good photo editing program with a fully loaded tool that will help you make all your photos unforgettable in look. If you want to make collage pictures, you will have more than 20 different layouts after installing the Fotor application.

Furthermore, if we talk about Image Formats, the Fotor supports various image formats, no matter what you import or export. 

Download FOTOR for Mac

#4. Luminar Neo

Try out the AI tools with Luminar Neo to make multiple adjustments to the image with a single slider. It is easy to see all adjustments and also edit or remove them. For example, you can edit your photos by changing the contrast, highlight, and saturation levels. In addition, there are new portrait tools for portrait photographers. So, detecting your subject in a portrait image will become very easy.

The Luninar Neo’s Erase tool helps remove spots and blemishes. It offers powerful new features to create beautiful edits. Use the Masking tab and apply it on objects like water, sky, mountains, and even humans. An Atmosphere AI also helps simulate atmospheric conditions in your photograph.

Download Luminar Neo for Mac

#5. Affinity Photo 2

Get a free alternative to Photoshop for professional photo editing with Affinity Photo 2. Affinity has a mask and clipping layers for layer editing. You can edit your photos with skin retouching and blemish removal tools. In addition, it provides 360-degree image editing and panorama stitching.

Once you edit your image, you can add filters in one layer on in multiple layers. The noise reduction filter also works great for making your photo professional. This software allows you to edit old PSD files, ICC color management, and 16-bit channel editing; best compatible with all JPEG formats: PNG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, EPS JPG, and PDF. 

Always up to date with the latest OS X version, iCloud Drive support, and more, see in the below link.

Download Now 

#6. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector helps you to animate your photos with different AI effects. It also includes removal tools that help to remove the blemish from the face and remove unwanted objects from the photo background.

It is easy to use the workplace to enhance your images with PhotoDirector. Use this perfect software to reimagine your pictures. Use powerful AI tools, intuitive layer editing, and advanced color controls to immerse yourself in creative photo editing.

PhotoDirector for Mac

#7. AfterShot Pro

AfterShot Pro is the best photo management platform aside from premium editing options. The processing power of AfterShot Pro is unbeatable while importing and exporting the final images. In addition, it provides simple photo management to sort, organize and view all photos in one place.

AfterShot Pro comes with adequate photo editing capabilities. Get the AfterShot Pro with enhanced highlight recovery, new blemish removal tools, and a stocked image preset library. In addition, you can send your images from AfterShot to Photoshop with just a single click.

Download AfterShot Pro for Mac

#8. GIMP

GIMP is a free, open-source Photoshop alternative for creating the picture in a 3D or 2D view for your Mac. Best compatible with OS X, Windows, and Linux. A small setup size and instant installation process will make your work start whenever you want to edit or create a new image for the new system.

If you are finding a no-cost photo editor, go through GIMP. Anytime you can add more plug-ins for batter enhancement, most supported image formats (TIFF, JPEG, PSD, PNG, and more). In addition, you can edit your Photoshop file (.PSD) format.

Download GIMP for Mac

#9. Krita

Are you searching for the best free Photoshop alternative for Digital painting & photo editing? Krita is a Free open-source community used in various ways like 3D texturing, digital painting, pixel art and so more. There are nine individual brush engines, shape tools, color tools, etc. available for free.

You can also remove the entire background or character by using drawing aids. It’s completely free to use. So click the link below and share it with your friends who want to use the free Photoshop alternative for animators.

Download Krita for Mac

#10. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023

If you are new to photo editing, use Photoshop Elements to edit your photos. First, edit your photos and create photo collages, slideshows, and more. Then, add 3D and customize color effects for a new impactful and coloring image.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a photo editing software to edit and organize. Then, write a small message on your image and share your photos with your friends and family.

Download Adobe Photoshop Elements 2023

At last, I hope you find the best Photoshop alternative app for M1 & M2 Mac 2023. Let’s download the above apps on your Mac device and try out new tools and effects. Thanks.

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