How to Delete Clubhouse Account Permanently in 2022? 2 Ways

Last Updated on Jan 4, 2022

The Phone number register-based Clubhouse audio app is growing up day by day with invited friends. as we know, each and every product has pros and cons at a different-different level. in a similar way, Due to the CH app’s major privacy issue, some of the users would like to dig the platform. on the App section, there’s not an option to deactivate or delete the clubhouse Account account without emailing support. Because of an ethical breach. in addition, the company is growing, therefore definitely it doesn’t choose that the users lose its platform.

But, if you’re one having wear of privacy issue, then I’ve some tips that will help you stay away from CH (Clubhouse) app data privacy problem that called Fraud, Know, is Clubhouse is Scam.

You can contact CH App email because of Only shows logout, no delete option appear to ask them, my user name is this (for example, XYZ..), and I would like to delete my clubhouse account.

Important:- After Delete Account Request, User Can’t Create another account with the Same Mobile number and Username. Required, At least wait for 30 Days. In-Between, Clubhouse not guaranteed about you Will get the same Username, if Username Reserved by Someone. If you are deleting your Account for some other reason, then Get Help from:- Clubhouse Support.

Delete Clubhouse Account Using Email Support

Just like other social apps, Clubhouse App doesn’t have an in-app option for delete an account at the user’s request. But Registered users can send Emails and Get support on Delete Clubhouse Account permanently. To Follow this way, You have to Add your Email Address on Clubhouse account from your Profile. And then Request from The Registered Email address in below ways,

1: Submit Delete Clubhouse Account Request

Clubhouse social app is tacking official requests from the Clubhouse community with an account deletion option. here are few steps you can send the Request from any device with valid Profile data that you submitted and used Like Registered email, True @Username, and Profile name.

If you are leaving Clubhouse for all time, here’s a great comparison of Clubhouse Pros and Cons. Also, the Clubhouse app allows the user to Deactivate the Clubhouse account temporary otherwise delete for all time for other reason using the steps are given below.

  1. Go to this Clubhouse support link and Submit the primary Personal details. Like Email Address, Username.Send Clubhouse Request for Account Delete
  2. Then, Enter Correct Topic “My Account & Profile” and then Select Types of help for your account. Select “Delete My Account“.Delete Account Ticket on Clubhouse app
  3. Next “Type Short Summary“, and then Brief in Details like Reasons or more.Clubhouse Deletion Request sent
  4. Also, you can attach a screen, if you have one! and submit the request successfully.
  5. That’s it.

The alternate method is to delete or other Clubhouse Account problem, send a request to fix them from the Clubhouse support team. Follow the below steps, First Register email if not yet done, then send an email.

Deactivate Clubhouse Account

Clubhouse users have an advance option that works like delete clubhouse account in-terms deactivate clubhouse account. Clubhouse users can keep their accounts for more than 30 days in deactivation mode, All the Clubhouse Followers and Clubs will be deleted automatically.

  1. During Clubhouse account Deactivation, Profile is not visible to other users on the Clubhouse app.
  2. Open Clubhouse app > Tap on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Next, Tap on the Settings gear at the top right corner of the screen and Tap on the Accounts option.
  4. Now, Disconnect Twitter or Instagram in Optional settings, Tap on Deactivate Account.Deactivate Clubhouse account 2
  5. That’s it.

How to Close or Remove Club on Clubhouse

Yes, we can delete or Remove our own club from the Clubhouse account. Officially there is no option to delete clubhouse Club from on user’s end. So follow these steps to Delete Club on the Clubhouse app, Go to this link > Add Email Address, Username > Select Managing Club from Topic > Select Close or Remove a Club option.

That’s it.

2: Add Email on Clubhouse app and Request For Delete Account

  • To Register Email Using App: Open Clubhouse App > Tap on Profile icon from the top left corner > Tap on ‘@‘ button near to settings gear. How to Add Email address on Clubhouse app Social Audio app
  • and Enter Email Address, Verify. The clubhouse will be sent you an Email, Verify from your Email inbox. [See Video in last of this tutorial, ]Now, Ready to Send Requests with the Below details.Verify Email on Clubhouse app and Verify from Email inbox
  • Support Email: Get help on email, – Keep Title “Delete My Account” Send your Username, Your Phone number, and Your Queries or Error with screenshot if you have.

Email Contact: – here you can send feedback to add new feature in upcoming update –

3: Contact on Clubhouse Social Page

Clubhouse Twitter :-

wait for the response, till you get a reply, one more thing is that you should tweet to CH’s Twitter account and request them to help to delete the account permanently if none of the methods or Team is not responding on time.

in both cases, you got the void response, then a somewhat sweet spot you should follow tricks that put below.

Disconnect Twitter and Instagram Account on Clubhouse App

  1. Open the Clubhouse App
  2. now access your Clubhouse profile
  3. here you get the gear icon on the right-top side corner
  4. click on gear settings
Gear iCon settings in Clubhouse App

next scroll the screen,
tap on Disconnect Twitter Account or Disconnect Instagram

Disconnect Twitter and Instagram Account on Clubhouse App

just tap one/by one so you get a pop-up screen that will see successfully disconnected.

now, what you will have to do next?

so after deleting Twitter and insta link, logout Clubhouse App and uninstall the clubhouse App.

That’s it.

Full Video – How to Deactivate Clubhouse Account Temporarily

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hopefully, you found this my suggestion helpful, if you have a question then drop it into the comment box below.
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