Clubhouse: How to Add an Email Address to Your Account in 2023

🗓️ August 14, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Adding an email to your Clubhouse Social app account will help you communicate the support and get bug fixes and updates for the new features and announcements. On the other side, it will also help you to reset your password by sending a link to your confirmed email address on your account.

It will be helpful for urgent situations such as security or fraud risk. Also, you will get email alerts from the Clubhouse. Use Primary Email on clubhouse app, because we can’t change it from an app or Won’t Update the email address on the Clubhouse app.

Now the question is, 

How Can You Add an Email Account And Verify it?

Step #1. Open Clubhouse App.
Step #2. Tap the profile icon on the right-upper side corner.

Open the clubhouse tap on profile icon on iphone

Step #3. Now tap a symbol like “@” at the screen’s top left corner.
Step #4. Enter the email address you have to add to the clubhouse account to verify it from your inbox.
Step #5. Once you submit an email, you will get the confirmation email in your mail inbox, then follow the guide and complete the verification process. 

Click on mail tap on verify check your email ok button on iphone

Step #6. You will get your email as a verified message.

Added Clubhouse Email on Clubhouse App

That’s it. 

Later on, you can request your problem from the registered email with your username and phone number. 

Why do we need to Add Email to Clubhouse App?

This email will not be publicly visible as of company terms and conditions. We may still use it to confirm your account ownership when account-related requests are submitted for troubleshooting, like account deletion, account retrieval, and account-level action, so it should be an account that you actively check.

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A Tip for You: The email you have added will not be visible to others so, you can add your email address in your Clubhouse Bio if you want to set it as personal contact.

Users can’t update registered email on the Clubhouse app, For that Users have to contact Clubhouse support from their registered email. Here’s a link for Clubhouse App Support and Select, My Account & Profile > Update Email.

Conclusion: Looking forward to a web-based medium in 2021 and the past, Clubhouse Application addresses our crowds’ changing interest. Individuals need to see more significant commitment, worth, and straightforwardness, yet they don’t need the creation and unlimited rushes of substance accompanying a brand via online media. Many inquiries will not be answered until the Clubhouse Application is public. There is additional discussion of the inevitable adaptation prospects of networks there. In any case, with the deficiency of restrictiveness comes the capacity to fabricate networks that are not difficult to oversee and draw in with without adding to an all-around packed article schedule.

So it will be energizing to perceive what occurs with the application later on. Meanwhile, in case you’re on Clubhouse, utilize the restrictiveness for your potential benefit and begin making those associations now.

What do you think? What are a few different ways you plan on utilizing Clubhouse to add your business and Personal use? Offer your contemplations in the comments below. Also, comment if you have any queries regarding the Clubhouse.

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